Donna: I would like to use my Court Order dated 18 March 2020 to be a CEO (choosing my own hours depending on my own medical treatment) of a small wellbeing NGO that receives a government grant, to eventually operate in up to 20 countries (22.03.2020)



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I would like use my Court Order dated 18 March 2020, which I am using to overturn the court order from 28 May 1963 to legally claim:


a) my real name




b) the lump sum payments of several substantial ’government grants’ as an out of court settlement


which means it could all be peacefully done through the County Court





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c) I would therefore be a CEO of a small wellbeing NGO who is able to chose my own hours (because there is the reality I have to have complex ongoing medical treatment myself) establishing a home/head office in Melbourne and then spending as much time as I wanted in my home/office in France on business etc too, because I would technically still be based in and legally operating in/from Australia.


The reality my multiple auto immune related illnesses are better managed in warmer weather means it would probably be more sensible or me to initially spend just over six months in Australia (which I have done) and just under six months in my home in France.


I would have fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover for my company that would extend to any staff I employed, because it is important to remove as many discriminatory factors as possible, because that helps and encourages people in being able to contribute, while trying to overcome any illnesses and disabilities.


... a small eco home by a small lake near my home in france...



I have to personally try and recover from substantial PTSD which also affects my physical illnesses.


The fact I have suffered from prolonged PTSD since I was a small child means I have a very different perception of the world to people who are not affected by PTSD. I would not be able to recover from PTSD without learning about the ‘window of tolerance’ so I can function properly in the here and now, with all my senses, which also helps me to understand how people who are not affected by PTSD experience life, which was a revelation, because I didn’t know there was another way to experience life. It is a painful and difficult journey to try and overcome and recover from PTSD, that also involves overcoming discrimination people with PTSD face, which means I have to just explain the fact I have PTSD, and that it shouldn’t define who I am.





There are small creative boutique industries people with PTSD can be more suited to being involved in.


I have to build a whole new life with my real name, which I want to be as positive an experience as possible.


d) I am curious to learn about and safely explore affordable sustainable living and working from home (in different environments) with clean renewable energy (different options) with people also being able to have all their medical treatment if possible in your own home, which is so much healthier and preferable to hospital and residential care homes.


My home in France is a very good test model because it is in many ways a remote rural area, but I am also interested in around the Mediterranean too.




The insurance company would be able to manage much of the bureaucracy for me.


Kind Regards,




(formerly known as Babs Tucker)