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Clean Renewable Energy: It is common-sense, governments could transfer 20 years of ‘obscene’ escalating annual ‘defence’ spending to totally transition to clean renewable energy that benefits all of humanity (25.02.2020)



The politicians stole our solar panels in Parliament Square, Central London.



...and the uk's own 'obscene' annual 'defence' spending is around £50 billion...



If you look at just the 'defence' spending wasted on the oil wars etc etc in the past twenty years, all that money could have been spent on moving all of humanity around half way towards a total transition to clean renewable energy, because of course the costs of the transition now have increased.


There's actually vast sums of public money available to totally transition everyone to clean renewable energy very swiftly.


The reality is there are public funds available to give everyone clean renewable energy within five years, if politicians really wanted to, while of course wherever people personally transition to clean renewable energy, they will have so much more personal autonomy... from politicians, which for most people is a very attractive proposition.



... 'the detailed costing' only needs to look at the whopping 'defence' spending...



This is just one example of public money that would be far better spent on clean renewable energy for the public in the here and now.


... must be for politicians to stash stolen cash 'offshore' (the refurbishment of the british houses of parliament is £4 billion because of the costs of 'secure alternative accomodation' which is of course available at belmarsh which is where most people would like to see most politicians)....



 The British politicians cost £550 million per annum, while Australian politicians cost around $400 million annually because they don't believe in voluntary unpaid public service for politicians, along with a paid civil service.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!