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British monarchy and Governor General along with the 'racial purification' of Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution & elected dictatorship called ‘government’ have always been extremists copied verbatim by a real Nazi called Hitler (24.02.2020)



... says the government who wrote the 'racial purification' of australian 'whites only' constitution that enabled hitler...



The British have always spun divide and rule purely for financial reasons because most people unlike politicians et al naturally have a ‘laissez-faire’ live and let live towards their fellow human beings.


It is quite Orwellian to hear members of the Australian government talk about 'neo nazis' as though it has nothing to do with them because they wrote the 'racial purification' Australian 'Whites Only' Constitution Hitler copied that even after the Holocaust, the Australian government couldn't see any problem with.


Most governments appeased or collaborated with Hitler at one point another.


The latest budget ’briefing’ by the ASIO chief, feathering his own ‘fortified’ HQ, when it is mostly civilians targeted, including by the likes of ASIO reads like the sort of spin espoused by his fellow travellers from the phoney ‘left’ and ‘right’ like little Tommy Robinson or Anjem Choudary.



... but it's always been fine with asio of they happen to be the monarchy...



The British Queen enthusiastically doing a Nazi salute as a child wasn't considered a big deal.


The Duke of Edinburgh's family of actual Nazis, didn't see him interned or deported etc. 


ASIO et al never so much as blinked when Prince Harry wore a Nazi outfit 'for a laugh'


The British intelligence services who recruited Mussolini, installed Europe's favourite military dictator Franco (who got away with it all) to overthrow a democratically elected government to start World War Two.


The Head of ASIO really doesn’t have to look terribly far to notice the extremists called politicians who do nothing but incite and glorify terror headlining new ‘laws’ that improperly try to ‘distinguish’ what are already identifiably criminal acts mostly against defenceless civilians.


Australian politicians are themselves overtly aggressive.


Most people know politicians are indistinguishable from terrorists because what they have in common with each other and all criminals is they mostly commit known criminal acts against defenceless civilians.


Politicians only really want and use ’terror laws’ to try and suggest state terror is somehow a lesser evil, because the banality of evil all too often wears a suit, to hide the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


It is politicians spinning messages of hate, encouraging the similarly feeble minded peddlers of hate.


No-one has ever seen a politician who genuinely cares about the public, with Australia having among the worst politicians because all ‘sides’ only take orders from an unelected Governor General and monarchy.


It is sad really because Australia should be economically competitive with the likes of the United States by now but isn’t purely because it is nothing more than a colonial half-way house with the ball and chain of an unelected Governor General and monarchy who have only ever supported the worst of the worst of all white British stock as the top dog in politics.


Australia will only become a genuinely multicultural country with a new Constitution that liberates the country from the GG & HM, so politicians really do have to start to care about the public votes.


Politicians in Australia will not care about Australian citizens who are voters at home and abroad until Australian politicians no longer have the monarchy and GG to hide behind, along with the British Parliament who are wielding the legal woo of the ‘royal prerogative’.


The legal woo of the ‘royal prerogative’ has only ever emboldened and encouraged like minded dictators like Hitler and modern day ’neo nazis’ who want to be above the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Most ordinary people from all around the world agree that the British ‘referendum’ which has done nothing but scapegoat ‘foreigners’ is ‘extremist’ yet politicians do not, because they are all spouting exactly the same ‘will of the people’ woo like Hitler who considered the checks and balances of the rule of law an ‘inconvenience’ too.


Instead of politicians spreading their messages of hate, they could be properly serving the public in a constructive manner in the transition to clean renewable energy. Yet again however, politicians are spinning a false narrative ‘arguing’ over whether ‘climate change’ exists or not. The true narrative is to actively build capacity in clean renewable energy because everyone can agree that is what benefits all of humanity.     






27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!