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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am instructing Keir Starmer who is my pro bono 'Amicus Curiae' to step down from his Holborn & St Pancras seat as MP in UK so I can be elected unopposed to end Amnesty legacy of Franco era by legislating option of second referendum in UK & abolishing Governor General so Australia & Spain are liberated to re-write Constitutions with option of self determination for Catalans and Aborigines etc (24.02.2020)



FAO: The President of Law Institute of Victoria et al.




FAO: The President of Law Institute of Victoria et al.


... there were quite a few lawyers at doughty involved...


I ask myself what my best friend Brian would do because we didn’t do idolatry because we just got on with what needed doing, so: 


The question now is what would a female multicultural Catalan who was abducted by the state as a child in Australia and had life-threatening torture used on them as an adult by the government in the UK, all because they had no legal representation do, if elected to politics in the UK.  


The answer is I would end the Amnesty legacy of the Franco era, by legislating the option of a second referendum in the UK, while abolishing the role of Governor General so Australia & Spain can re-write their Constitutions with the option of self determination for Catalans and Aborigines. That should all happen sooner rather than later.


I would also introduce the reform of an ACC system like in New Zealand so that all children in 'state care' were guaranteed a counsellor, along with fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover, and independent legal representation paid for by the government. What happened to me and so many other innocent and defenceless children could then never happen again.


I therefore nominate Keir Starmer as my pro bono ‘Amicus Curiae’ so he can step down from his Labour seat of Holborn & St. Pancras in the UK, because he has always had an undeclared conflict of interest. I will then be able to stand with my real name, Donna Bugat, unopposed for election as an MP. Mr Starmer is going to pay me £1.3 million damages, so I can be a London MP who will be engaging in voluntary unpaid public service who will also run for the role of the next Leader of the Labour Party.


There is of course the matter of a private family wedding which is obviously a big deal for me.


I was powerless as a child to stop what happened to me, before I was an adult who disarmed armed men and now I have to peacefully disarm one politician with the truth.


Mr Starmer had every opportunity to do what I did do which he didn’t do and has instead only ever profited from at my personal expense. He breached the public trust placed in him and the important role of the legal profession, which I am remedying.


I spent seven plus years openly campaigning in Parliament Square, Central London where I routinely had to explain to people like the EDL they behaved no differently towards me than all the politicians, which is why they could never do what I did do. 


My personal view is we all have a duty to try and make constructive change that really does benefit everyone, which is all I have ever tried my best to do.


Mr Starmer has one week to lodge the payment of £1.3 million in damages for me with the Victorian Law Institute in Australia and to step down as an MP and from the Labour leadership contest in the UK, which can be adjourned while I am elected as an MP, and run for the role of next Labour leader.


If he fails to do either I am instructing legal proceedings to begin against him, which are likely to result in him spending considerable time in Belmarsh Prison.


Mr Starmer is welcome if he wishes, to protest in Parliament Square, Central London, against me being an MP.


I am a whistleblower who relies on the Wednesbury unreasonableness test (1948) etc.




1. The British intelligence services installed the military dictator Franco in 1936 to overthrow a democratically elected government in Spain at the beginning of World War Two.


2. The British Establishment who betrayed the multicultural Mediterranean Catalans with the duplicitous ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ Catalans were excluded from, which is how the British built their colonial empire, obviously saw the writing on the wall for monarchies in the run up to World War Two which was about maximising their future profits from the oil industry etc.


3. The British Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution enabled the likes of Hitler who copied it almost verbatim, while most governments either appeased or collaborated with him at one point or another.


4. An Australian called Herbert Evatt, who was the UN Secretary of the general Assembly in 1948 only voted for a Jewish State when Australians were still British subjects ruled by a British Governor General, because the Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution didn’t want Mediterranean or Eastern European Jews or Catholics settling in Australia.


5. I would never personally ask anyone’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish.


I am neither Zionist or assimilationist so I know the Jewish State was founded in reasonable self defence that was not reliant on the Balfour Declaration or a UN vote.


It is my personal view Arab Palestinian people should be offered dual citizenship by Arab and other states so they have real choices. This is because it is possible Abbas et al are overstating how many Arab Palestinian people might want to permanently return, primarily because of the longstanding failure of politicians themselves.


6. I was abducted by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services in ‘Whites Only’ Australia when I was a child so they could change my ‘mixed’ race Mediterranean and Eastern European identity, to forcibly try and ‘assimilate’ me because they could not legally deport me, incl. because they knew my real mother was originally a British subject.


Of course, Westminster has continually offloaded British subjects through historical revisionism because they were only ever interested in using mostly cheap or slave labour to invade most of the world to steal resources.


7. When I was four years old I was taken 12,000 miles by the intelligence services to the UK with my Aryan brother from another mother and father to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace in 1966/1967. I only remember we also went on a tourist visit to Windsor Castle, because we got chicken-pox. We stayed with family members of the intelligence services in Beaconsfield etc. I now know the purpose of that visit was the fact that after my parents had effectively revoked in writing the court order leading to my abduction, my little sister with the same DNA was then born on 4 September 1964. I recently discovered the intelligence services who had legal representation while I did not, had also falsified affidavits to the court which would have been obvious from any cursory check of publicly available records. 


Britain’s Mengele was Bowlby who was paid to promote a state ‘policy’ of child abuse, because children like myself had no legal representation.


8. I was terrorised by a gunman in Australia in 1967 when I was five years old. I was so traumatised by that and everything else that happened, that I never really spoke again until I was around ten years old. The first words of my own I spoke when I was around ten years old were I wanted to go home to my own family, which was entirely natural, and particularly given the true circumstances of my situation.


I was robbed of my identity, childhood and family life by adults who never cared about me in any way, during profound and prolonged suffering arbitrarily imposed on me by state ‘policy’.


9. There was no legal reason I could not go home to my own family who had always wanted me, so I was seriously disadvantaged by people who didn’t care what happened to me, because they always considered me a ‘wog and dago’ who was racially ‘inferior’.


10. The British re-installed the Spanish monarchy at the end of the Franco era in 1975 along with the Spanish Amnesty Law of 1977 because it was really the British monarchy who wanted to avoid standing trial over 300,000 children like myself who were abducted etc.


11. It is self evident the role of the British Governor General in Australia should have been abolished in 1977 and the Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution amended so the country was liberated from the British monarchy who very clearly lacked any legal legitimacy.


The British PM and government now have the royal prerogative.


12. I was thirteen years old in 1975 during their contrived ‘Whitlam controversy’ about a politician that was really a distraction by the political classes, from the abducted… children. I was capable of making my own decision about who I wanted to live with but I still wasn’t given any choice by people who didn’t even want me and discriminated against me at every opportunity.


The people who posed as my parents and godparents from the highest echelons of the intelligence services forcibly disassociated me from my true identity, so they didn’t care that wholesale abuse naturally caused me to disassociate from them too, because at best they only wanted a universal soldier with no feelings, who had no choice, while being isolated from my own family.


The point of completely changing our identities was so we could never find our own way home, and so we would always in some way, be reliant on the perpetrators of our abuse.


Too many people horse traded over the lives of innocent and defenceless children abducted by the state.


13. I always refused to join the British or Australian military or intelligence services so they could try and ‘legalize’ the prolonged child abuse, because I just wanted my own identity so I could try and find my own way in life, after having been so traumatised etc by everything that happened to me.


14. I now know the man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett was Director General of ASIO (who publicly leaked his name having cruelly failed to give me back my true identity) when he leveraged the Combe Ivanov Affair he contrived with Hawke, while grandstanding at the second Hope Royal Commission into the intelligence services. They used those events to by contrast quietly pass their Orwellian ‘it never happened’ Amnesty legislation in 1984 Australia about children like myself who were abducted legally reclaiming our true identity, which they did behind my back and without consulting me while failing to declare their considerable conflicts of interest.


The DG of ASIO who was the man who posed as my godfather, literally made Murdoch et al’s careers in keeping the state ‘secret’ of the abducted children. 


15. I now know they never intended to tell me about their own Amnesty legislation in Australia which didn’t give me any legal representation, although the intelligence services had legal representation and I did not when I was an innocent ad defenceless child, because I was abducted twice etc while travelling in the Middle East in 1984 with an American woman.


16. Three ‘mixed’ race members of my family in Australia died, including my little sister with the same DNA, on the Australian politician Alexander Downer’s watch, before he tried to deny I was an Australian citizen on 13 October 2006 when the British government were abducting me too, in what became an unprecedented 48 times in the UK.


Australia really only has an elected dictatorship which is subservient to the British governor general and monarchy which is why the country has never achieved it’s economic potential which should be comparable to the United States.


17. I was effectively maliciously prosecuted as a child in Australia for the ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity before being discriminated against and maliciously prosecuted in the UK as an adult when they tried to make an ‘example’ of me ‘pour les autres’ because I am one of the children who was abducted etc in Australia, during the Franco era.


18. The original prosecution against me in the UK on 22 February 2006 which is the same date the White Rose peaceniks were executed in Nazi Germany on 22 February 1943 was clearly malicious, in using legislation which is now repealed.


The barristers who claimed to represent me was Starmer’s Doughty Chambers, who are really only part of the whole ‘Star Chamber’ of British Injustice.


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


There has never been any reasonable or legal explanation why Keir Starmer’s Doughty Chambers who filed my appeal in the UK on 15 March 2006 did not proceed in a timely manner including with an injunction to protect me, because they did write the legal opinion confirming the legislation was incompatible with Article 11, Freedom of Assembly & the rule of law.


It clearly wasn’t even open to the judge who didn’t require the police officer who had unlawfully arrested me to appear in court to explain his actions, to claim I needed the ‘permission’ of… a judge in a.. court before I peacefully campaigned with my best friend for example.


That failure of the large London law firm who like to publicly grandstand about human rights, to act professionally in a timely manner, did not change I won so many other malicious prosecutions that became civil jury lawsuits following confirmation on 14 September 2006 in a legal ruling the legislation was “void ab initio” which was common-sense really.


Starmer not only failed in his duty of care to me as a vulnerable client, but abused his position to profit at my expense, from his deliberate failure to responsibly represent me.


19. Mr Starmer failed to declare his conflict of interest in being given the role of DPP solely to cover up his failure to properly represent me, while I was the only person who had very belatedly had legal representation withdrawn on 18 June 2007, while everyone else had had legal representation for their original appeals, regarding legislation we repealed, despite Doughty Chambers.


The legal truth on the ground had well overtaken the governments fictions by the time the High Court very belatedly illegally withdrew my legal representation by Doughty on 18 June 2007 so the High Court could ‘forget’ to inform me of my own appeal in November 2007, they illegally proceeded with in my absence anyway, all of which they knew made their hearing ‘null and void’.


The legal records show there were two other High Court cases involving me and the same judges in that same period in 2007 involving an unprecedented attempt to over-rule my 'void ab initio' ruling on 14 September 2006 followed by Brian’s ‘no case to answer’ on 22 January 2007, because they couldn’t put us on the witness stand because the truth was, we had a mounting number of civil jury lawsuits against the government.


The government who imposed an ‘Amicus Curiae’ in 2007, used the Carltona Principle and the Wednesbury unreasonableness test in one case, along with changing the infinitive ‘a’ in legislation in the other case, to dishonestly purport they could keep my friend and myself out of the High Court when it suited the government, while also saying we had better made a deal or else, which the government did not want to do.


I ‘won’ the definitive legal ‘victory’ in Southwark Crown over 4 September 2006 over which everything revolved on 13 December 2007 proving the government had been repeatedly abducting me, because the Australian FM Alexander Downer failed in his legal duty too, to protect me. 


Director of Public Prosecutions v Haw [2007] EWHC 1931 (Admin) (06 August 2007)


(Carltona and the Wednesbury unreasonableness test from 1948 about ‘deporting’ the ‘alien’)


It’s impossible in any legal sense to explain why the DPP at that time was able to bring a malicious case against Brian in the High Court with the Attorney General imposing an amicus curiae in a case that came long after my case which was still being delayed.


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)


There was a lot of ‘Wednesbury unreasonableness’ going on hiding behind the infinitive ‘a’.


20. The Dirty War in Parliament Square, Central London in the UK pretty much mirrored my own childhood in Australia really. It was proved beyond all reasonable doubt in the UK the people who posed as my parents in Australia had never cared about me, and obviously didn't want any jury trials in the UK either.


There was the repeated use of torture and violent life threatening attacks in the UK on me over the years including by ‘unknown assailants’ the government refused to identify, that Doughty did know about.


It was admitted the intelligence services were illegally ‘monitoring’ me, which was hardly news given we were under 24 hour surveillance in Parliament Square, Central London anyway.


21. The UK government ran a massive undercover operation against Brian and myself in 2010 which was legally a busted flush on 25 May 2010 at their State Opening when undercover agents were illegally used to unlawfully arrest me for public consumption. I was filmed telling the press to get out of my face and to stop harassing me.


The DPP profiting most from all that was Starmer who was effectively the government lawyer.


The current media manufactured British PM ‘Journalist’ Johnson who was the Mayor of London at that time went running to the High Court before we were released, to get there first, to bring a malicious prosecution against us instead, to try and hide what the DPP Starmer had already been enabling for years.


Starmer who had switched from his Doughty representing me to becoming the DPP maliciously prosecuting me, imposed his own Doughty Chambers on me, without Brian or myself ever meeting with his Special Counsel (Paul Harris) from Hong Kong. In reality, Doughty were really representing their DPP Starmer because they were all still covering up the original malicious prosecution against me involving them that led to the violent life threatening attack on me on 17 August 2007.


The legal records show Doughty and their ‘Special Counsel’ from Hong Kong, with his undeclared conflict of interest, illegally withdrew on 23 June 2010 when I started legally blowing the whistle on the witness stand in the High Court in the UK on 21 June 2010 about what was going on there.


I never gave them permission to withdraw and they had no legal grounds to withdraw, let alone without appointing new legal representation, because they had a legal duty to redress what was really… their own deliberate original failure, that no other law firm was going to remedy.


I remember standing on the witness stand in the High Court on 21 June 2010, which was full of people when I started to legally blow the whistle, as the row of lawyers on all ‘sides’ stood in unison to try and stop me, while the judge threatened me with Contempt of Court for legally giving my own defence !


When I was unmoved the judge ran from the court so it was in recess, while the court staff threatened me I would go to prison if I gave evidence.


I was the five year old child being traumatised by being threatened again.


The government did reasonably know they couldn’t use a Contempt of Court to stop me giving evidence in the High Court because a Contempt of Court in the High Court would definitively require a re-hearing of the case in the High Court this time, where I would still be giving the same defence of legally blowing the whistle !!


I was very traumatised by what happened that day, because I was my five year old self and my adult self, who was being threatened by my abusers, who had terrorised and tortured me, wanting me to keep... their secrets, which was only harming me. 


When I was speaking with Doughty, while the court was in recess, the government put the gruesome Tony ‘Rivers of Blood’ Benn who had campaigned with Enoch Powell over Europe on the witness stand. This led to Brian confronting him in the court because Benn was trying to defend the illegal undercover operation being used against us. Brian told Benn he was trying to cover up I was like the whole Suffragette movement on my own. They never spoke again and the court was closed to the public (which I am) along with the press (who were part of the undercover operation)


When I was leaving the High Court, I was door-stopped in a lift by the Daily Mail who I told to leave me alone because they were (like the BBC et al) part of the undercover operation, which the journalist admitted was true. I was naturally very traumatised by what was going on.


The Daily Mail who had originally maliciously targeted me in 2008, when I had told their legal department to put up or shut up, so they did shut up, did subsequently publish an article admitting they were part of the undercover operation against us, while failing to front up and defend themselves in… court.


The British government were at that time openly on good terms with the Russian government who were also part of the undercover operation. I did complain about unsolicited contact from the Russian government on 17 November 2016 because I am inevitably very distressed by the fact Medvedev was also responsible for my best friend dying while exiled in Germany.


The only reason the Australian government visited me when I was illegally imprisoned in 2011 without legal representation or trial during the wider cover-up, was because they wanted to find out about the counter-lawsuit I had filed against the UK government on 17 August 2011, that involved the Australian government… also covering up the use of life threatening torture on me.


I do not think the Australian government would go along with Australian citizens being abused by the British government, and by extension other governments, if they were independent of the British Governor General and royal prerogative, so truly relied on a public vote.


My best friend Brian died in Bremen, Germany because he was effectively exiled because he could not get proper medical treatment in the UK, before I was exiled to France in 2013, where I lived for six years, until I became ill with multiple autoimmune illnesses etc while inevitably suffering from prolonged PTSD.


I obviously did not return to Australia voluntarily.


I am nevertheless an Australian citizen who was legally living in and effectively naturalised in my own right in the UK, France and the EU, where I did not rely on any taxpayer funds to support myself. It is obvious, the British government exiled me because they could not explain if I had to receive social security etc in the UK, because they had illegally refused to settle my unprecedented lawsuits.


I will hand a copy of this to a meeting I am attending on 25 February 2020.




… qui bono: which lawyer benefited most (4 september 2006)…



This witness statement is true.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat


(formerly known as Babs Tucker)




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