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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Australia is legally entitled to new Republic referendum (with option to leave British Commonwealth if it does not become an organisation of equals with publicly elected head) (16.02.2020)


I wouldn't want anyone to walk a lifetime in my shoes, and I wouldn't personally vote in any election until I could vote in a referendum for a republic.



... "life without barriers"... i wouldn't want anyone to walk a lifetime in my shoes...



I was abducted by 'Whites Only' Australia when I was a child and had my identity changed because I am considered 'mixed' race 'Mediterranean scum' who can't be legally deported. 


Australia is long overdue for a new referendum which it remains legally entitled to have for a republic. 


The unelected British monarchy are a racist anachronism who are also nothing but an obstacle to genuine progress in Australia.


The people and country are being held back from true economic progress that should have seen Australia competitive with the likes of the United States long ago but isn't. This is simply because Australia cannot pretend to be genuinely democratic or even capitalist with the millstone of an unelected monarchy and it's accompanying cronyism like the 'Minderoo (not even remotely philanthropic) Foundation' for the white fellas numerous tax rip-offs etc.


A republic would discard the unelected Governor General and also have the choice to leave the British Commonwealth if it does not become an organisation of equals where the public elect a head every four years.


The country is never going to unleash it’s true human potential while it is the same old colonial half-way house run by the same old unelected British monarchy who impose their same old unelected governor general along with the worst of all white British Northern European stock as the political top dogs along with their cronies.


A republic would really be able to become multicultural with a new and inclusive Constitution where we the people wouldn’t want the right to bear arms because a referendum will have done the job.


Any Australian citizen would be able to become an MP or PM, even if they had dual citizenship, just like the British PM Johnson was still an American citizen when he was Mayor of London.


Australians could lead the world in progressive politics by making politics voluntary unpaid public service, just like millions of other people do every single day, while keeping a paid civil service.


The true purpose of politicians is to effectively act in a strategic role instead of the current over-governance that deploys a civil service against the people to maintain what is really cronyism that begins with an unelected monarchy.


The civil services in a republic will work for the public instead of swearing allegiance to an unelected monarch.


The Australian PM should be someone who really stands up for Australian citizens and if a female Australian citizen like myself is tortured by the British because I am a peacenik then the Australian PM should publicly stand up for me. None of them did because they really work for an unelected monarchy and their cronies.


An Australian PM should stand up for all Australian citizens held hostage in another country and offer to swap places, because all politicians should be capable of resolving their differences between themselves.


The Australian embassy in London has only been used to continue diplomatic immunity for former Australian politicians like Downer & Brandis, so no Australian embassy should need diplomatic immunity because embassy staff are not supposed to be different from any other Australian citizen. 


An Australian republic would not need terror laws either because they only glorify and encourage terror while hiding there is no legal difference in anyone intentionally causing harm to any defenceless civilian.


Any child born in Australia should be an Australian citizen and if the British monarchy wanted to become Australian citizens when Australia was a republic, they would have to become naturalised first just like anyone else. No-one would be paying the unelected monarchy who have never done a single days voluntary unpaid public service in their entire lives, any subsidies.


All adoptions of children in Australia could be outlawed so there would only be foster carers who a child could choose to adopt when they were an adult if the relationship had worked out. No child would ever be denied any knowledge about their true identity, cultural heritage or medical and family information. It should already be mandatory for any child in state/foster care to have a counsellor, fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover along with legal representation which is independent and paid for by the government.


The republic would not have conscription and there should always be a public referendum before any military deployments overseas.


A republic would no longer need the permission of the monarch’s governor general to deploy the military in a civil back up role in Australia either where the recent delay in deployment during the foreseeable bushfires caused loss of life.


A republic could aim to take a lead in the world with clean renewable energy that invested in converting public housing to clean renewable energy before giving public handouts to subsidise mining companies using clean renewable energy.


Australian citizens would really be free to explore their full human potential in a country that really was open for business with the world.










27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!