P.S: Donna v Australia  (DOJ) @ ICJ (Constitutional Self Determination) (24.01.2020)











Thanks for the phone call earlier.


I am obviously a multicultural Catalan with Australian citizenship, living outside Spain who is not a politician and doesn't want Spanish citizenship but does want to live in Catalonia, and is the original multicultural Catalan who was imprisoned in the UK, while there are now Catalan politicians in exile and jail in Spain and the Catalan police chief is on trial, so there does appear to be a wider very serious issue.


My multicultural Catalan heritage AND the fact I didn’t even know !! about the contrived Orwellian legislation from 1984 in Australia until very recently, combined with my health issues, is why it is necessary for me to have my case referred to the DOJ legal department as a matter of urgency.


I can’t just walk into a Catalan embassy because there aren’t any, and the Australian government designated their DOJ department to deal with ‘the issue’ of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ that legally needs practical sustainable resolution, according to civil procedures.


I am unfortunately for me personally, in any real sense, however you look at it, the female Catalan who originally unwittingly blew the whistle in the UK about what was going on there etc etc, which led to me being imprisoned in the UK, while not knowing until very recently about the legislation in Australia which is really about multiple Constitutions surrounding the historical Catalan question, which has led to our being 'left behind' after the Franco era.


I am inviting the DOJ legal department (because the DOJ are the designated government department) to meet next week or I really do have no choice but to get a court order to progress the same because I am like any multicultural Catalan who needs timely access to medical treatment etc etc of my own choosing for the obvious reasons.There are obviously civil procedures to be followed and I do urgently need to be able to choose medical treatment that I have not had access to in a timely manner.


I am really just saying what anyone who found themselves in my situation would be saying.


I am an ordinary person in an increasingly overwhelming situation where I need to make informed decisions about a whole range of serious issues affecting me personally.


(It would be fine for the outstanding court records etc to be emailed to me, which doesn’t change the essential situation, including I discovered by cross referencing court records myself I had not previously seen that the intelligence services falsified court records when I was a child) 


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Catalans are historically multicultural so we really are in an invidious situation.


I guess the best way forward is probably that I agree with the Australian DOJ legal department next week, a straightforward ’test case’ for the ICJ on ‘the point of law’ of ‘Constitutional Self Determination’ because that does seem to be the recurring central legal issue.


I don’t personally have a political agenda etc to push because I have only ever used the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law myself, so it’s not of itself a complicated legal matter per se.


There is obviously however a far wider long standing historical legal problem that people with Catalan heritage are central to, most people generally would peacefully like to resolve that hasn’t been because most governments have a ‘conflict of interest’.


The only peaceful way I can see to safely resolve the conflicts of interest is at the ICJ.


I obviously did not choose the people who posed as my parents and godparents which has led to this point in time for me, that nevertheless can be peacefully turned around on a straightforward point of law, rather than the blame game etc etc in what is a very difficult time for me personally.


I went to Springvale yesterday because I didn’t know how I would feel about some recent related information so I went and looked for myself and thought about it, which helped make sense of some things, because I don’t want to be overwhelmed by so much.


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