Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: My quietly participating in a Trustee role helping to develop clean renewable energy in Catalonia will help me peacefully & positively personally turn around my own lifetime of being excluded by governments. (23.01.2020)










I was thinking about our telephone conversation the other day.


I have almost repealed my fake identity in Australia which is a big deal to me AND I previously repealed fake legislation in the UK, which are two significant positive achievements that show ordinary people like myself, can help ourselves and everyone else too.


I remember I was in Athens in 1984 at the Acropolis, when some other young people suggested we go to Israel and so we did. We watched the US warships withdraw from Beirut before we were able to land in Haifa and we stayed on the Yad Mordechai kibbutz and went to Gaza nearby before there was any ‘rabbit-proof’ fence. (I didn’t like the kibbutz because they raised the children separately from their families too).


I now know that was the same year the messianic man who posed as my godfather (Tudor Harvey Barnett 25 Dec 1925-23 June 1995) who was also Director General of ASIO at that time conspired to contrive the Orwellian legislation in Australia, about legally reclaiming my true identity, without my knowledge or consultation because of his and others undeclared conflict of interest.



... to love and honour the memory of my little sister on 23.01.2020...



It so happens, I was born on 10 February 1962 which is the anniversary of Pope Pius X1 death on 10 February 1939 after he claimed to be the first ‘sovereign’ of an ‘independent’ Vatican after making a Treaty on 11 February 1929 with Mussolini who it was admitted in the UK on 21 June 2010, was recruited by the British, of course.


It turns out that Treaty which had been incorporated in the Italian Constitution was also changed in 1984.


We know I blew the whistle in the High Court on 21 June 2010 on what was going on in Parliament Square, Central London before I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 which is also the same date as the British referendum. It wasn’t until recently I discovered the 1984 legislation in Australia by happenstance.


... dodonaea...



We peaceniks did quietly leave a time capsule that was hidden in Parliament Square, to show we were there.


... not argentinian... "father forgive them for they know not what they do, children forgive us now we do"...



The Jewish State was really founded on reasonable self defence.


I now know Murdoch, Rothschild and Cheney et al went and purchased land in the Golan in 2011 because I won the unprecedented ‘landmark’ civil case in 2011 in the High Court in the UK using the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The Golan should have the most beautiful memorial garden in perpetuity for all the world’s 'forgotten children' who have suffered from war.





My point is not about the Spanish obstacle course for Jewish people to ‘reclaim’ citizenship, which I personally find quite distressing, but rather that Jewish people, and not just Jewish people who are safe living in Israel will be safe to live everywhere when Jewish people are safe to live in Catalonia.


The transition to clean renewable energy will naturally mean more people everywhere, will be able to choose to live… autonomously.



... perished in sobibor death camp...


Catalonia which historically was a multicultural heaven on our earth, has no oil or gas but we can become leaders in developing and sharing knowledge about clean renewable energy while making Catalonia a safe haven for Jewish people like me too, so Jewish people everywhere can be safe.


There is so much work to do about clean renewable energy because there are so many variables everywhere, which should also be an opportunity where leadership is going to come from the public because of the unlimited potential and autonomous nature of clean renewable resources.





To confirm:


My priority is to safely conclude my own case next week, so I do need a meeting with someone from the DOJ on Wednesday or Thursday who is authorised to go through my court order with me and write out a financial cheque, or alternatively hand a blank cheque to me I will fill in :)


Then I can just file the paperwork with the court next week too and collect my new passport and begin the process of changing all the other paperwork too.


I really need to personally move on in a safe and sustainable sensible manner in every way.


There is no reason for any further delay while there is obviously personal urgency in progressing:


a) my choice to legally reclaim my true identity


b) my choice to start to make my own important choices about access to my own medical care and treatment.


The truth is, when I thought about it, I don’t really want to go to hospital for the MRI scan on 14 February 2020 or the appointment at the same hospital with the gastroenterologist on 2 March 2020 (which happens to coincide with the Israeli election and the Vatican opening their WW2 archives) because these are not choices I made and I really do need to be able to make my own choices.



... the garden of no distant place...


I could have the MRI scan and see a specialist anywhere.


I have been forced to spend my life living like a displaced person in a transit camp without ever having any access to proper medical treatment because I was abused and exploited etc as a ‘scientific’ experiment when I was a child, which the entire ‘medical’ profession were wholly complicit in. I don’t know how to overcome how I feel about all that.


It is clear that as an adult, I am only really going to get proper medical treatment by making my own informed choices and decisions, which is part of having my true identity too.


I am just in too much totally unnecessary pain now, because I haven’t had timely access to proper medical treatment from the multiple specialists about the multiple illnesses, which are obviously more likely to flare up and progressively worsen without responsible pain management.


I would clearly benefit from managing my own access to medical care and treatment, rather than fitting into others 'schedules'.


c) the lump sum payment to ’simplify’ the fact I was robbed of my true identity and family which of itself has seriously disadvantaged and disabled me my whole life, without the prejudice etc I then also faced while being treated as a freak-show by politicians and their government departments who label us ‘forgotten children’ because that was always their intention.


I am obviously legally entitled to peacefully now spend more time with my family, while trying to improve my overall physical and emotional health.


It is common-sense, the best I can do is act as a Trustee to oversee what I would like to be my contribution to helping develop clean renewable energy.


d) it is clearly best I live in Catalonia for so many obvious reasons now, while my quietly participating in a Trustee role (which is all I can manage anyway) in helping to develop clean renewable energy will help me peacefully & positively personally turn around my own lifetime of being excluded by governments.


I saw this beautiful inscription today at Springvale:



 “Our little angel gentle as a dove, now she sleeps in heaven above. And just like the sweetest rosebuds your petals fell too soon, but the love you planted in our hearts will never cease to bloom” (31.01.2007)



Kind Regards,