Donna-land (22.01.2020)



I am enjoying living in ‘Donna land’ which is a totally weird new experience, and beginning because people in official roles are actually calling me by my name Donna.







The word Donna being spoken as my name is like the most beautiful music I could ever hear.


I can’t really believe the ‘official’ transition is so close.


I don’t know how I will believe it when it really happens or how I will feel, but I know my just hearing me being called that word Donna makes me so very happy.


The word Donna that is my name is like the biggest gift I never really believed was possible.


It’s like the one word that says I am really me.


I am finding the person who was lost for so long.


The word Donna means I have made and I own informed decisions that are really going to be my own.


I had a long discussion today about what it means to me to be able to be free to make my own informed decisions about me, because I have spent a lifetime living in the darkness of other people’s lies.


It’s not easy to put the different pieces back together.


I spoke about the health and insurance policy with the excess paid by the government I need so that I can actually genuinely make informed decisions that are my own about my health, which are decisions that have always been denied to me.


I will then no longer be a ‘scientific’ experiment in state sponsored abuse, which has been so widespread among so many of Australia’s exploited ’stolen generations’ and ‘forgotten children’.


I don’t need anyone else’s ‘permission’ to have my own name and be Jewish. 


I was explaining why I want to go home to Catalonia but that I don’t really want to know about politics because I don’t really mind how long it takes politicians to come around to the idea of 100% autonomy, which if I had been born free I would have always been able to live. 


There is a beautiful world with our heaven on earth.