Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy flaunted Australian ‘Whites Only’ Constitution’s Nazi Insignia, using taxpayers money to steal identities of Australia’s multicultural Catalan ’forgotten children’ (22.01.2020)


The British monarchy have encouraged 'a culture' of flaunting and airbrushing nazism because it was an extension of their own ‘Whites Only’ Australian Constitution, using taxpayers money to steal the identities of Australia’s (for example) multicultural Catalan ‘forgotten children’.



... the 'culture' of the british monarchy... the british far from 'commonwealth' australian 'whites only' constitution and nazism are the same thing...



Catalans are historically multicultural which is why they were attacked by all spheres of colonial influence around the Mediterranean.


There were never any proper legal checks made in Australia about who was kidnapping Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ or why, and the story of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ and Catalonia and Spain and Israel and Palestine is the same.


The Australian 'Whites Only' Constitution and Nazism are exactly the same. 



the British who continued the persecution control their narrative, with Lord Pickles from the UK grandstanding as Chairman...



Churchill was an apologist for Nazis who executed Bugats who were partisans in Northern Italy.


It is always absolutely lawful to use the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


A member of our campaign purchased a copy of  'Archbold Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice' and I later spent 50p on a 'civil procedure' book I found at a jumble sale.


There is a Jewish State that was really founded on the solid legal ground of reasonable self defence, that was not reliant on the shifting political sands of Balfour or Zionism, while a real issue is Jewish people being able to live in a safe haven in Catalonia on the Mediterranean in Europe.


There is no legal reason any Jewish person needs the ‘permission’ of either a Jewish State or anyone else to be Jewish.


The French pseudo ‘scientific’ bio ethics bill meanwhile only continues to whitewash rich people already buying designer children, while the state bolsters the birth rate without any consideration of the best interests of the child. The best interests of the child always remain paramount regardless of what any adults may consider constitutes a desirable family model. The 'bio ethics' bill is silent on what happens when a child disagrees with what is being arbitrarily imposed on them.


The beauty of creation is only really valued by adults who respect the best interests of children who are not a commodity or accessory to suit adult narratives in the public or private sphere. A child must have at the very least total access to all their own biological and cultural information so they are able to make the best possible informed choices themselves, so that as they grow they can build the necessary solid foundations for their own lives with their own voices.