Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Catalonia needs to be Mediterranean safe haven for Jews in Europe, so Israel can have a Jewish renaissance in Middle East, because no-one needs anyone else’s 'permission' to be Jewish (21.01.2020)



... smyrna 1984... no-one should ever need anyone else's 'permission' to choose any religion...



The Bugat family who are and have been Jewish, Catholic and Muslim (for example) have generally lived along and travelled a similar Bogomil (which means dear to god) route and many Jewish people have adopted surnames like Bogumil, Bogumila, Bogumili and so on.


Catalonia needs to become a Mediterranean safe haven for Jewish people in Europe, so Israel has a Jewish renaissance because no-one needs anyone else's 'permission' to be Jewish.


(There are Jewish people who wouldn't go and live in Israel because it is fundamentally wrong to ask anyone else's 'permission' to be Jewish)




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