Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: The Australian Court Order to establish Donna Bugat Global Family Eco Trust (20.01.2020)



... my name is donna bugat and my whole self is my best self just like everyone else...




Australian Court Order:


The County Court in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia will agree the following before 31 January 2020:


1. I am reclaiming my true identity as Donna Bugat.


I have been treated worse than the baby Jesus who was never taken to court as an innocent and defenceless child without any legal representation, for the ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity.


The most senior politicians and media collaborators et al maliciously repeatedly published my false name with ridiculous conspiracy theories claiming my being a universal peacenik is a ‘national disgrace’ etc etc which I proved to be untrue with the repeal of their ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 anti-competition legislation in the UK.


The Australian government have failed at all times in their basic duty of care, including when they denied I am an Australian citizen.


I have been forced to serve an unprecedented 57 year global ‘tour of duty’ as an ‘international tourist’ without any legal representation or proper access to health and welfare.


The Australian government claimed in 2011, that the facts of my case are unique.


I am a survivor who is one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ with Catalan heritage which obviously means I have never been consulted on self-determination or anything else.


I own the trademark on my true identity of Donna Bugat.


My family and myself will keep all accrued entitlements to live, where we live.


2. The Court will award me ‘costs’ as ‘ex-gratia’ payments (that are not taxable) to establish my Donna Bugat Global Family Eco Trust to include:


a) the Australian government will make a lump sum payment to me by 31 January 2020 that is equivalent to 57 years of DSP and accompanying payments at the current rate and incl. interest to reflect the prolonged overwhelming serious physical and emotional harm and distress etc I have been caused by not having my true identity and family.


It should be mandatory that all children in state care have a counsellor, fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover along with free legal representation.


I could never have been stolen by the state and exploited etc, if those basic checks and safeguards had existed to create a level playing field that really did protect my best interests as an innocent and defenceless child.


News Corp etc are invited to make voluntary donations to The Donna Bugat Global Family Eco Trust to redeem their uncharitable acts they have financially profited from at my expense.


b) the Australian government will at the same time pay for my having a global fully comprehensive medical and insurance policy that covers the ‘excess’ costs of my choosing any private medical treatment at any time, because I do not have the choice to buy private medical and insurance cover because of what has happened to me.


c) I am transferring the ownership of my modest stone cottage in my nature lovers paradise in France to my two sons, so the Australian government will make a payment that covers the costs of adapting it so I can still visit, using the best available clean renewable energy resources.  The Australian government will also pay any outstanding water board bills etc.


d) The Australian government will provide me with payments to establish a safe and sustainable  multipurpose Home/Head Office in Catalonia, and eighteen other countries using the best available clean renewable energy resources.


The Donna Bugat Global Family Eco Trust will have three trustees which are myself and my two sons and we will each have an equal vote in how the trust which will be a registered charity is managed.


The Australian government will be responsible for the safety and security of the family trust projects in all the countries we operate where our sole purpose will be to test a sustainable universal basic income combining the elements of health and welfare to help develop a global model of sustainability for everyone. 


The Trust will employ local people in the communities the eco projects are established along with young people travelling on working holiday visas to help develop the best possible shared sustainable business models.


Any land the trust purchases will remain within the management of the charitable trust in perpetuity for the sole purpose of developing safe and sustainable eco living, that is affordable and accessible to everyone.


The Donna Bugat Global Family Eco Trust will peacefully act at all times within the global peace and harmony of the rule of law.


This statement is true:


Donna Bugat



(formerly known as Babs Tucker)



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