Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: FAO CEO News Corp et al: The ‘advance copy’ of Avante-Garde business plan for global eco cities (18.01.2020)








FAO CEO News Corp et al: The Advance Copy of Avante-Garde business plan for global eco cities


This is to publicly notify the CEO of News Corp et al of my business plan.


The Resume: ‘Mother Earth’


I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who is a survivor of being forced to serve a 57 year global ’tour of duty’ as a ’tourist’.





I began my career as a hostage negotiator when I was around ten years old. The fact I was cruelly forced to disassociate from my true identity and family, which was intended to cause me serious physical and emotional harm and distress, while being expected to endure in silence, the hostile environments I lived in, meant I had to try and find sustainable ways to try and survive.


The only ‘right wing’ experience I personally have is playing on the front line in hockey, which I did enjoy more than my swimming and netball careers, before I had a part time job as a teenager working with animals which I really loved.


I was a natural top of the class in Legal Studies at High School but I did not want to join the intelligence services or military because I wanted my own true identity so that I could find my own family and my own way in life.


It was very difficult and painful for me being separated for no legal reason from my own family who wanted me too, while being brought up in a harmful social environment where I was completely unwanted and endlessly exploited etc. My multicultural mixed race Catalan ‘converso’ heritage is naturally the complete opposite of the Treaty of Utrecht etc, which is the established world order leading to ever greater totally unnecessary inequality.


My greatest achievement in life is being mum to the two most beautiful sons any mother could ever be blessed with, who have only ever brought me joy and happiness.


One of my greatest losses was my beautiful little sister who ‘suddenly’ died while trying to save her big sister who was missing in action.


My sister and myself were both doing university degrees in different countries (Australia and the UK) when she died. I didn’t have the necessary proper support to try and cope with her devastating loss that was for me, a continuation of my being one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’. I did exceptionally well in social studies because my personal experiences enabled me to understand and empathise with others, while trying to offer practical solutions. I was however at odds with university staff who still disgracefully sought to impose Bowlby’s discredited ‘theory’ of state sponsored child abuse, because I am as one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ a victim of those lies. I was ultimately unable to complete the degree because I was enormously distressed by the death of my little sister, and I could not in good conscience go along with the spin about Bowlby’s deeply offensive colonial ‘assimilation’ policies regarding Schrodinger’s Catalans like myself. I personally consider Britain’s Bowlby is their Joseph Mengele with their ‘scientific’ experiments on innocent and defenceless children like myself who were preyed upon.


The only reason the state sponsored abuse of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ was both possible and inevitable is because the state completely disregarded it’s duty of care and accompanying risk assessments, so we had no level playing field of a counsellor, legal representation or the independence of fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover, which would have really protected our ‘best interests’.


The British far from Commonwealth’s Australian ‘Constitution’ with it’s ‘Whites Only’ policy, all of which remains of itself to this day to first and foremost promote the British ‘race’ as the top dog, was self evidently copied by Hitler.


I was very shocked when I only recently discovered by pure happenstance the existence of Orwellian ‘it never happened’ 1984 legislation in Australia that is no ‘Homage to Catalonia’ about legally reclaiming my true identity, which has been my lifelong dream.


I now know the reason I was never notified or consulted about the legislation that directly affected me, either before or after it was promulgated was because (for example) the man who posed as my god father Tudor Harvey Barnett was also the Director General of ASIO with an undeclared conflict of interest at that time, as indeed is the case with for example News Corp who had worked with him to stage the Whitlam ‘controversy’ at the end of the ‘Franco era’ etc etc.


I obviously have no interest whatsoever in being ‘assimilated’ into the myopic worldview of the Lang Hancock’s of this world whose only interest is and was exploitation of vulnerable people, which does not mean I am the ‘problem’. There is always the opportunity to respect diverse cultures.


There were so many ‘missed’ opportunities in my own case, for me to have been able to go home to my own family, which in turn stopped myself and my family having so many opportunities we could otherwise have enjoyed together.


I participated in voluntary unpaid public service when I was elected as Chair of Governors of a primary school in the UK that had previously been put in special measures. I stopped the government taking money from children’s education to fund the Iraq war, and was responsible for improved Ofsted inspections. I was also Chair of a children’s After School Club which required me to get a grant and Ofsted accreditation, all of which was done on the basis of voluntary unpaid public service too. I was then invited to become Chair of a Bereavement Charity where I was taught statistical information by a retired headteacher, and we were also responsible for consulting over policies to secure consensus, while applying for and receiving grants from a broad range of supporting agencies and organisations. 


My best friend died as News Corp know during my/our full time frontline 24/7 on call ‘tour of duty’ as peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London, which was a steep learning curve in our capacity as voluntary unpaid public service. We survived on small donations from supportive members of the public. This was because I was blacklisted from my full time employment as a health care worker and forced to sell my home, while my youngest son went to live with this father. However, I established my legal credentials and in any sense passed a practical legal degree in Parliament Square, Central London with honour, during which I used S(3)1 of the Criminal Law 1967 to successfully address relentless state persecution, to repeal arbitrary and violent anti competition legislation.


I was nevertheless eventually forced into exile in France because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who regardless of how resilient I may have been, is human. I peacefully lived in my modest stone cottage in an autonomous region of France in my nature lovers paradise which I truly love. I did suffer very badly from PTSD because of such prolonged state abuse.


There had never been anyone coming to rescue Australia’s ‘forgotten children’. I was placed with the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and god parents when I was a child, precisely so that my parents who did want me, could not reclaim me which they would have been able to do if I had been placed in a children’s home.


I was able to manage in my cottage in France, without heating or electricity for over a year, and only spent €100 euros on food for six months. I had to consistently walk considerable distances to buy food etc and I did get very ill with scurvy which was made worse because of pre-existing medical illnesses. That all only happened because the British government had illegally refused to settle my lawsuits because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who also happens to be Catalan.


I did not voluntarily return to Australia because it only holds overwhelming memories of horror for me.


I have served a Letter of Claim etc now in Australia, purely because I need a sensible and sustainable future where I am able to make my own choices. It is clear there is no reasonable expectation of my getting access to proper medical treatment in the public health system that exists on the whim of politicians in Australia, who have never cared about me in 57 years, during which I have experienced the abuse of the entire state apparatus of multiple states.


I would prefer to just apply to the court to legally reclaim my true identity, rather than have to include the other matters that also need peacefully addressing, but the obvious fact remains, I do need a sensible and sustainable future where I am able to make my own informed choices.


There is a small window of opportunity to constructively turn around the situation with my business plan being agreed out of court by 10.30am on 21 January 2020, although the broader details could be finalised over an agreed timeframe such as before 31st January 2020. The initial contact point/dispute mechanism/mediator should be my counsellor, who can be contacted via the DOJ.


This would mean I could progress my going to court to legally reclaim my true identity immediately which is such a giant step for me that I would obviously need time to fully believe had actually happened. I don’t personally want to complicate that with the other issues regarding my need for a sustainable future.


My business plan would broadly address my other conditions with the additional benefit of helping so many other people too which is a very attractive proposition to me, because I have always walked the talk of trying to do my best for the benefit of everyone.


I am therefore offering what really is the business opportunity of a lifetime, with a simple start up business plan which is an alternative to the conditions of my own court order.


I would prefer to use my credibility as someone who has really served an unprecedented 57 year global ’tour of duty’ as a peaceful ’tourist’ to continue to do the most good I quietly can as a private citizen, for the benefit of everyone.


‘The  ‘advance copy’ of the ‘avent-garde’ business plan:


The ‘advance copy’ of my ‘avante-garde’ business plan means I would oversee (as I am able to manage, while undertaking extensive medical treatment to improve my overall physical and emotional health, and spending more time with my family) a start up with donations from News Corp and other companies along with government grants of one kind or another, and public donations, so the business becomes sustainable.


I didn’t personally actually need much to live on in either Parliament Square or my modest cottage, so I am looking at building the most sustainable business model possible that as many people as possible can access. 


The start-up would involve building the best possible real eco homes that are offices too, in initially eighteen countries with donations from News Corp et al, government grants and the public, testing all sorts of self sufficiency, across the eco spectrum based on learning and sharing the facts first hand through multiple disciplines.   


I think it is a blessing there is no single solution because that also means the widest possible learning and sharing of information.


One positive thing I have noticed in Melbourne is the huge market potential being harnessed through the younger generation embracing the vegan lifestyle for example which obviously needs far, far more research, as indeed does everything about the transition to the eco industry including clean renewable energy.


There is no disagreement from anyone on the need and desire for a transition to clean renewable energy, in an eco lifestyle, but rather the best ways to achieve that so that it benefits as many people as possible.


I do have the necessary life experience and credibility which means the smart money which has unlimited potential to help make everyone healthy and wealthy but is lacking when it comes to reputation, knows it can invest in and trust me because I do have a track record of trying to do my best and doing what I say I will do when I try and set achievable targets.


A win-win on the transition to clean renewable energy is an achievable target with the only question really being how quickly it can sensibly be done, because while there is so much information available, there is not yet not much practical implementation when it comes to the public.


I would personally enjoy the opportunity to explore sustainable eco options at all levels because that would be a constructive social experiment which would help reverse my own negative experiences.


I am capable with substantial help and support of overseeing building a sustainable business model across the globe in different countries through practical shared knowledge and experience that can benefit everyone which really does have unlimited potential. 


The avant-garde team would essentially be trialling and rolling out an unprecedented universal basic income and a global fully comprehensive medical and insurance planning policy along with all other aspects of sustainable eco living, with the information being made available to everyone. It would essentially be a peaceful 24/7 global business because there would always be a home/office open somewhere in the world, and someone who is not me dealing with any form filling or press enquiries. There would be constant public consultation and open days for the public and press. The business would have a media office and my own privacy would be respected.


The business should be registered as a Non Profit because any money raised from any source would be re-invested in growing the business plan organically globally to benefit as many people as possible. Any land purchased would be on the basis of it remaining in public hands in perpetuity because the sole purpose of the business is affordable accessible sustainable eco lifestyles for everyone.


My personal view is the project should include a cohort of people from across society including people from the local communities and young people on paid work experience from all over the world to achieve the best results.


Your support would be welcomed.


Love, Peace & Justice For All,


Donna Bugat ♥♥♥♥♥


(formerly known as Babs Tucker)






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