Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: A Global Peace Deal (14.01.2020)






FAO: Manager of Australian Department of Human Services.





I think everyone should have their own global peace deal, because the more peace there really is, the better for everyone.






I am a survivor who as one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ is using reasonable ‘self defence’ to peacefully:


a) legally reclaim my true identity of Donna Bugat in the County Court in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


My family and myself will keep all our accrued entitlements to live, where we live, and the Australian government will pay any and all financial costs for my new passport and any other documentation.


I have multicultural Catalan heritage which is why I was never notified or consulted over self determination by the British Commonwealth et al, because of their colonial Treaty of Utrecht etc, so I have always been denied the opportunity to make my own informed choice about autonomy or independence.


b) receive DSP paid by the Australian government who do not contest my Letter of Claim dated 01.01.2020 served on the Department of Human Services on 02.01.2020 because:




The British monarch and Duke of Edinburgh who used the Fremantle’s Tavistock military and intelligence to kidnap me when I was an innocent and defenceless child are not ‘medical experts’.


I have been forced to serve an unprecedented 57 year global ‘tour of duty’ as an international ‘tourist’ because they took me to court as an innocent and defenceless child without any legal representation for the ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity.


Everything that has happened to me happened because none of those involved wish to be extradited to Australia etc, to as adults stand trial for child trafficking and ethnic cleansing with it’s accompanying life threatening physical and psychological torture from all sorts of exploitation etc.


A reasonable and responsible adult would know it is perfectly natural for everyone to have their true identity which includes access to basic medical information about your immediate family.


The primary legal principle of universal jurisdiction applies first and foremost to the British monarchy who are responsible for their cruel and unusual collective punishment of Australia's 'forgotten children' during the 'Franco era' which extended from before World War Two, or rather was the beginning of World War Two, along with during and after World War Two, that also includes over 30,000 children with Catalan heritage, who like myself have been 'missing in action'.


The British far from Commonwealth manifestly does not represent 'international law' because of the colonial Treaty of Utrecht etc which excludes Catalans and by extension others, from self determination.


It is not disputed the forced disassociation from my own true multicultural identity and immediate family put in place a sequence of events that in the absence of any even basic risk assessments of any kind were intended to cause me harm, while robbing me of my opportunity to peacefully enjoy my own private and family life and all basic rights, including to peacefully find my own way in the world.


I was placed with the highest echelons of the British and Australian military intelligence services because that made it impossible for my family to reclaim me which they would have been able to do if I had been placed in a children’s home.


The state who kidnapped me as a child sought to arbitrarily impose it’s will on me without recourse to the most basic checks and balances of the natural autonomy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law. The state always feared discovery when my little sister with the same DNA was born.


The British and Australian governments along with the Vatican supported the ‘Franco era’ before, during and after WW2 so they did in fact support Hitler and vice versa, as indeed most other governments did too at one time or another, which is why they refused to let me return to my own family at the end of the 'Franco era'. I was able to make my own decision that I wanted to live with my family when I was thirteen years old in 1975, and my family wanted me too. It was always known in my own family that I was ‘missing in action’. It was always absolutely unlawful for the state to effectively hold me hostage etc purely for their own financial reasons etc.


I am treated worse than the baby Jesus who was never taken to court as an innocent and defenceless child without legal representation, for the ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity.


I was not notified or consulted about the Orwellian 1984 legislation in Australia about legally reclaiming my true identity, so I could make my own informed decisions, when the messianic man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett (25 December 1925 - 23 June 1995) was also Director General of ASIO at that time, with an obvious undeclared conflict of interest.


In 1984 Lang Hancock who made his money out of mining asbestos & Rio Tinto et al was publicly saying “the problem is the... half castes who won’t ‘assimilate’ so the ’solution’ to the ‘problem’ is we need to dose their water to sterilise them and breed them out”. His views are an accurate reflection of the views of the intelligence services et al. Politicians et al have never cared about and still do not care about, the health and welfare of mixed race children, nor have they ever been remotely sorry about their ‘scientific’ all white ‘assimilation’ policy that it is now known was going on beyond Aboriginal people arguably affecting mixed race women worst, that has always only ever been about money. 


The British Commonwealth Whites Only 'assimilation' policy formalised in 1901 in the Australia 'Constitution' after the Treaty of Utrecht which betrayed Catalans, was copied by Hitler. The Australian PM was saying during WW2 ""This country shall remain forever the home of the descendants of those people who came here in peace in order to establish in the South Seas an outpost of the British race".


The Director General of ASIO in 1984 had originally illegally leaked my name without my knowledge or permission, when he publicly identified himself and by extension me, although I am a private citizen, because anyone with access to (for example) my baptism certificate could cross reference information with public records like electoral rolls etc. The fact the people who posed as my parents really worked for the intelligence services too was easily verifiable with cross reference to public records like electoral rolls which also identify they falsified court affidavits to kidnap me when I was a child. They were responsible for my being held hostage twice while travelling as an adult with an American woman in the Middle East in 1984, during which I had to safely disarm armed men to save our lives. They were also responsible for my being targeted when I was the only female person and Australian singled out and briefly distressingly detained while leaving Jakarta in Indonesia in April 1986 while travelling with members of my own family when the Indonesian government was stopping Australians entering the country. A New Zealander had to pay a bribe to an Indonesian public official on that occasion so I could leave with my family. It is widely witnessed that at no time did any member of any Australian consulate ever notify me of the Orwellian 'it never happened' 1984 legislation in Australia that is no 'Homage to Catalonia', about legally reclaiming my true identity in the County Court.


The only reason politicians et al headline with their own completely false apologies within their own media circles is to control the true narrative and voices of Australia's 'forgotten children'. Everything politicians say and do is a lie to cover their own tracks because they have never helped the victims and we are still treated as second class rejects. 


It is widely known that when I won a 'test case' on 14 September 2006 over anti competition legislation in the UK that was repealed in 2011, the current Leader of the Opposition Corbyn et al cynically threatened to section me under the 'Mental Health Act' on 13 October 2006 in what any reasonable and responsible adult would know was a blatant attempt to try and stop me giving evidence in court in the accompanying High Court civil jury lawsuits. The former Australian FM Alexander Downer's response before he hid in the Australian embassy in London as an Ambassador, was to try and deny I am an Australian citizen !!


I now know that they were all attempting to conceal the Orwellian legislation in Australia from 1984 about legally reclaiming my true identity which was concealed because governments do not want Catalans to have a referendum on self determination.


The court records and witnesses show I was illegally denied legal representation in the High Court in the UK on 23 June 2010 (and 23 June 2016 is also the date of the British referendum) to cover up I was illegally detained on 25 May 2010 (which is also the date the US 'convened' for their Constitution on 25 May 1787, shortly before Cook laid claim to Australia in 1788, before the UK decamped from Dunkirk on 25 May 1940 with Hitler's agreement) in the cover up over the life threatening attack on me on 17 August 2007 in the UK by another 'unknown' male assailant the government illegally refused to identify etc etc etc etc. 


It is self evident, a reasonable and responsible adult would award me DSP which is the same amount as Age Pension/'Gardening Leave' and far, far less than I would be awarded from my lawsuits should they go before a civil jury, but does mean the political classes taking some collective responsibility for what they have done too, which is important to me.


My lawsuits exist because I was caused identifiable serious physical and emotional harm !!


I have not received timely access to medical treatment in Australia for pre-existing medical illnesses by any stretch of the imagination, with recent tests now also highlighting a problem with my kidneys, so in all the true circumstances there is no reasonable expectation, I will receive timely and proper access to medical treatment in Australia through the public health system, which is controlled by the whim of politicians etc.


I am obviously personally medically unfit to be a volunteer firefighter or foster carer.




I can report to my counsellor who is my 'Dispute Resolution Mechanism'/mediator every two or four weeks as he thinks appropriate, to avoid my being caused PTSD by any escalation from the ‘banality of evil’ of ‘bureaucracy’ because it has obviously been the entire state apparatus involved in the state sponsored abuse of me in Australia and the UK, because I was declared one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’. There is no legitimate aim convincingly established in law to share any personal information with the state who have never cared about me in 57 years, and particularly when that 'banality of evil' of 'bureaucracy' does of itself adversely affect my health and welfare too.



... 'two veterans'... to lose one peacenik who did not have access to proper medical treatment etc in the uk, might be considered careless by some...


I am an original 'accidental' international 'tourist' but the transition to clean renewable energy will mean future progressive generations will follow that make the autonomy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law more resilient globally, which will bring greater freedom to help make everyone more healthy and wealthy.


I am effectively divorcing the political classes and suing them for maintenance so they have to collectively take responsibility for what they have really done.


c) the County Court in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia will approve ’ex-gratia’ payments to me (which are not taxable) that the Department of Justice will not contest for the ‘costs’ of the ‘inconvenience’ to me caused by my being forced to serve an unprecedented 57 year global ‘tour of duty’ as a 'tourist' to include:


i) global fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover for me which means the Australian government pay for all my private medical and insurance cover for me along with any ‘excess’ on any medical treatment I want or any claims that might arise against me in the future.   


This will primarily protect me which will help give me the peace of mind I have never had the opportunity to enjoy because of everything that has happened to me.


I would never want anyone to walk a lifetime in my shoes.


It should be mandatory for all children who are taken from their parents by the state to be given a counsellor, legal representation and fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover.


I could never have been kidnapped by the state if there had been a basic level playing field of the state having to provide me with my own counsellor, legal representation and fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover as a child, all of which would have really been in my ‘best interests’.


It will then be possible for me to have access to proper and timely medical treatment in Australia or Catalonia.


I know it will help my physical and emotional health to spend time in Catalonia so that I can find a better cultural balance in my life that has always been missing. There is also the additional therapeutic benefit it is not somewhere the British monarchy go. I do like some things in Australia but I also find it overwhelming too, including because so much horror happened in Melbourne that I now know is in all the true circumstances not something I will ever be able to fully come to terms with. I will always spend some time in Australia so I can go to the ‘Garden of No Distant Place’ to love, honour and respect the memory of my beautiful little sister who died while trying to save her big sister who was ‘missing in action’.


ii) I am transferring ownership of my modest stone cottage in my nature lovers paradise which I truly love in France, to my two beautiful sons who make the world a better place. The Australian government will need to cover the reasonable cost of adapting that property so that it is still possible for me to visit, along with paying the existing water board bill etc.


iii) The Australian government will need to provide me with modest over 55 accommodation I can manage in Catalonia, like a small eco tiny home with solar power etc and a small plot of land to grow some vegetables and lots of flowers.


iv) the reimbursement of all reasonable travel costs using the best available clean renewable energy.


v) the cost of some land in the Golan Heights so I can when I am able to, as my voluntary unpaid public service, help oversee the design and creation of the most beautiful memorial garden for all the worlds ‘forgotten children’ from war that everyone in the world will be welcome to visit. I will need the assistance of an architecturally minded friend who also happens to be a golfer. 


The Australian government paid Murdoch to exploit a thirteen year old girl (me) by keeping their Catalan secret with 'reputation management' which is how he built his global 'media' empire and why he was able to buy land in the Golan in 2011, while I have been forced to live the real life of a 'converso'. He publicly put out a contract on me on Sky News in the UK on 19 July 2009 (Franco began his war on Catalans on 19 July 1936) which led to the British government trying to 'Hillsborough' me on 4 September 2009 before he was busted using the 'National Crime Agency' (I saw in France in 2014) et al in an undercover sting on me in April 2010 when he then tried to get The Sun 'crime editor' to buy me off, before he spun the Leveson 'Inquiry' in 2011 to try and cover up etc etc before staging the massive government and media onslaught against me on 16 January 2012 which I also won (I now know the fact JCPOA became effective on 16 January 2016 etc because Iran for example, who don't speak for me, but were installed by France et al without public consultation, profited from footage they took on 16 January 2012 directly implicating Murdoch et al which 'sidestepped' the underlying issues of a referendum on Catalan autonomy and independence)


It is self evident, the fact Catalonia has the right to a referendum on self determination should clearly be included in the Spanish Constitution. My personal view is it is a priority to work for 100 % autonomy for all states within one global functioning legal system, which would mean people actually being properly notified, consulted about the instruments of governance like legislation, referendum and Constitutions.


I personally believe Jerusalem should be the Jewish capital if that is the choice Jewish people make, who could also agree to share it with Palestinian people as their capital too, while Muslim people have Mecca and Medina, so Iran should really be making peace with Riyadh, and the Golan should become an international 'city' which would protect the Jewish State.  The obvious truth is the Jewish State was built on self defence ie: s3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967, that is not reliant on Balfour etc. I am really making the point I would leave any land purchased in the Golan to the world's children in perpetuity, which will also protect the Jewish State, while the postal/contact address I should be able to use for free in Australia for the government that also resolves my High Court Habeas Corpus Order from April 2008 in the UK involving Parliament Square, Central London, should be News Corp in Australia, so they also stop using and profiting from the exploitation !! of... children like Australia's 'forgotten children'.


The 'journalist' Murdoch who is also not a 'medical expert' is one of the main reasons I did not voluntarily return to Australia, because I obviously wouldn't really want to live in an Australia which includes the likes of the Murdoch 'dynasty' too, who hide behind their bought and paid for get out of jail free, US citizenship. 



... the best of times & worst of times... april 2008...



It was a Times 'journalist' in the UK who offensively came along one night saying he was writing Brian's 'obituary' in 2007, before it was a Times 'journalist' who came and told me the latest British PM the 'journalist' Johnson could not 'prosecute' me for taking down his illegal fences in 2011 when I was illegally denied legal representation, while his 'Times' wrote a one sided hit piece in the UK (which is what generally happened) falsely claiming my life !! was a "legal game of cat and mouse". I have Catalan Italian 'converso' heritage and my life is not a 'game'. The British leaving the EU on 31 January 2020 based on spin (just hides rich people like the Australian born American citizen Murdoch just buy passports and citizenship. The latest PM Johnson was still a dual national British and American when he was Mayor of London and previously an MP, while young people will just use global fully comprehensive medical and insurance policies and multiple visas if needs must) is the anniversary of the date on 31 January 2007, Murdoch et al literally tried to 'throw me under the bus'/suffragette/Davison me in the UK in another case I won, pointing out the government 'put in place a sequence of events that only put my life at risk' (the story of my life really) that involved me literally being kidnapped from a court during live proceedings !! on 19 July 2007 involving Special Branch et al, to stop me giving evidence !! There is nothing that could be more embarrassing for Murdoch than a pipsqueak peacenik who is also someone labeled one of Australia's 'forgotten children' (an obvious Murdoch tagline) using his News Corp in Australia as a postal/contact address for free. 


I will then personally sign my own 'waiver' regarding what has happened to me.


My sensible sustainable out of court settlement can easily be approved by a Judge.


It's all Pyrenean to me.


A Catalan right to self determination in the Spanish Constitution, through a referendum, would obviously be a Global Peace Deal because it would peacefully begin to the redress the Treaty of Utrecht etc.


It is possible to arrange for me to safely go to Catalonia on or before 3 March 2020.


Love, Peace & Justice For All,


Donna Bugat ♥♥♥♥♥


(formerly known as Babs Tucker)