Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarch’s ‘INhuman error’ can peacefully be remedied by my safe and sustainable return to Catalonia with Australian gold health care card etc (11.01.2020)



... 'two veterans'... to lose one peacenik might be considered careless by some...



The British Queen's 'INhuman error' over 57 years has personally caused me prolonged stress induced PTSD etc etc.


It wasn't really 'human error' the Palace of Westminster et al was witnessed poisoning me on 13 January 2010 (after asking Brian and myself to verbally confirm which tents we used that they already knew because of 24/7 CCTV) because I legally named a growing undercover operation being illegally used against Brian and myself to stage malicious prosecutions. Of course arsenic can contribute to (for example) pancreatitis, as indeed can forced exposure to excessive levels of diesel fumes in defiance of EU emission limits, along with stress and so on and so forth. 


The evidence is Brian and myself were illegally detained by the monarchy et al on 25th May 2010, in the UK, so her gardener Johnson who still 'identified' as a dual national British American at that time (NB: The 'Constitutional Convention' in US convened on 25 May 1787 before the first British fleet landed in Australia in 1788 and decamped from Dunkirk with Hitler's agreement on 25 May 1940 ) could go running to the High Court first on 26 May 2010 to pre-empt our going there after our being released. This was reflected in the High Court being unable to award costs against Brian and myself in what was the real 'landmark' case when the British monarch really handed the royal prerogative to the still at that time dual national Johnson (who only became Mayor & PM by 'default' in the cover up over the life threatening violent attack by an 'unknown' assailant on me on 17 August 2007) when her Attorney General was no-where to be seen, because they had all illegally 'overtaken' our lawsuits etc.


The headline of the (for example) Evening Standard that contained a further five pages of nothing but one sided 'misrepresentations' from all the media and politicians, although I wear being called a 'national disgrace' by politicians as a badge of honour, while the t-shirt I was wearing with pink letters that was photographed was factual in pointing out 'You Make Me Sick'. 


When I had 'identified' as a human being in the UK, they incredibly said and I quote, "that isn't a Home Office approved group" and nor are Catalans really.


I really miss my own modest cottage in France in my nature lovers paradise which I am transferring ownership of to my sons and I do like Australia, but in all the true circumstances it is very difficult for me in Australia and particularly when I am unwell with what the medical profession call 'complex' health issues.


When I bought my beautiful stone cottage in France the previous owners asked why I didn't look inside it first and I said it had a toilet which was a bonus so it was always going to be great for me and I have genuinely loved my time there despite everything.


I think my physical and emotional health would be significantly improved by my peacefully spending time in Catalonia because I have always been missing that cultural balance in my life, which would be improved by my having medical treatment in Catalonia too, which is possible.


I would still spend time in Australia so I can go to the Garden of No Distant Place to love, honour and respect the memory of my beautiful little sister with the same DNA.


The only way medical issues will not be joined with my legal proceedings to legally reclaim my true identity which are going to shortly proceed is by the Australian PM & GG first agreeing my DSP and Gold Health Card and reimbursement of reasonable travel costs without 'further ado'. The legal proceedings to legally reclaim my true identity will then proceed with a sensible 'ex gratia' payment of my 'costs' to reflect 57 years of 'inconvenience' along with myself and my family retaining all accrued entitlements to live where we live, without any reference to 'medical specialists' that would 'embarrass' the British monarch, who is not of course a 'medical specialist'. 


I am sure my counsellor is capable of negotiating any details.


I have only ever tried to peacefully find my own way in life.