Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British Queen who is no ‘medical expert’ had Tavistock military and intelligence kidnap me to terminate me, but my little sister with same DNA being born meant they risked discovery which would trigger pan European & global abdication crisis etc (11.01.2020)



The British Queen is obviously no ‘medical expert’ and it would be clear to anyone who knew my medical history that I have never had proper medical treatment.



... schrodinger's catalan... 'king' david (who could do no wrong. it wasn't his fault) and the hidden donna who was treated badly because i had a 'different' sort of 'intelligence'...



No-one could ever claim an innocent and defenceless child was kidnapped by the state and denied all basic rights, because I was a 'national security' risk. 


The British monarch knew she might one day adorn a throne, but I could never have had any idea I would be kidnapped by that monarch.


The only people who try to portray the British Queen as blameless are her fellow sycophantic false profits.


I was raised with 'King' David, my Aryan brother (from a different mother and father) who could do no wrong (it wasn’t his fault and he suffered a lot because he wasn't how they wanted him to be either) while I was the hidden Donna who was treated badly because I had a ‘different’ sort of ‘intelligence’. It is my personal view that everyone is 'intelligent' in all sorts of ways. 


It was all about state sponsored child abuse involving child trafficking and ethnic cleansing etc etc.


It is inconceivable that someone like myself who has had multiple pre-existing potentially life threatening illnesses diagnosed during the past six months, not only has not even had a general medical examination but has not had access to timely medical treatment.


When I was a child I was ‘expected’ to suffer anything and everything in silence with what is an underlying medical illness causing other illnesses, that has flared up at various times like when my youngest son was born who was also hospitalized as an infant when he contracted a major illness, because I now know there is an underlying weakness in our immune systems.


The British Queen et al always faced being discovered when my little sister who had the same DNA was born, and everyone knew discovery would lead to another abdication crisis that would lead to the end of the British and EU monarchy and others etc.


It was always a legal impossibility to explain why I am the eldest sister who has never had any basic rights at all etc.


The historical reality is Catalans have always been targeted over autonomy regardless of our race or religion during the past millennium etc.


It was completely unacceptable that another 'unknown' male hiding behind state 'anonymity' was threatening my health on New Years Eve. 


I have endured a lifetime of 'unknown' males threatening my health while hiding behind all sorts of state 'anonymity' so it is unsurprising I now want dual Catalan Australian shared 'gold card' healthcare paid for by the Australian government. 


My personal view is all states should aspire to be autonomous within one functioning global legal system, regardless of our multicultural races, religions, politics, popes, monarchies or republics.