Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I would support Melbourne uni students opposing politicians failure to properly invest in clean renewable energy if students don’t block free movement of public & emergency services, because restricting free movement of public doesn’t inconvenience politicians and cult of celebrity (08.01.2020)


I remember I was 'the one' person who was unlawfully arrested by Corbyn et al on 5 August 2006 when I was not standing on any public road blocking anyone when the British government then tortured me.



... 5 august 2006... the unlawful 'arrest' and torture of one of australia's 'forgotten children' who is not even standing on any road the police and corbyn et al closed...



Steve was unlawfully 'arrested' shortly thereafter, for the 'crime' of knowing me.


Brian and myself peacefully won the Asymmetrical Dirty War in the UK on 13 December 2007 in Southwark Crown Court & everyone else has been horse trading behind our backs among themselves after that.


I would support uni students in Melbourne opposing politicians failure to properly invest in clean renewable energy if students don’t block the free movement of the public highway which is also used by the emergency services. Blocking the free movement of the public does not in any way inconvenience politicians and their cult of celebrity who try to restrict the free movement of the public.


The oil wars have only been about generating false profits from bad governance who should really be using income from any energy resources to invest in increasing clean renewable energy because that can give people greater autonomy in their own lives which will also help make more people healthy and wealthy.