Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: The ‘medical expert’ John Bowlby from Tavistock’s was Britain’s Josef Mengele, paid to inflict ‘scientific’ torture on Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ with forced disassociation from true identity through any & all means while being reassigned new identity etc etc (07.01.2020)


The sole intention of an unidentified man who telephoned me on New Years Eve was to harass and bully me because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who is understandably saying John Bowlby was Britains Josef Mengele, because he was a quack who helped implement the government ‘policy’ of child trafficking and ethnic cleansing etc etc.





The unidentified man got really nasty when I said no-one could pretend John Bowlby was a 'medical expert' !! 


I have after all lived the reality Britain’s Josef Mengele, John Bowlby was inflicting ‘scientific’ brainwashing on Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ with forced disassociation from our true identity through any and all means, while being reassigned a new identity.


It is self evident the government ‘policy’ was really child trafficking and ethnic cleansing that involved all sorts of state sponsored abuse to try and disassociate innocent and defenceless children from our true identity, all of which intended to harm us.


I happen to feel quite 'attached' to my true identity, which is perfectly normal.


Bowlby et al knew they were well and truly busted which is why there was the Orwellian legislation in 1984 in Australia about legally reclaiming your true identity, while the man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO, that they all 'forgot' to tell me about, because the central role of the intelligence services who falsified court records to kidnap me, is manipulating their class system.  


There was no point in the unidentified man telephoning me on New Years Eve other than that he intended to bully and harass me, because the one thing he refused to do was put anything in writing for what I explained to him are legal proceedings about my being one of Australia's 'forgotten children'.