Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy hide behind US & Iran while one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ is quietly finding my own way safely home to multicultural Catalonia as an adult 'free agent' (06.01.2020)


The British Queen’s child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of one of Australia’s female ‘forgotten children’ in the UK too is not a good headline.



... schrodinger's catalan...



The monarchy et al could never claim an innocent and defenceless child was a ’National Security Risk’ in Australia who became a ‘Serious Organised Criminal’ in the UK.


I am a female who has been treated worse than the baby Jesus the false profits profess to worship.


I was Tavistocked as a child, because I was cruelly forcibly disassociated from my true identity and reassigned with another identity, but I am no-one's Manchurian or Manichean candidate, bur rather more quietly Mediterranean instead.


I do have quite an extensive track record of refusing to ‘obey’ man because I have always peacefully lived the autonomous peace and harmony of Gods rule of law.


I am quietly finding my own adult way safely home one way or another to Catalonia as a 'free agent'.


The more peace anyone can do the better our beautiful heaven on earth is for everyone xx