Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British Tavistock’s Bowlby was quack paid to spin criminal govt ‘policy’ of child trafficking & ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ with forced disassociation from true identities & ‘reassignment’ of new identities (05.01.2020)


I remember when I was doing a university degree in the UK, I found it truly offensive ‘academics’ were incredibly still trying to sell the discredited ‘theories’ of John Bowlby which involved the most appalling state sponsored child abuse of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.



... schrodinger's catalan... one of australia's 'forgotten children' kidnapped by the highest echelons of the british and australian intelligence services...



The Tavistock's forced disassociation of innocent and defenceless children from their true identities while being ‘re-assigned’ with new identities obviously happened because there were no legal grounds for the state to kidnap innocent and defenceless children they were illegally conducting all sorts of 'medical' experiments on.


The only way the political classes could do what they did was by innocent and defenceless children having no legal representation because it is now more widely known the far from Commonwealth did not, has not and still does not care about the 'best interests' of Australia's 'forgotten children'.


I was incredulous an unknown civil servant who did not identify himself had nothing better to do on New Years Eve in Australia than telephone me to bully and harass me !! about my being one of Australia's 'forgotten children'.