Australian Wildfires: State & Federal political classes collective failure to responsibly plan for worse case scenarios incl. by putting army boots on ground early, contributes to foreseeable spread of wildfires and multiple avoidable fatalities while political classes safe on holiday (05.01.2020)



The always manipulative political classes have mismanaged the wildfires so badly, it seems more likely than not they are trying to persuade the public there needs to be more and better paid, rather than smaller and more efficient voluntary unpaid political governance.



... there was considerable warning on many fronts... there is loads of statistical data around...



There is a systemic failure in politics generally that encourages politicians to compete among themselves to be top dog working for corporations spinning soundbites to camera, rather than truly engaging with and serving the public because politics is sold as a full time business for politicians leading to 'over' governance.


The reality is there is no reason the political classes as a whole should not be voluntary unpaid public service more efficiently overseeing the full time paid civil services, which happens in much voluntary sector work millions of people all around the world do every day.


The argument is not over whether or not the for example climate changes but how to plan properly for worst case scenarios involving natural and human influences, because of course a volcanic eruption can change weather patterns too.  


The political classes know the transition to clean renewable energy which has the potential to help make more people healthy and wealthy with greater personal freedom will only highlight the need for less governance.


On any analysis most politicians really only spend most of their time trying to find ways to legislate to tax the public more to feather the nests of the few.