The Wikileaks ‘Collateral Damage’ Psyop: I now know Assange was covering up my lifelong sentence for ‘crime’ of being born with ‘wrong’ identity because I am also one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ (04.01.2020)




... brian was the best, standing up for the world's children...



I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who happens to have Catalan heritage who is a real peacenik and was the real whistleblower in the UK, before the Australian ‘journalist’ Assange just happened to be parachuted in to try and cover up.


It's not like any 'journalist' ever cared about Australia's 'forgotten children'. 


Brian said Assange and O’Reilly from the errr... Catholic Worker were rotten ones and he was right because you have to look at what was going on in London -before’ Wikileaks started spinning with the Guardian who were already involved in spinning against we real peaceniks, before the massive undercover op began against us in 2010.


There was a lot like the real trophy footage tapes of life threatening torture in the UK used on me that has always been covered up.


Assange wasn’t worried about either the life threatening torture of a female peacenik in the UK or Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ which I also happen to be.


The Australian government et al had every motive to parachute Assange in with by contrast an entourage of lawyers, which is so shameful and disrespectful towards Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


I would never want to see anyone treated the way I have been as a child and adult.


I was very shocked to recently discover the existence of the legislation which also made me realise what the man who (for example) posed as my godfather who was Director General of ASIO at that time was doing which is obviously very, very upsetting for me, because all they ever cared about was themselves. The original sin was the intelligence services kidnapping me as a child, but the most harm was done with the cover up. The Australian politicians have always really considered Australia's 'forgotten children' who were given lifelong sentences for 'crime' of 'wrong' identity' to be 'collateral damage'. 


I personally just understandably want to be divorced from the Australian political class who can collectively take responsibility by paying my maintenance to live in Catalonia in peace, because they are more than disrespectful and the rest !! over what happened to me both as a child and adult woman, and to Brian too, who was the real working class hero. It's a bonus the British monarchy don't ever go to Catalonia.


It’s so obvious Assange could never have done what Brian and myself did, precisely because he’s not the real deal so he would looked very odd alongside us in Parliament Square, Central London, with an entourage of lawyers in tow doing what ? He is only a useful ‘talking point’ for those who weren’t doing anything. He was working with the likes of the spooks who raised me who never cared about me who it turns out didn’t want to find themselves on trial, which is why everyone ‘forgot’ to mention the Orwellian 1984 legislation in Australia about legal reclaiming my true identity.


The Australian government didn't care about me having no legal representation while by contrast Assange had an entourage !! just like the man who posed as godfather !! Assange compounded the state abuse of me. 


Brian and myself just genuinely did our best trying to save civilian lives while Wikileaks are just another trademark psyop useful for all governments to spin to distract from all sorts of agendas.