Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: This is to notify of my Letter of Claim for 100% autonomy with DSP, Gold Health Card & over 55 accommodation in multicultural Catalonia from Australian government (01.01.2020)


FAO: The Manager of Department of Human Services





This is to notify of service of my ‘Letter of Claim’ for 100% autonomy with DSP, Gold Health Card & over 55 accommodation in multicultural Catalonia from Australian government, according to pre-action protocol.


I am providing you with a copy of my medical specialist giving me an appointment for an MRI scan on 14 February 2020. This along with the copy of medical information about x-rays you have already been given which confirm my pancreas has been permanently damaged. is intended to clarify along with other tests, which of the life threatening pancreas illnesses like chronic, autoimmune or cancer I have, although that information is further limited by the reality, each can cause each other anyway. My medical specialist or indeed the RFS would confirm to a court that unlike the PM, I am medically unfit to be on any front line fighting fires, even voluntarily. They would confirm that any underlying causes like exposure to unnecessary stress like a) a 57 year life long sentence for the 'crime' of having the 'wrong' identity, which along with b) forced 'disassociations' of all sorts incl c) smoking from stress induced PTSD because I do not have access to cannabis oil, or d) onerous legal proceedings which I also have had and do have, along with e) forced exposure to excessive diesel fumes in breach of EU emission laws which happened, would all cause dangerous flare ups that can hospitalize me and worsen that already life threatening illness. The fact I already have multiple confirmed illnesses to try and manage is very stressful for me anyway. The additional continuing burden of the 'banality of evil' of 'bureaucracy' compounds the physical and emotional harm. I could probably with proper support given to myself, manage a minimum of voluntary unpaid public service when I felt able in a civilian civil service role as an honorary consul, sort of Mackenzie friend in Catalonia, because I like helping other people too, wherever possible, but without unnecessary risk to myself. I would not want anyone to have to walk a life time in my shoes. I would not personally want to take phone calls from the Australian PM, so I would declare my own 'public holidays' when I would be out of the office and on the beach trying to improve my physical and emotional health after a life time of abuse from 'political' over-governance, and refer him to my counsellor. My pancreas is an integral part of my overall functioning so I am doing my best to try and avoid any operation where possible which comes with additional risks anyway. 


The Australian government have until 16 January 2020 to agree my reasonable terms in full and final settlement before I instruct legal representation to proceed to file the claim with a request for mediation according to civil procedure rules.


... signed and dated by me with...stamped receipt...


... signed by me... (the Australian government who stamped it obviously have a copy too)


1. My name is Donna Bugat (The Australian government call me Babs Tucker)


I am most definitely not the Immaculate Conception.


2. I am one of the people Australian politicians cynically label the ‘forgotten children’ in a case with transnational dimensions.


I have always had a lifelong dream to legally reclaim my true identity.


I have served a 57 year life sentence for the ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity.


My own multicultural family are and have been Jewish, Catholic and Muslim ‘diasporas’, living in the mountain and valley regions around the Mediterranean and through Eastern Europe through to the Central Asian steppes and the Americas and Australasia.


3. I am legally reclaiming my true identity in the Victorian County Court in Australia according to Australia’s Orwellian 1984 legislation, I only very recently discovered by happenstance. 


4. I am a dual national Catalan Australian citizen with Australian citizenship, currently resident in Australia.


I signed a Statutory Declaration as requested in July 2019 that asked me to notify if my civil lawsuits in the UK were settled, which I now know had not been dealt with in a timely manner because of the original involvement of the Australian government when I was a child.


5. My baptism certificate at the Church of Ascension (which included the intelligence service as founding members) which will be nullified identifies the adults from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents.


A brief summary is the man who posed as my’Joseph’ father worked for the intelligence services when he married into the ‘Mary’ Fremantle intelligence services and was himself trained in the UK by the Queen’s art curator Anthony Blunt who was a double agent, before the man who posed as my father then recruited the ‘three kings’ including the man who posed as my messianic godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett (25 Dec 1925-23 June 1995) who horse traded his way to become Director General of ASIO between 1981-1985, while the woman who posed as one of my godmothers worked for the original Director General of ASIO Brigadier Spry. They also worked for the original Director General of ASIS Alfred Deakin Brookes (11 April 1920-19 June 2005) et al in the Deakin-Brookes-Clarke triumvirate of Australian politicians and intelligence circles. And so on and so forth.


I guess my life story is more akin to a female Moses or Edgardo Mortara.


In any event it is well known there has been a millennium of ‘diaspora’ through expulsions, inquisitions and wars.


I was always A Dantesque child refugee and exile because I did not enjoy even the same basic rights as other Australian citizens.


The current Velvet, Iron and Ashes display in the State Library in Victoria publicly hangs out some of the intelligence services dirty washing contained in court records I was recently legally given by the Department of Justice that shows the intelligence services ran companies as fronts for their activities, which is confirmed by cross reference to other public records like birth certificates and electoral rolls.


Charles Fremantle was rewarded for raping a fifteen year old girl with the opportunity to settle Western Australia before organizing the take-over of Hong Kong because the Fremantles were Opium warlords.


The intelligence services were unsurprisingly if you consider the bigger picture also involved in a multi million dollar property racket in Australia with a local council when I was growing up.


The intelligence services led double lives in many respects with their daytime fronts and their evening soirees.


The Australian and British governments only admitted in 2011 that the people who had posed as my parents worked for the intelligence services.


I have recently made my own careful and considered choice to be Jewish for many personal reasons, and I will never be asking anyone else’s permission to celebrate and enjoy my religious choice.


I did not baptize my own two sons in any religion, so they are free to make their own choices.


6. I am aware the people who posed as my parents falsified court affidavits in the County Court when I was a child, along with the other people involved including from the medical profession, all of which makes it difficult for me to trust a  broad array of public officials. The falsifying of court records was only made possible because the court failed in it’s primary duty of care to make sure I had, as an innocent and defenceless child, independent legal representation to protect the best interests of me as a vulnerable child, so that my true identity as a living child could not be completely stolen by the adults who kidnapped me who by contrast did have legal representation.


There was anything but a level playing field and I was at all times a child prisoner of war who was not treated as an Australian citizen with basic rights.


7. It is an agreed fact the English betrayal of Catalans resulted in the British and other colonial empires of growing inequality. 


8. The highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services were engaged in the cruel and unusual collective punishment of child trafficking and ethnic cleansing in my own case, because of my ‘mixed’ race multicultural Catalan heritage.


9. I was considered a ‘wog and dago’ in ‘whites only’ Australia when Franco who ‘got away with it all’ was Europe’s favourite military dictator.


10. It was foreseeable the Australian government policy of forcibly trying to completely ‘disassociate’ me from my own true identity and cultural heritage against my will was intended to cause me the most serious physical and emotional harm. I was illegally denied the most basic medical information about my own immediate family because a reasonable person would know the government policy of child trafficking and ethnic cleansing intended to cause me the most serious physical and emotional harm that includes multiple life threatening illnesses.


11. The fact of trying to forcibly completely ’disassociate’ a vulnerable innocent and defenceless child from their own true identity will of itself manifest with deteriorating debilitating serious physical and emotional illnesses like mine, which are worsened in the absence of timely access to medical care with a Gold Health Card.


12. I am personally legally reclaiming my true identity, to try and do my best to improve my own physical and emotional health, in the absence of any requested help from the government.


13. I was taken half way around the world by the intelligence services with my brother from another mother and father to visit the British monarch in Buckingham Palace in the UK when I was four years old in 1966, despite it being well known neither the British monarch or Phil the not so Greek, like ‘wog and dago’ children, and particularly those with Catalan multicultural heritage like myself.


I now know the intelligence services were concerned they would be discovered because my married parents had my little sister who was born on 4 September 1964 which is the anniversary of the War of the Sicilian Vespers. Everyone knew there was no legal reason for me not to be with my own family.


I never enjoyed any opportunity to build a family relationship with any family members as a child while watching how the intelligence services treated their own families so differently.


The Cover-Up.


14. Everything that happened after my little sister from the same mother and father was born on 4 September 1954 was a cover-up.


15. I have a distinctive scar that disfigures my face from an ‘accident’ when I was a small child so I really am an original ‘Scarface’.


16. I was terrorised by a gunman when I was a small child which traumatised me so much I never really spoke again as a child until I was around ten years old when the first words I really spoke of my own despite having only lived the British colonial trademark victim blaming culture, was I wanted to go home. There was no legal reason that I could not go home but I could not find my own way home without my true identity.


I was an innocent and defenceless powerless child who had been unable to protect myself from a gunman playing ‘hide & seek’ saying he would kill myself and another small girl. I didn’t have my mother to tell or to comfort me, so I was really lost.


My brother and myself were always threatened with being sent to the naughty children’s home if we didn’t do as we were told and in my case ‘assimilate’. This is particularly abusive and deeply offensive when you consider my own family wanted me and so I was always ‘missing in action’.


17. I was taken to the beach at Inverloch when I was also a small child and the official story was I nearly drowned when we all went on a walk and got caught by the incoming tide. I know this is not true because I vividly remember what I now know was my drowning when I fell into water and was looking up through water and another adult rescued me. The person who posed as my mother was sitting on the beach doing nothing. I was very ill and the person who posed as my mother refused to take me to the doctor even though I was having great difficulty breathing in what was a terrifying incident for me.


I did not have my mother to comfort and care for me.


I was at best being terrorised into silence.


When I subsequently became a very good swimmer and I told the person who posed as my mother, I won a competition for being the fastest swimmer in the school, she told me not to boast because they never encouraged me to be publicly good at anything. That was shortly after my school teacher asked me to go to her house where she asked me some questions because numerous school teachers and staff had noticed I was physically abused.


The man who posed as my father tried to teach me mathematical codes which I did not want to know anything about because I did not want to ever become part of their cold and calculating ‘secret’ world that so completely alien to me. The forced association with numbers caused me so much distress, the High School I went to gave me an exemption from Mathematics.


I did very well in Legal Studies for no apparent reason.


I just wanted to be with my own family.


My Aryan brother from a different mother and father was sent to a private school at their expense, which he didn’t like and left, while they refused to pay for a half scholarship I won to a private school despite my aversion to forced mathematics. I never blamed my brother for anything because I only wanted to go home to my own family.


The lie was our parents loved us so much they abandoned us and so the predatory colonial intelligence services were doing us a favour we should be grateful for.


There was no secret the intelligence services did not and had not ever cared about me, but were at best trying to exploit a vulnerable child for their own and others financial interests.


I now know I have suffered PTSD which can make me feel very ill, ever since I was a small child.


18. My first ‘brush’ with the law was when my Aryan brother and myself were off exploring somewhere. I came back to the house we tried not to live in as much as possible and the man who posed as my father asked why I had brown paint on my hands which needed cleaner to remove. I explained I had been doing an aborigine painting with my handprints decorating a wall in one of the houses which was being built in a nearby development. He was less bothered about my painting and more bothered by the subject matter, because he said I must never want to be like Aboriginal people who he referred to as ‘Abos’ which didn’t really make any sense to me. I was in a lot of trouble that I didn’t really understand. The man who posed as my father who had kidnapped me !! really called the old bill and I explained to a very tall man what I had done. I think the real question turned out to be more what was I doing roaming around so far away without any adult supervision. It turned out I was too young to prosecute, which I am sure disappointed the intelligence services who could have offloaded me to the naughty children’s home.


19. I began my career as a hostage negotiator when I was about ten years old because I was the hostage who had to try and look after myself by trying to find ways to survive the strange world I became increasingly aware I was living in.


The people who posed as my parents were emotionally absent in a world that revolved entirely around themselves. It did cause them considerable stress having at least one child myself who they really did not want because we were all just living ‘the cover up’.


20. I was one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who was taken to Ballarat to the xxxxxxxx etc etc.


The intelligence services knew I was sexually assaulted by a male priest. I was also sexually ‘abused’ as a child by different males because there was no adult Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ could turn to. It is too distressing for me to remember. There are no words.


I remember being absolutely terrified while standing in the bathroom in the house I lived in and looking out the window and in the mirror at my face and no longer knowing my own face in the mirror looking back at me.


I now know I was ‘disassociating’ in what was a continuation of those who kidnapped me as a child, trying to at best terrorise me into silence.


I remember when the person who posed as my mother told me when a woman was abused by an Anglican priest, the parish just agreed with the priest to move the priest to another parish, which says everything really.


It is now well known there was a cycle of state and church abuse that I have always been trying to extricate myself from.


I was legally given financial records that show the intelligence services gave money to Cardinal Pell in 2012 in their ‘quid pro quo’ with the collaborator who horse traded his way to being the Vatican’s bagman.


Most people know Cardinal Pell also financially profited from the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’, which was happening elsewhere too. 


21.  The man and woman from the intelligence services who posed as my parents took an extended holiday to the UK around the end of the Franco era in 1975 which spun the Whitlam ‘controversy’ which involved the Australian born American citizen and Papal Knight Murdoch being hired as ‘reputational management’.


I was dumped with the man and woman from the intelligence services who posed as my godmother and godfather.


It is very distressing that I was able at thirteen years old to make my own decisions about going home to my family but was illegally still prevented from doing so because I had no legal representation.


It could have not been more obvious the intelligence services did not want me or care about me, yet were stopping me from being with my own family while they knew there were no legal reasons to stop me being with my family.


I was often sent off during school holidays on all sorts of camps, when I would have preferred to have spent my time with my own family.


I was robbed of my right to a family life and I missed my own family terribly.


When I was a small child I used to go to sleep in the sun cuddled up among our beagle puppies for some solace because I was just very sad to not be with my own family.


I remember when I bought two ducks called Sir Francis Drake and Jemima Puddle Duck, the woman who posed as my mother told me to wait in the blue station wagon and she returned with a goat she named Mrs Peel. It didn’t go well for Mrs Peel who she didn’t look after properly either.


My cat called Cindy did protect me from some outdoor dangers like snakes and comforted me when I was traumatised by being terrorised by the gunman so I couldn’t talk to anyone.


22. I was sent to England when I was a teenager because I refused to join the intelligence services in Australia and so they were trying to force me to join the British military which I didn’t want to do either because I just wanted my own true identity so I could find my own way in life.


I know the intelligence services just wanted me to sign on a government dotted line to try and cover up what they were illegally doing.


It is self evident it would have been seriously illegal for the intelligence services to recruit me, so their attempts to were only ever part of the cover up.


There was always the most serious breach of the public trust placed in public officials, which extended to the entire state apparatus really.


23. I now know the messianic man who posed as my godfather abused his senior public office when he was Director General of ASIO in 1984 because he financially benefited from the failure of the Orwellian 1984 legislation in Australia, that was no ‘homage to Catalonia’, because Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ to automatically give victims legal representation, despite that being the original sin.


A reasonable person would know the predatory messianic Director General of ASIO was never going to be able claim before any civil jury the baby Donna had been a ’National Security Risk’.


The belated public apologies from politicians to Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ were in all the true circumstances insincere and in practise meaningless and at worst malicious, because there was no attempt to professionally redress the many harms caused with the necessary support of legal representation.


The best interpretation of the Orwellian 1984 ‘it never happened’ legislation possible is politicians wished to make out of court settlements rubber stamped by a judge to avoid blushes.


I now know that the fact myself and an American friend were held hostage effectively twice in the Middle East in 1984 was arranged by the man who posed as my ‘godfather’ who was Director General of ASIO at that time.


My friend and myself were abducted but managed to escape in a struggle for our lives in a remote location when I managed to safely disarm armed men trying to separate my friend and myself in terrifying and horrific circumstances. The best I could do was safely put the gun out of reach of the men for long enough to try and give my friend and myself some kind of head start to try and escape. We were recaptured several hours later by other men who I realized had joined in looking for us and were taking us back to the original kidnappers. I was subjected to further sexual assaults on a nightmare journey through darkness by then. I whispered to my friend (who was sitting in the passenger seat by the door while I was sitting in the middle) who was by then completely falling apart emotionally from sheer terror our only chance of survival was for her to open the door and roll out the vehicle if it slowed enough. When the kidnappers did slow going through a town, I reached across to go myself anyway if I could, because my friend was so frightened, and so we actually both then pretty much fell out at the same time which startled our kidnappers sufficiently who were also off their faces on some kind of drugs. Our actions attracted enough attention to make sure the kidnappers fled. When we found somewhere safe my friend said I had saved our lives. The words about the enormity of what happened then overwhelmed me and I went into a catatonic state of shock. I remember I could hear my friends voice speaking to me but I was unable to answer.


When I was well enough, we travelled to cross the border late at night and border guard started yelling at us and pointing a gun at us when we started crossing and I put myself between him and my friend and told my friend she had to just keep walking into the darkness of no man’s land and focus on walking towards the lights in the distance.


I was no longer the powerless child, but I did nevertheless have the most terrible nightmares and flashbacks etc for many years.


We travelled to Italy which I have always adored, with some Italian people, which was before I knew I was a Catalan Italian.


24. I arrived in Melbourne many years later on 10 September 1996 to meet my little sister from the same mother and father on my return to England, after living in New Zealand.


The intelligence services were extremely hostile to my having anything to do with my little sister.


My little sister suddenly died four years later on 10 September 2000.


It was during the fuel strikes in the UK and anti capitalist protests in Melbourne on 9 September 2000.


When I arrived in Melbourne for my little sister; funeral during what was also the surreal summer Olympics to me, the intelligence services abusively said to my face that “something good might come of her death” at which point I reasonably concluded the intelligence services were seriously unhinged. I had just lost my little sister I dearly loved for the second time really, shortly before she planned to come and live with me in the UK. We were both studying university degrees in the UK and Australia.


My nephew had been executed the previous year on 19 February 1999 by a redneck gunman supported by the gun lobby and politicians in a ‘landmark’ case R v Osip.The shooter was only charged with manslaughter instead of murder despite the jury conviction that could not be overturned concluding the shooter failed in his most basic duty to properly identify his target from close range with a high powered lethal weapon. The shooter was a white police officers son, and my nephew from my Aryan brother from a different mother and father was a mixed race Islander.


My ‘mixed’ race little sister suddenly died during the shooter’s failed ‘appeal’ process before my nephew’s ‘mixed’ race twin brother died in 2001 in what was a very difficult time that destroyed my and my brother’s lives in so many respects.


My brother who had barbed wire tattoos had previously tried to commit suicide because of our childhood which he couldn’t get help with because the intelligence services resisted any investigation by any independent psychiatrists because of their own manipulative mind games they were trained in summarised by the ’it never happened’ state of denial.


My brother and sister-on-law’s lives were completely and utterly destroyed.


They showed enormous courage through the ordeal of the court cases when the shooter never even apologised.


I suffered very badly from recurring bad memories etc and got divorced, which was the right thing to do on both sides.


The intelligence services recruited among our friends and my friend’s little sister EW resigned from the intelligence services before they claimed she blew her brains out with a shotgun. It is fair to say the ‘pastoral’ care of the intelligence services was always lacking. The last time I went to Australia in 2005 before 2018, the intelligence services took me to Point Lonsdale in their apologia pointing their own fingers at the man they called Alfred ‘Bloody’ Brookes. I was threatened and told to never return to Australia and there was another murder that was attributed to a case of ‘mistaken identity’. 


I never had the safe space to mourn the loss of my little sister to try and come to terms with so much. I have recently found it comforting to be able to go and visit the Garden of No Distant Place in Springvale where I can peacefully honour the memory of my little sister. The staff are so respectful and helpful welcoming you so that you can cope as best as possible. It also helps me to be able to quietly read other people’s caring memorials for people they love so much too.


In the UK I had learned however that it was possible to make a positive difference inside or outside government because I had in (for example) my capacity of unpaid voluntary public service as (an elected parent) Chair of Governors of a primary school in the UK successfully opposed politicians (on all sides really who stack the governing bodies) stealing money from education for war, which spread to all primary schools because it was unusual for anyone to do that.


When terror came to the UK on 7/7 one of my sons was travelling on London transport (for work experience) like so many millions of other innocent and defenceless civilians. So shortly thereafter I met my friend Brian and took the opportunity to visibly peacefully do whatever I could in Parliament Square in Central London, to try and stop terror, for the benefit of everyone.


There were no terror attacks on civilians in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square Central London, except for the very real state campaign of terror waged on Brian and myself because we worked tirelessly to repeal the ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 anti competition free speech ban legislation enacted on 7 April 2005 by the Labour party in alliance with the DUP. I learned the British government was just transferring their torture from Northern Ireland to the mainland UK following the Good Friday agreement. I had already endured living and working in Central London during the IRA mainland bombing campaign that it is now admitted included undercover agents working for the British.


Brian and myself proved that everyone had the same opportunity to peacefully exercise free speech that we did our best to make a safe space for people to do, despite our being relentlessly targeted by the government.


Most people would know that freedom of expression would also be a central part of any healing process for Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ so we can stand up as adults to try and help other children.


The most powerful part of what we did to try and protect everyone was no terrorist could ever claim they could not peacefully exercise their freedom of expression that Brian and myself worked so hard to do on the real front line for peaceful free speech. We were so successful because we never blocked roads etc to inconvenience members of the public and the public from all walks of life across the political spectrum supported us.


The British government could only violently attack we peaceniks by typically switching notifying to receive authorisation that could not be refused to permission that in practise was while using the Human Rights Act to delay our going to the ECHR while Britain interpreted their ‘margin of appreciation’ so widely as to completely ignore all due process and the existence of the rule of law, It is strange but true that Brian and myself turned out to be the only law in town in Westminster Village.


I now know the cover-up from Australia followed me to Parliament Square in Central London where I was specifically targeted because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ which on any analysis is reflected in the surreal ‘landmark’ published court cases in the UK.


I was repealing legislation in the UK, while I remained completely unaware about the Orwellian 1984 legislation in Australia to legally reclaim my true identity.


The original malicious prosecution against me was on 22 February 2006 which is the anniversary of when Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich.


Brian quite correctly observed there was no legislation that stated I (or he) needed the permission of the Judiciary in the UK before I (we) campaigned with Brian according to Article 11 Freedom of Assembly.


The only way the government could launder that lie while Corbyn & the quisling Mayor of London at that time Livingstone had exempted the unions from the legislation they purported to use against us was by quell surprise illegally withdrawing legal representation from me over a year later on 18 June 2007, after the High Court Appeal was filed on 15 March 2006 before they went ahead with my appeal in my absence because it was (later) admitted the Judiciary ‘forgot’ to invite me to my own appeal.


Nevertheless I had won the decisive legal ‘victory’ in all our lawsuits really on 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court. We had never sought to accumulate such an unprecedented number of very serious High Court civil jury lawsuits against the British government.


The state abuse that played out in the UK against me as an adult was very widely witnessed by the public, which was very different to when I was a child in Australia. 


The top politicians and public officials had originally illegally leaked my name to their Murdoch media et al who profited from our suffering too. I was most certainly not the ‘Serious Organised Criminal’ as an adult under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 as indeed my true identity as the baby Donna in Australia had never been a ’National Security Risk’ which is just a meaningless political slogan.


I was unlawfully ‘arrested’ without due process 48 times in the cover up in the UK while being illegally imprisoned twice in 2008 & the connected 2011 because quell surprise I was illegally denied legal representation or trial to imprison me on non imprisonable alleged offences, just like when I was an innocent and defenceless child prisoner in Australia really.


The ’news’ media were not only ghoulish voyeuristic spectators but collaborators with politicians on all ’sides’ illegally running by their own admission undercover ‘journalists’ in a much wider undercover operation to try and entrap us between May 2010 - 2012.


I am also not a white male Australian posing as a ‘journalist’ who just happened to be parachuted into London in 2010 too along with his own entourage of lawyers, who is really an apologist for undercover ‘journalism’ from ‘five eyes’ Murdoch et al who worked with the man who posed as my godfather who was DG of ASIO etc etc.


In summary:


It is of particular relevance the Mayor of London the quisling Livingstone covered up a vicious life threatening attack on me on 17 August 2007 by an ‘unknown’ male assailant whose identity he has always illegally covered up, all of which was widely witnessed by a large number of independent members of the public.


Then Murdoch unconscionably published his contract against us on Sky News on 19 July 2009 (which was after he was involved in and lost a case on 19 July 2007, about 31 January 2007 involving Special Branch when the government tried to Davison/suffragette me by pushing me into a roadway !! A Consultant doctor attending from St Thomas Hospital asked me why I had been illegally ‘arrested’ three times that week which it was witnessed made every ill, to which I could only reply”I think it is called theLabour government” The government were forced concede “they put in place a sequence events which only put my life at risk: which again mirrors my childhood in Australia. Murdoch’s ‘contract’ against us on 19 July 2009 (19 July is the same date Franco started his war against Catalans in 1936 which was the real beginning of World War Two) inevitably brought every Pavlovian dog and then some running to collect. That led directly to another life threatening attack on me by a neo Nazi, followed by six ‘police’ officers (I use the term ‘police’ loosely) using life threatening torture on me to try & ‘Hillsborough’ me (‘positional asphyxiation’ etc) to try and cover up my DNA really does not match the government claim about my true identity.


It was only safe to say the intelligence services were not in any position to claim they had ever cared about me. I had always been way out of my depth since I was kidnapped really by the highest echelons of the government.


The current UK PM ’journalist’ Johnson had become Mayor of London by default when the Labour Mayor of London the quisling Livingstone failed to deport me when I was illegally imprisoned under the cover of the 2008 Mayoral election, and so on and so forth, so they were all covering up so much for each other with switches of all sorts.


I got the Habeas Corpus High Court Order against everyone in April 2008 which everyone has always illegally refused to comply with.


In practical terms the government were running a very ‘Dirty War’ against us in Parliament Square, Central London, which on a personal level turned out to be a continuation of what happened with the cover up over my childhood in Australia all of which would be too overwhelming for anyone.


I am nevertheless very proud that Brian and myself did stand 24/7 to do what we did because we showed other people they could make a positive difference.


My best friend Brian (who was the real working class hero would have become Mayor of London and had asked me to be his Chief of Staff which the governments baulked at) died on 18 June 2011 while we were campaigning in Parliament Square Central London and I witnessed the entire apparatus of the state gloat over his harrowing death which was caused because the state attacked him and he did not receive proper medical treatment in a timely manner which caused what the senior medical professional in Germany caused “a catastrophic breakdown in his immune system that he had never seen before. Brian was in such serious pain over a prolonged period of time. The court records in the UK show while the government were trying to cover up his serious back injury, they then covered up he was dying from cancer in Germany.


There is no politician who has ever walked my life in my shoes.


I was eventually exiled from the UK to France in 2013 after continuing horrific abuse against my boyfriend too, which also caused me huge personal distress too, because the Australian government have never treated me as an Australian citizen, while they manage to protect their own embassy staff. The reality is the politicians who embassy staff said did not care, do have the same duty of care to all Australian citizens. Of course I started with a significant disadvantage in the UK because the Australian government were already covering up what happened to me as a child in Australia, so all the politicians in Australia and the UK were exploiting the original cover up in Australia.


The same Alexander Downer was FM when my little sister died on his watch in 2000 before he tried to deny to my family in Australia I was an Australian citizen in the UK in 2006 when I was first being tortured in the UK. I could only try and disassociate my mind from the pain of the torture. Downer hid away in the London embassy behind diplomatic cover when his ‘political’ career was finished.


I had asked the Australian embassy in London in August 2011 when I was illegally imprisoned how many Australian citizens they had around the world in my situation and they claimed I was the ‘only one’. I pointed out to the Australian embassy in London I could legally break out of prison in the UK and return to Parliament Square and the government would not be able to prosecute me because they have to give you a jury if you break out of prison and the government would never be able to explain to a jury what on earth I was doing in prison.


I slapped the British government with a counter lawsuit on 17 August 2011 because they had brought three malicious High Court cases against Brian and myself while Brian was dying !! in Germany which I had to hold off on my own. The High Court told the government that even if they withdrew their malicious prosecution which I had longed complained about, my lawsuit would still remain. I had been illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 because I started blowing the whistle in the High Court in London on 21 June 2010 and the judge closed to the court to the press (who were involved anyway) and the public of which I am a member !!


It was 23 June 1995 when the man who posed as my godfather who was Director General of ASIO died after illegally refusing me legal representation !! because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ with a Catalan heritage and so many Catalan children went missing who no-one cared about.


The British government exiled me in April 2013 because they offered me £1 million pounds I refused, while instead asserted my right to a civil jury in all the lawsuits I asked to join together, because I did really want to stop their torture and terror of me, which they just wouldn’t stop. The politicians never stopped lying.


The Australian government claim the people who posed as my parents died on 9.10.10 and 10.10.11 before the intelligence services sent me their tapestry of the Chinese dragon on 11.11.11.

Let us be frank, there was never going to be a reconciliation of any kind with them because it really could not have become any more obvious their only concern was avoiding a trial too.


However anyone looks at it the intelligence services were wholly responsible for the sudden death of my little sister which they thought was a good thing, which is a concept it would be impossible for me to ‘come to terms’ with because what they did overall was truly wicked and an accumulation of all evil.


I was very ill when I was in France and was referred by a doctor in Germany to a hospital who wanted to operate but I didn’t trust them because a) they didn’t ask the most perfunctory questions, and b) also because of what happened to me as a child c) what I saw happen to my best friend Brian, and my boyfriend who I haven’t seen for a very many years and is very ill too. I was also referred by a doctor in France to hospital while I still had the EHIC card.


I told my friend from the UK who visited me in France in 2015, I didn’t really care if I didn’t speak to another human for at least two years. I did have really bad PTSD at that time so I just wanted to be on my own. I truly loved my modest stone cottage in my very own nature lovers paradise with the most beautiful birdsong, despite being starved and getting really bad scurvy and having no electricity for a year and having to walk a 20 plus kilometre round trip to collect 20 euros of food per week or so. I lived on 100 euros for food for six months at one point. The British and French government stopped food being delivered to me and stopped money being sent to me by the post. The Australian embassy in Paris didn’t care when a family member reported my deteriorating physical and emotional health, so my sons arranged their ‘extraction’ plan which took some convincing because I loved where I lived and didn’t want to return to Australia because the Australian government had covered up so much including the life threatening torture used on me in the UK. I knew I was ill but I didn’t realise I was very ill with what has turned out to be multiple pre-existing serious illnesses. I weighed just under seven stone when I returned to Australia. I have the ‘waterboard’ case in France because the French government could not take me to court to disconnect my water because I hadn’t done anything wrong and it wasn’t my fault I hadn’t been able to settle my lawsuits in the UK, who don’t have any kind of ACC like New Zealand.


A purely financial settlement is of no use to me and I would only give it away to someone else anyway.   


The government will need to confirm the unknown man with unknown conflicts of interest who phoned me just to abuse and bully me on New Years Eve will not ever contact me again. The government will need to provide their copy of his unsolicited call to me where it is quite clear I suffer from PTSD and do not like public officials calling me while I am in a public place and have no privacy, and without proper notice to cruelly take advantage I do not have either a counsellor or lawyer present to advise me.


My counsellor tells me when he will call and checks it is okay to speak with me and explains everything to me which is normal common courtesy but particularly necessary in my circumstances.


I am sure government employees would benefit from going on a course to help them learn about the very real difficulties Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ face and government employees duty of care because government employees don;t generally go around bullying each other.


I am quite sure it is illegal for the Australian government to cover up the life threatening torture of me, because that would effectively give a green light to it continuing. So it really does need to be clarified the Australian government will protect Australian citizens from life threatening torture.


In all the circumstances, the most responsible legal settlement that is in the best interests of everyone:


a) DSP so the Australian government continue to be responsible for taking responsibility on an ongoing basis in a manner that better helps me manage my difficult situation that really is entirely the making of a government originally exploiting me when I was an innocent and defenceless child.


b) A Gold health card for my medical expenses and reimbursement of travel costs including to return to Australia, because I can no longer drive and don’t have the choice to have private medical cover or insurance cover because I am legally obliged to disclose to insurers what has happened to me through no fault of my own.


It is my intention to transfer ownership of my much loved home in France to my sons, which the Australian government need to have adaptions to made so I can still visit.


c) over 55 accommodation in Catalonia for me paid for by the Australian government (who have a reciprocal health agreement with Spain)


All I really need or can manage is a small ‘Tiny’ Eco home with solar panels and a wood stove on a small plot of flat land so I can grow roses, and vegetables in raised beds, and have a few free range chickens. I would probably be willing to do voluntary unpaid public service as an ‘Honorary Consul’ to Catalonia.


I would still be able to speak to my counsellor as necessary or make the odd visit back to Australia etc etc.


The point is I would quietly be the first truly 100% autonomous Catalan living in multicultural Catalonia which I would just love and no-one could really argue against while other Catalans make their own decisions over the longer term. It would be soooooo amazing and it would really help my physical and emotional health.


It is important to find an agreement a judge has the ability to sign off on, which technically a judge easily could with mine.


It should be possible to arrange everything so I could leave for Catalonia by 3 March 2020.


The statement is true.


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)