Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Oz public & court records show man who posed as my father filed false affidavits as 'company manager' while working as 'public servant' for Deakin-Clarke-Brookes politics and intelligence services circle & married to royals Fremantle intelligence services (04.12.2019)


The court records and electoral roles show the cover-up that led to my being abducted by the state as a child, did involve falsifying court records with false affidavits, which the court and those involved, did all know about.




The (court records show the) man posing as my father, filed a false affidavit in court claiming to be a company manager while electoral records show he was a public servant working for the Deakin-Clarke-Brookes political and intelligence services circle while also married to the royals Fremantle intelligence services.


It is strangely all 'hidden in full view' in the Velvet, Iron and Ashes display at the State Library in Victoria until 12 July 2020.


The people who posed as my parents and godparents all worked for the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who had literally abducted an innocent and defenceless child whose identity they completely changed.


It was done on the watch of and with the knowledge of the British monarch.


... the child abuser in chief who has spent years trying to avoid court, takes centre stage... 


Everyone knew they had lied in court proceedings which was why no-one told me about legal proceedings to reclaim my true identity, because the intelligence services et al didn't want me to be able to reclaim my true identity through legal proceedings. 


The only starting point in a new start for me is legally reclaiming my true identity, which was literally stolen from me.