Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: HM & their NATO line-up spin con-artists centuries old global illegitimate ‘property portfolio’ instead of god’s true ‘capitalist’ heaven on earth which shouldn't need socially constructed borders and prisons because there should be genuine equality of opportunity (03.12.2019)


I am the living proof, the true life of a converso in our modern times can indeed involve a lifelong journey to try and legally reclaim your true identity.



... it is the highest compliment to be labelled a national disgrace by...errr... westminster...



The British monarchy and their NATO with their Buckingham Palace spin (and their UNSC) are con-artists.


Yesterday, I went to an appointment with a knowledgeable and patient-friendly medical specialist at the hospital. He ordered a further array of tests :( to try and determine if I have the less common autoimmune pancreatitis of which there are variants too, because I am not a drinker which usually causes chronic pancreatitis, although chronic pancreatitis can still be linked to autoimmune pancreatitis etc etc. There is also a (further) test for a different type of cancer which can ‘mimic’ pancreatitis but also because pancreatitis can cause cancer too. They also need to do an MRI to try and help better determine the state of my pancreas beyond the calcification (that showed up on the CT scan etc) so that there is more and better information to try and help inform any next steps. 


The fact I have other autoimmune illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis also means that other autoimmune illnesses causing everything also cannot be ruled out, so there are tests for those too. There is also a test for diabetes because my pancreatitis means my body doesn’t make the necessary enzymes for me to digest food which can also lead to diabetes too, and I have problems with my eyesight and so on and so forth. I currently take Creon ‘pig pills’ which generally help me to digest some food. 


I was reminded when asked to give ‘faeces samples’ too, that while we were in Parliament Square, Central London several of us giggled about publicly staging our very own ’Poo plot’. Our idea was to invite the public throughout the UK to line up and deposit their poo in a medieval catapult which would then be launched over the fences of the Palace of Westminster where politicians slither around. We figured it would be a huge vote winner with the public, because the public would essentially be returning the governments shit to them, in kind. The only reason we didn’t proceed with the ‘Poo plot’ was because we didn’t happen to have a medieval catapult to hand. 


When I handed one of the medical professionals at the hospital my ‘faeces samples’ today, he thanked me for doing a good job, which we chuckled about.


However anyone looks at it, it really is impossible to deny the British monarchy are directly responsible.


I don’t have the same choices as other people even when it comes to choosing medical cover because no insurance company would ever give me private medical cover with my true life history, that saw my true identity stolen from me as an innocent and defenceless child, so I am very seriously disadvantaged in many respects through absolutely no fault of my own. Any responsible adult would know denying a child their true identity is grossly negligent, because it also physically and emotionally harms an innocent and defenceless child, because that child doesn’t even have the most basic medical information about even their immediate family available.


A child who has their identity completely changed, starts out in life as a converso, refugee and exile with so many obstacles to overcome, which is intended to be overwhelming, because the adults who do that to an innocent and defenceless child are intentionally engaged in unconscionable child trafficking and ethnic cleansing.


I was broadly discussing the issue of having to go to court to legally reclaim my true identity with a medical professional who commented that was not right, while asking who legislated that, because it is so obviously perverse. (The issues surrounding Australia's 'forgotten children' like the 'stolen generations' of Aborigine children, is more commonly spoken about and therefore known in Australia.) It could not be correct however you looked at it, including that a Judiciary who were integral in the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing would in any circumstances have even any perception of any say of any kind in you as an adult, legally reclaiming your true identity.


I don’t need the permission of a judge to legally reclaim my true identity that happens to include me being a Catalan, Italian, British Australian etc.


Catalans don’t need anyone else’s ‘permission’ to choose to be Catalan.


So there is the Catalan, Italian, British and Australian ‘question’.


The reality is the British monarchy only maintain their illegitimate landholdings in Australia by making politicians more recently give an appearance they 'renounce' other nationalities while only swearing ‘allegiance’ to the British monarchy, instead of the public.


No surprise then that Aborigine people more recently (because Britons arrived in Australia after they had betrayed Mediterranean Catalans) are claiming an unprecedented $290 billion compensation from the royal Fremantle pirates Western Australia, because however you look at it the British monarchy et al have massively profited from their global centuries old illegitimate 'property portfolio'.


There is nothing that passes the ‘sniff test’ when it comes the British monarchy’s global illegitimate 'property portfolio'.


When I filled out a form at the hospital (my identity issue was discussed by happenstance more generally with staff) the form asked me to write my religion which I would not normally do on a form filling exercise because it isn't really anyone else's business. But in this case I made an exception. I wrote Jewish on the form which is the first time I have ever written that on an official form and then I looked at what I had written and rather like it. It meant a lot to me.


I chose to be Jewish for a number of reasons. I remember standing in Jerusalem and feeling at home, because I am Mediterranean, but I don't want to do indiscriminate Hail Mary's as a matter of course, because that is too much like the civil disobedience canard. I was also recently listening to a Jewish man publicly speaking in Melbourne and I liked quite a bit of what he said. He said he wouldn't want to be a rabbi himself, but there are lots of synagogues to choose from if you don't like one, because someone will always be starting up another that is slightly different etc etc.  There was also a discussion about Jewish people's history in Italy so I was able to hear what Italian Jewish people had to say too. I like the Italian Jewish and Italian Catholic communities in Melbourne but for different reasons.


I love Italians because we are a mixed bag of mixed race 'all sorts' really anyway, so I felt very comfortable and at home in Italy.  


The Mediterranean is an important part of my own true identity.  


The facts is god’s earth is naturally multicultural and people are really supposed to have the choice of what is their true identity that can naturally differ within families.   


I recently met an absolutely hilarious American woman who had happened to work on the Obama election campaign (no-one is perfect) and we exchanged all sorts of views, and I said I really didn't like Obama at all... because of his gruesome wars. Nevertheless, we did fall about laughing together with the thought that Trump could well choose China who must officially rate as having built "the biggest-best wall" to build his "wall of all walls". We just couldn't stop laughing about the idea of the Chinese building Trump's wall, which is not inconceivable.  


In god’s true capitalist heaven on earth which obviously wasn’t made to have socially constructed borders and prisons there would be the best universal health and welfare package available for everyone because the words public and private are just words cynically used to maintain the British monarchy’s global illegitimate 'property portfolio'.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental basic human right for everyone to own some land and have land security so they can build shelter that is necessary for their survival.


The British monarchy’s centuries old global illegitimate 'property portfolio' is self evidently not any kind of level playing field including of true capitalism which is supposed to be about genuine equality of opportunity.