Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Brian and myself proved more effective stopping terror attacks on other defenceless civilians in UK than combined entire state apparatus of UK & NATO, because there were no terror attacks in UK on my 7+ year watch (01.12.2019)


Brian and myself together incredibly proved to be more effective at stopping terror attacks on other defenceless civilians in the UK than the combined entire state apparatus of the UK & NATO, because there were no terror attacks on other civilians in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London.



... the best of times, the worst of times...



The entire state apparatus in the UK did however conduct a campaign of terror against Brian and myself because we are peaceniks, which did make the state look less than reputable with their incredibly violent attacks on us.


We did not rely upon or have the support of the BBC or Murdoch led 'news' media, but Brian was the best information superhighway and the public trusted and supported us because anyone who chose to could see what we so publicly did do for the benefit of everyone.


When Murdoch put out his ‘contract’ against Brian and myself in 2009, other ‘news’ media who touted around the public for their views, told us they couldn’t find a member of the public who opposed what we were doing. It was a Sunday and all the government gremlins had decamped to the comfort of their country residences, so there were only ordinary civilian like ourselves in Westminster. 


It is a matter of fact Corbyn & the quisling Livingstone did not support us because we were a real ‘front line’ while they really attacked us ‘behind the scenes’ with emails like from 8 March 2007, in their attempt to ban real free speech, because it turned out they didn’t really oppose war. The PM ‘Journalist’ Johnson was like Corbyn et al, an opportunist who profited from the life-threatening attacks on me to build his own career.


We don’t know what a world with real free market capitalism would look like, because the monarchy have never made that possible with their global illegitimate property portfolio, so it would be good to find out. Johnson and Corbyn do not even have any ‘policies’ to genuinely stop rising levels of child poverty in what is supposed to be a first world country in the UK.


Brian and myself always abhorred terrorism because it not only harms innocent and defenceless civilians, but it only makes being a peacenik like ourselves harder, because terrorism is used by politicians as a pretext to try and ban free speech which is so essential. Terror attacks have only ever served politicians who use terror as an 'opportunity' to grandstand centre stage with photo-ops and cheap soundbites. 


Brown et al all fell all over themselves to fawn all over the terrorist Nelson Mandela in 2007 at exactly the same time they were trying to still Biko me because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ too. It has been a lifelong journey for me to try and legally reclaim my true identity which is something most people can take for granted. There is no ‘reasonable excuse’ why the Australian government does not have all sorts of facilities… immediately available to citizens who have really been exiles and refugees our whole lives, because our true identities were stolen by the entire state apparatus.   


Brian and myself didn’t cultivate the support of any ‘foreign’ state because our being peaceniks is something most ordinary people like ourselves are and should be able to be, every single day all around the world wherever people are.


The reason most politicians et al don’t even really make any genuine attempt to empathise with civilians who have suffered from natural or human made disasters is because most politicians are con-artists just like the monarchy, clinging to the same failed state of the monarchy’s global illegitimate property portfolio.


The monarchy re-invented themselves for public consumption as they always do, with their two-faced United Nations Security Council weapons supply line, which by no ‘co-incidence’ intentionally ‘overlooks’ the British monarchy’s global illegitimate property portfolio that causes so much injustice because it is impossible to build a level playing field while the worst injustice still exists.


Anyone could have done what Brian and myself really did do, but we really did do real peace for the benefit of everyone. We were so effective without blocking a single road or climbing a single building with the ‘civil disobedience’ canard or having the ‘news’ media of the ‘journalists’ Murdoch or Johnson et al supporting us, because we lived the real deal of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


We literally were the only law in town in Westminster. It would be stretching it to say we had a good time, because we didn’t like being in Parliament Square, Central London, but even in the darkest of times, which were all too frequent, we still did manage to have some happy times. That was because Brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times who set the gold standard for everyone to follow.




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I am, as one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ living proof there is no ‘reasonable excuse’ for terrorism because despite the terror I experienced as an innocent and defenceless child in Australia and as an adult in the UK, I was never ‘radicalised’ to commit any terrorist acts on my fellow defenceless civilians.


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.