Brexit 'Black Friday': Brit monarch's ’royal prerogative' in vast illegitimate 'land ownership' racket 'in gods name' emboldens and enables like minded terrorists, while undermining true free market capitalism & ignoring others fundamental right to shelter to survive (30.11.2019)


It is ‘strange’ but true that if the British monarch, PM Johnson, Corbyn and the top cop had been locked up over their life-threatening terror attack on me in 2009, they would not have been able to embolden and enable further vicious and unconscionable terror attacks on other defenceless civilians 'in god’s name’.



... the most incredibly selfish monarch who knowingly as an... adult, used the entire state apparatus to engage in the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of Australia's innocent and defenceless 'forgotten'... children, only clings onto the throne to hang on to her own wholly illegitimate property portfolio... 



There is no identifiable ‘difference’ between an unelected monarch who spins the medieval ‘divine right’ of a ‘royal prerogative’ to use the entire apparatus of the state to violently and selfishly maintain their own vast … landholdings for themselves and their cronies, and a terrorist.


The British monarchy only perpetuate an unfair advantage that self evidently isn’t even true free market capitalism, along with the usual garden variety terrorist they embolden and enable to spin the same 'in Gods name' etc etc.


Any sentient human being knows the only people who actually profit from terror attacks on defenceless civilians are the British ‘Head of State’ and their apparatus, who have always used terror throughout the centuries to grab land from defenceless civilians.


I remember between 2010 & 2012 we properly argued in the UK in three consecutive ‘landmark’ cases in the UK High Court that are a matter of public record, that Parliament Square in Central London should remain for the public in perpetuity because we did not go there to make a land grab that it turned out the monarchy were trying to make at that time… after we were there.


A ‘Crown’ brief did come and speak to Brian and myself bizarrely saying the monarch was going to take us to court to which we only commented that “Queen takes peaceniks to court” would make a novel headline. So the monarch sought to change the entire history of their own 'land law' by sending her gardener Johnson et al along to court instead of her Attorney General. 


That was after the rat Murdoch had literally put out a published ‘contract’ on Sky News against Brian and myself on 19 July 2009, which is the anniversary of Franco beginning World War Two against the Catalans who the British had previously betrayed, and which in 2009 led directly to the use of life threatening torture on me on 4 September 2009. The monarch most certainly cannot claim to have a ‘royal prerogative’ to try and assassinate civilian peaceniks !! and worse because they also happen to be one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


The monarch hides behind the ‘bureaucracy’ of the entire state apparatus that swears allegiance to an unelected and undemocratic monarch, who has an unfair advantage because of vast illegitimate landholdings all around the world, that go far beyond providing any need for shelter.


The UK government were illegally using procedural abuses against Brian and myself to try and cover up my High Court Order from 2008 over the original life-threatening attack on me on 17 August 2007 when their quisling Livingstone covered up their not so unknown assailant’s life threatening attack on me on 17 August 2008 (similar to the arbitrary Israeli Military Order 17 August 1967 because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ denied… basic rights like my… true identity)


It is a matter of fact the monarchy used the entire state apparatus to engage in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing in Australia to try and stop legitimate legal challenges. The monarch could never deny having the intent to cause serious physical and emotional harm to innocent and defenceless children.


The British monarch knowingly engaged on her watch, in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of innocent and defenceless children in Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ scandal, purely to maintain her own vast property portfolio. 


The monarchy should just go legit, which would necessitate offloading their property portfolio in some kind of land re-distribution made in good faith. Some kind of land distribution would help create a more level playing field, because the royal land ownership is not any kind of free market capitalism, because they have an unfair advantage, which emboldens and enables other military dictatorships and terrorists.


It is notable that Aborigines in Australia peacefully made a historic $290 billion compensation claim over the monarch’s Fremantle Western Australia on Black Friday 2019. I never had anything to do with the Fremantle’s after I was in Parliament Square, Central London, and there was never going to be any reconciliation with any of them, who had always treated me differently anyway even before what happened in Parliament Square, in which those Fremantle’s living in the UK were all complicit too.


My own lawsuits the government exiled me from the UK over will nevertheless always remain because there is no statute of limitations on the UK’s use of life threatening torture in the UK against someone they really could not even begin to deny they did know was someone they wishfully labelled Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


A redistribution of ‘Crown’ land in the UK would even address concerns of those who wish to leave the EU over the monarch’s Brexit panjandrum because the biggest culprit profiting at everyone else’s expense in the UK is their ‘own’ British monarchy. The monarchy’s vast landholdings which simply cannot be legally justified, do also undermine any possibility of true free market capitalism. The monarchy have never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public service and only deign to do stage managed public engagements to reinforce their own egos.


The Vatican which has made some concessions has more landholdings in more countries, but the British monarch still has the largest illegitimate landholdings in the world, which causes a global imbalance making any real free market capitalism impossible. Murdoch the Papal Knight is obviously a bagman for the British monarch.


There is only a crony capitalism that is directly derived from British colonialism. 


Jewish people by contrast used reasonable self defence to build a tiny Jewish State on the Mediterranean where there are substantial European and Arab, Christian and Muslim states too, that was not reliant on the Balfour Declaration or Zionism, because no government anywhere protected Jewish people from the Holocaust.


The Jewish State’s legitimacy is however being more recently undermined by US citizens spinning the British monarchs ‘in gods name’ malarkey to use unreasonable force to build colonies in the West Bank. US citizens do not have the defence of reasonable self defence in the West Bank because they have not suffered any injustice such as having the British monarchy spinning ‘in gods name’ to use the entire state apparatus to engage in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing to deny them as innocent and defenceless children their basic rights like their… true identity. The US settlers are opportunists hiding behind the ‘land law’ of the British monarchy really, because there are too many everywhere who do.


The British monarchy do spin divide and rule absolutely everywhere, to illegitimately maintain their own vast landholdings that self evidently have nothing to do with free market capitalism and everything to do with trying to stop a level playing field anywhere.


The British monarchy and Vatican should really lead the way in genuine reform with the redistribution of their own vast landholdings so people can own their own land on which to build their own shelter which is a fundamental human right because shelter is necessary for people's survival. 




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I am, as one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ living proof there is no ‘reasonable excuse’ for terrorism because despite the terror I experienced as an innocent and defenceless child in Australia and as an adult in the UK, I was never ‘radicalised’ to commit any terrorist acts on my fellow defenceless civilians.


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I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.