Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Melbourne born duo of John Lyons, voyeuristic ABC ‘journalist’  & Mark Regev (Frieberg) Israeli propagandist & 'Ambassador' to UK have always basked in white privilege, while hiding child trafficking & ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘own’ female 'mixed' race ’forgotten children’ (26.11.2019)



The vulgar and voyeuristic Melbourne born ABC ‘journalist’ John Lyons has always basked in the glory of white privilege only by hiding the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of the far from 'Commonwealth' Australia’s ‘own’ mixed race ‘forgotten children’.



... mr abc lyons reeks of the worst of the worst white privilege...



The same goes for the Melbourne born Israeli propagandist & Israeli 'Ambassador' to the UK Mark Regev who was able to choose !! to change his name from Freiberg without any problem. 


They grew up in Melbourne at the same time as me, but they lived in a parallel world which didn’t care about the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘own’… ‘mixed’ race ‘forgotten children’ like myself who forcibly had our identities completely changed in what was always intended to cause us serious harm.


The real truth is white privilege boycotted and then some, the ‘other’ like myself.


I personally think Lyons and Regev are really just obsequious British monarchists like Morrison. 


It would be good if the British monarchy went 'legit' some time soon instead of emboldening others. 


I have been forced to live the life of a true converso in our times and the Israeli State has never cared about or welcomed conversos including from Australia’s ‘mixed’ race ‘forgotten children’ who while forced to live the life of true conversos in our 'modern' times are of Jewish origin too.


There is a reasonable suspicion the Jewish State only wants to be a white enclave like the UK are currently trumpeting for themselves or whites only Australia once was, where mot much has changed in the highest levers of government. 


Someone who has been forced to live the life of a converso because of their ‘mixed’ race identity, should never have to ask the “permission” of anyone else to peacefully practice whatever religion they like either. It would be self-evident that needing anyones “permission” to practice a religion too, would only continue to re-traumatize someone who is... already a victim of such widespread state abuse that involved the entire apparatus of a number of ‘nation’ states really. 



... white privilege monarchist schmuck... i was in a room with six of her maj's not so finest from nsy who used life-threatening torture on me, before illegally refusing to hand over the trophy torture tapes that do exist, and despite my legally blowing the whistle... in live high court proceedings in the uk ... 


(When I was illegally imprisoned in the UK in 2011, I told white privilege from the Oz embassy who are Australian 'citizens' the government does by contrast protect from torture in the UK, that I would like to film my escape from prison and return to Parliament Square because the UK government would have to give me a jury over a prisoner escape where they would never be able to explain to a jury how it came to pass I was imprisoned in the first place. The innocent have nothing to fear from escaping prison to carry on publicly doing what they are doing)  


It is perverse that I could live the life of a Jewish person outside the Israeli State, but I would need someone else’s “permission” to live the life of a Jewish person in Israel. Unless of course I had a large wallet like the Australian born 'American' Murdoch who just buys land in the disputed Golan using white privilege, while not being Jewish. He still spins his white privilege in Australia through his media mouthpieces so I don’t personally see what possible ‘difference’ there really is in real practice between someone like him and Mr Lyons from the monarchists ABC. 


It is still an old boys club of white privilege that probably only tolerated a female monarch because there was no male heir at that time, because what white privilege cares most about is generating the most money for themselves. I mention that because I overheard some truly juvenile male white privilege in a group on the beach yesterday, quite viciously among themselves criticising young white women, so there is a general sexism that exists too. 


So what is given most prominence and ‘importance’ in global ‘public life’ is adherence first and foremost to white privilege because white privilege is of course most interested in maintaining it’s own ‘status’ rather than a level playing field to make more ‘other’ people healthy and wealthy too.


It is a statement of fact that not a single one of them had the courage to do what I did in Parliament Square, Central London when Brian and myself did a ‘New Jerusalem’ for the benefit of... everyone. 


‘White privilege’ does have an insidious grip in the Jewish state called Israel that is not genuinely welcoming to the ‘other’ and often in particular when the ‘other’ is from the Mediterranean like myself, and yet the Jewish State is... Mediterranean.


It is impossible to reasonably demand a ‘mixed’ race child be white only or one or the other because we love both, which does not preclude properly criticising the oppressor when they are white privilege. My own real parents did everything they could possibly have done to try and get me back when I was a small child.


The Jewish State which was founded on reasonable self defence that is not reliant on the British & Zionist Balfour Declaration, only persists with the same old British propaganda of the European, Arab & African divide and rule around one... Mediterranean.


Most people however don’t want to be anyones 'dhimmi' whether they consider themselves European, Arab, African or Mediterranean etc.    


The Jewish State does have an identifiable problem which is highlighted by the experience  ‘modern’ day conversos like myself who have had their whole identity, including their religion changed. 


I have been on a lifelong journey to legally reclaim my true identity which also involves much learning to try and find some balance in my own ’mixed’ race life. I certainly won’t be voting in ‘elections’ anytime soon for my abusers, because that really would be quite a perverse thing for me to do.


I do like a new Australian accent among young people, that I don't remember from when I was young, which is quite soothing and reassuring compared to the nasal jarring tones of the current Oz PM who is from all white British stock. The entirety of Australian politics is still only run by all white British all white privilege. However, I remind myself, the transition to clean renewable energy will mean greater freedom in the future for more people to be healthy and wealthy despite all white privilege. One good thing about Australia (I try and find the good) is vegan is pretty mainstream in Melbourne in supermarkets and eating out venues, which is good news. 


An Australian friend recently invited me to accompany him with VIP tickets he had, to something called Sexpo in Melbourne and while I initially said it wasn’t anything that would have ever come across my radar, let alone that I would have considered attending, I did then agree to accompany my friend. We did actually have a great time in what was a safe space, where people were very friendly and normal. My friend went as a 6 foot Snow White (he really should have won a best-dressed person category if they had one and I went as a 5 foot 5 and a half inch Evil Queen which he said was an odd juxtaposition but did make me think it actually takes a lot of effort to try and be an Evil Queen. The British government labelled me 'Satan's Jew' in 2011. I had rummaged through numerous op-shops and found a suitable chiffon number and even managed to find my first quite beautiful stilettos in black that at a mere $7 dollars from an op-shop have been the envy of everyone. We were very 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert'-ish which is one of my favourite Australian films)  We avoided what we agreed neither liked and it is true I learned things I didn’t know. We laughed that my friend liked the ‘Magic Men’ more than me because I don’t personally really find young men with a six pack at all attractive. I did feel quite safe being accompanied by a non threatening six foot male Snow White who enjoys being a Diva and is also very helpful with the right make-up too. It makes me happy that he is free to be what he wants and makes him happy, which wasn’t always true because people could ridiculously be arrested once upon a time which was definitely 'disproportionate' if they were not straight.


It’s certainly ‘disproportionate’ to have your identity completely changed when you are an innocent and defenceless child, and your cultural heritage doesn’t tick all the… white boxes.


I think my being a straight Jewish ‘mixed’ race converso would probably balance with one of my half- sister’s who happens to be all white, gay and Catholic. 


When I went to the Catholic All Souls Day service to honour the memory of my little sister who died, I didn’t really understand why there were so many Hail Mary’s. When the main priest who was a man of Indian origin I think, asked everyone to do a whole series of Hail Mary’s for our sins now I tried to think of what sins I had recently committed because I do try not to sin and I couldn’t think of any, so it didn’t make sense to me. I remember thinking Pope… Francis might like to apologise or say a few Hail Mary’s himself for the Catholic church using Cathars as the pretext to wage the Albigensian Crusade against their ‘own’ Christendom !! The numbers of true Catholics must be seriously inflated because it is impossible to say there was any real ‘choice’ for so many. The Catholic church including the wartime Pope have always been only too eager to offload those including many Italians who don’t fit whatever happens to be quite the right profile at any given time. The Popes themselves are the reason many Italian people are quite correctly suspicious of the state with good reason. It is difficult to work out how Murdoch ‘qualified’ for a Papal ‘knighthood’ although one can suspect it was a ‘quid pro quo’ over child trafficking and ethnic cleansing that included him paying a tithe. Murdoch has certainly made vast sums of money by posing as a ‘journalist’ who really hides information in return for payment. The British & Australian intelligence services who ‘raised’ me and were not Catholic paid a tithe to the Catholic church too because the Catholic church which includes the white privilege of Cardinal Pell, were central in the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ too. I was vulnerable to being sexually assaulted by a priest, which happened because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who had no adult I could turn to because I was ‘raised’ in the 'state care' of the highest echelons of the British & Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and god parents. I was nevertheless pleasantly surprised to hear a woman take a significant part in the All Souls Day service, although women are not really recognized in any meaningful way in the Catholic church, which cannot be remedied by a few Hail Mary’s. 


I don’t really find that Christmas does much for me because it heralds much that is untrue because there have been just so many other innocent people, just like Jesus, who have suffered so much and brutally died for the sins of white privilege etc.


I actually think it is incredibly sinful for any religion to pretend there was one just person who suffered and was sacrificed.


Dear Brian was probably the closest the HM's Church of England will ever get to having a baby Jesus, so they definitely didn’t treat one of their ‘own’ at all well, however you think about it.  That important chapter in my own life was a recurring nightmare for me too. Brian was an evangelical Christian but he wasn’t anything like the current Australian PM who would never have had the courage to do what Brian peacefully and publicly did do in the UK. People remember some Basques idea of being 'compromised' was to murder some innocent and defenceless Catalan women and children in Catalonia. It’s a contrary Australian government who send an unsolicited text to people’s mobile phones if any government department know your mobile phone number, saying you have to enrol to vote under electoral law, yet they don’t even care and actively discourage Australians  from voting in Australian elections if you live in France or the UK. Having said that the Australian governments were doing their very best to pretend I was either not an Australian or did not exist when I lived in the UK & France. I also have to agree with some women who said government departments erroneously demanded they needed photo ID to confirm their identity yet the women had never had passports their whole lives and passports had never changed who they are. After all the Australian government has always given me passports with what they ‘officially’ call me, knowing it isn’t my true identity. Most people would presume any push for photo ID to confirm an identity smells rather more like revenue raising among much else.


I currently live in a beachside suburb called St.Kilda in Melbourne because that is a mixed race area that includes all sorts of Jewish people too, along with Italians and other Southern European and Eastern European people and it is near to Prahran where my real family lived. I like Carlton too because that is where I was born and it is Italian, like me too. I also like that Melbourne has diverse communities that do generally, at least retain some of their own cultural heritage, rather than being completely ‘assimilated’ by white privilege. I never go to the area where I was ‘raised’ because what happened to me as a child (and then as an adult in the UK) is obviously in many respects and certainly in its entirety too overwhelming for a human to try and deal with. The fact I was forced to be a converso did seriously affect my physical and emotional health.


It is very difficult for someone who has been a ‘mixed’ race converso their whole life which does keep re-traumatising you either literally like in the UK, or by remembering etc, to find a balance and ‘integrate’ into civvy street or what is considered ’normal’ because having your whole identity forcibly changed as a child is a seriously abusive and therefore abnormal experience. 


I do however love being ‘mixed’ race and wouldn’t change that for anything. I believe God made me the way he did for a reason that didn’t include him wanting me to suffer or be martyred by and for white privilege, but to instead perhaps give me a greater insight that could help benefit everyone.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.