Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Australian ‘judiciary’ don’t have ‘discretion’ to effectively put me on trial in transnational case where I am victim legally entitled to reclaim my true identity, meaning case should be agreed in out of court settlement, rubber-stamped by court. (25.11.2019)


I have never throughout the ordeal of being trafficked as a child in what was ethnic cleansing ever experienced any privacy, so that absence of any privacy my whole life, has caused me huge distress too.


... I would not wish what has happened to me on anyone else...


The fact an Australian judge in a County Court doesn’t really have the discretion to put myself as the victim on trial -because- I am legally trying to reclaim my true identity which is my right, means what is really my transnational case where I have always acted legally and in good faith, should really be agreed in an out of court settlement (with mediation if necessary) that is rubber stamped by the court.


The Judiciary were obviously part of the entire state apparatus that was originally used against innocent defenceless children. 


There are all sorts of legal issues involved because I should have had legal representation when I was a child, when the adult intelligence services did by contrast have legal representation.


The fact my real parents had effectively legally revoked any court order was ignored just like the High Court Order I got against the UK in April 2008 was ignored by the British government so that ultimately the people who posed as my parents and god parents from the highest echelons of the intelligence services et al got away with it all by avoiding being put on trial themselves because it led so directly to the monarchy.


I wouldn’t wish the terror in my own life on anyone else.


It could have easily been avoided if the monarchy lived within one functioning legal system like everyone else instead of emboldening the like minded. 


Brian was the closest the English will ever have to the baby Jesus and while he was a real Christian who helped all people regardless of their faith or no faith, they didn't treat him or myself who was the 'hidden Donna' at all well. 


The facts of what happened to me as a child in Australia and the use of life-threatening torture on me as an adult in the UK means I will for example never be able to have the choice of private medical cover despite serious physical and emotional health issues from such prolonged state abuse. The absence of that choice causes further obvious serious disadvantages. 


There is so much suffering still in so many ways, because it has been a lifelong journey that even Dante as an adult who made his choices didn’t go through. 


My own life-long journey to try and legally reclaim my true identity echoes Edoardo Mortara and Moses, which is why there really does need to be one functioning universal legal system so no-one is anyone elses ‘dhimmi’ etc.


I have only ever naturally wanted my own true identity and to work through the accompanying physical and emotional difficulties so I can explore and enjoy some kind of ‘normal’ life like most other people do.


The fact I have had no choice but to try and be 'resilient' in so many ways, does not mean I am not human just like everyone else.


Any reasonable adult would know there is urgency in what is really such a 'longstanding' legal case.