Spooktober A 'Gog & Magog' ?: The intelligence services should not terrify small children (31.10.2019)



I was handed some old County Court records this week in Melbourne, some of which I had not seen before, while I am organizing to legally reclaim my true identity.



… Spooktober ?: The intelligence services should not terrify small children…



What is certainly true is that a small child whose ‘mixed’ race identity is stolen while they are completely isolated from their own community and cultural heritage starts out experiencing exile in a degrading process of ethnic cleansing.


The person interviewing me over the thus far partial court records, pretty much got what was going on in a situation where the highest echelons of the British & Australian intelligence services ‘acquired’ an older brother who was a blond and blue-eyed northern European Aryan, while I was the ‘mixed’ race Mediterranean Meowgli.


After all, I did grow up in (All) ‘Whites Only’ Australia during the Franco era when he was Europe’s favourite military dictator.


... I don't personally understand why the Clarendon protest in Melbourne is not against the state or federal government, however each to their own... 


The Mediterranean has been divided for so long.


I remember most of all that there was no adult a child in the ‘state care’ of the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services could ever turn to, in what everyone now knows was state sponsored child trafficking and ethnic cleansing.



... Crikey A 'Gog & Magog'... it was belatedly claimed in... 2009 that George Bush told Chirac, the Iraq War was about Gog & Magog... 


No-one could seriously believe ethnic cleansing could be called ’nurture’ in the supposed nurture vs nature ‘debate’ that saw adults cynically label children as having ‘bad blood’ if we refused to be ‘assimilated’ as (all) white.


There are all sorts of ‘mixed’ race peoples, but no specifically ‘mixed’ race state.


The Popes in Rome and the Ummayad Caliphate all feared the Cathars.


... the Cathars were called witches too...


I am not Eurasian because my cultural origin is the Mediterranean, although we are also in Eastern Europe through to the Central Asian steppes. 


The Phoenician and Catalan thalassocracies.


The Counts of Toulouse and Jerusalem.


The Kassites in Babylonia.


I remember Jerusalem as the most beautiful city in the world.


... too many secrets...


The State Library ‘Velvet, Iron & Ashes’ display.


The woman who interviewed me could see for herself that the partial court records she handed over to me do directly relate to people identified in the State Library ‘Velvet, Iron & Ashes’ display.


The Real ‘Snowden’ Files.


It turns out the person who orchestrated the dirty deed for the intelligence services to ‘acquire’ me is identified in the court records as a person called… Snowden who incredibly gives their address as Snowden etc too in what I guess could be called the real Snowden files.


The documents show they had also... persisted for over a year !! to try and register a false birth date. It is all just so shameful. 


... 'game of thrones' & 'la la land'... let us be honest, the royals who have never done a single day's voluntary unpaid public service anywhere, have a pretty cushy health and welfare package...  


I explained that when I had by contrast refused to join the intelligence services, I was sent to England because they wanted me to join the military, which I didn’t want to do either.


They would have sent me to fight Thatchers War ‘against’ other humans called… Bugat from Argentina.


I had asked the lady who was 'all white' who questioned me about my childhood, why ‘all white’ people did the whole ‘White Privilege’ gig and she replied because many ‘all white’ people hadn’t ever known anything other than being able to do pretty much whatever they wanted.


Cardinal Pell who is all about all white mostly old male White Privilege too, notoriously claimed Mediterranean Jews were intellectually inferior.


(I was sexually assaulted by a priest myself when I was young so I know they can be brazen. Everyone knows the not at all ’forgotten children’ had no-one to complain to)


I told her I am trying to make some good new memories in Melbourne, which is quite difficult to do, because Melbourne is full of so many ghosts.


It was so horrific what happened, which is beyond human comprehension.


... the Hunter & Gatherer Op shop... Melbourne is a mecca of brilliant op shops which benefit everyone by recycling pre-loved clothing...



There was a lady very elegantly dressed as a Halloween witch on the tram in Melbourne where East meets West too, which was quite warm today. I and other people spoke with the very pleasant Halloween witch during which she told me about an area in Melbourne, I had not been to, which turned out to be useful.


(A friend had told me I had until Friday to find “the” perfect black dress for myself or I would have to go shopping with him on… Saturday, so I was on a mission to fulfil his sensible requirement to be organised in advance, that is not related to either Halloween or the Melbourne Cup next week)


I didn’t want to be op-shopping on All Souls Day on Saturday 2 November 2019 because I would prefer to peacefully spend time at my little sister’s memorial which has the perfect zero carbon footprint.


... a special place where I can go to peacefully honour & pay my respects to my little sister... 


I remembered when we passed a protest in Clarendon Street that the lady who had asked me questions about my childhood, had also asked me about my beautiful little sister who I was raised separately from who died on 10 September 2000.


The 2000 protests.


I remember my little sister died during the fuel protest in the UK where I was living that started on 8 September 2000, and the protests against the World Economic Forum in Melbourne that began on 11 September 2000, the day after my little sister died on 10 September 2000.


I had originally arrived in Melbourne on 10 September 1996, to visit my little sister, which was exactly four years to the day, before my little sister died, when she was 36 years and 6 days old on 10 September 2000.


It was all pretty much a blur, during what was also the summer Olympics taking place in Melbourne, during what was also the appeal ‘process’ in the ’landmark’ R v Osip case about the execution of my nephew, who was also ‘mixed’ race. 


I had explained to the person who interviewed me over the partial disclosure of my old County Court records, how the intelligence services who raised me had actually cruelly said to my face that “something good” might come from my sister’s death !! which was an unbelievable thing to say.


I had noticed throughout my life they had treated me differently to their own family members and other ‘all white’ people, so it wasn’t love they were trying to share.


There was a surreal discussion about the cost etc of DNA, which I said the British government had in fact (after illegally publishing my name) destroyed 19 times because of course politicians et al knew my DNA did not match who they had publicly claimed I was.


... trying to make some new good memories...


When I alighted the tram today, I happened to follow the Halloween witch’s information and visited an Arcade.


The Arcade had a ‘Gog & Magog’ which it was belatedly claimed in 2009… George Bush supposedly used to explain the Iraq War in 2003.


I nevertheless found a marvellous op shop in the Arcade, which had “the” perfect black dress I had been looking for at a reasonable price. Melbourne is a mecca for Op shops which have the most beautiful clothing and fabrics to create whatever fashion ‘statement’ you like. There are always so many real bargains, while it does feel wonderful to recycle what other people have enjoyed wearing too. Op-shopping is always a win-win.


While purchasing “the” perfect black dress a conversation then developed among several people, which included the Halloween witch who had reappeared too (it's true) around my name being Barbara Tucker, because a person called Tucker had started the Brotherhood of St Laurence. So I explained Barbara Tucker wasn’t really my name which is really Donna Bugat, because I am one of the ‘forgotten children’ who is going through the process of reclaiming my… true identity in the County Court etc etc. There was also an interesting discussion with a South African woman who had lived in numerous Commonwealth countries about the different time zones which meant we live in the 'future' :)


It transpires my case is viewed as 'unusual' because of the albeit socially constructed complications around my ‘nationality’ although however anyone looks at it, I am multi-cultural and have with my own family always legally lived in numerous countries.


... a real snowden file...


It is the British (far from) Commonwealth which arose from the colonial Treaty of Utrecht which has only recklessly persisted in legislating to try and change people’s true identity, all too often bypassing people’s culture which is such an integral part of who you are.


And yet some people can ‘magically’ just come along and buy whatever passport and citizenship they like, while spinning tall tales about something called ‘nationalism’ to other people.


My own personal experience makes me believe that ultimately the equilibrium for a sustainable future will be 100% autonomous states using clean renewable energy within one functioning global legal system, instead of the revolving doors of whatever mob rule ‘democracy’ etc currently happens to claim it is on any given day. 


I guess everyone can if they look, see the future, in the here and now. 




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.