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The British ‘Banana Monarchy’ & their ‘White Privilege’ referendum & 'Extinction Rebellion' in Commonwealth only bothered about losing their white privilege, unite to try & illegally stop public… freedom of movement (eerily demand tram passengers exit 'transport'... silently & without... complaint) (10.10.2019)



I set off early in the “future” today :) in Melbourne (which is ten hours ahead of GMT) to try & get across town before a tram strike that was due to start at 10am.



... a 'protest' by white privilege in Melbourne... 


The plan was to progress the legalities of and around my reclaiming my true identity, which meant I had to visit three different government departments. I had decided to go and get done what I could do, although I felt really ill because I was for some unknown reason, in more pain than usual.


My clean green tram that encourages people not to drive in the city which is partly pedestrianised too anyway, that was supposed to take me across town, and does not pollute the city, only made it as far as the outer limits of the other side of town before everyone had to get off, because the clean green trams were being stopped by the so called ‘eco’ protesters.


I felt it was my public duty to do a spontaneous counter-protest against what are really the White Privilege protests of Extinction Rebellion.


I pointed out and questioned the similarity between the British White Privilege referendum trying to stop freedom of movement for ordinary people, while the White Privilege Extinction Rebellion were posing as protesters using eco cover to try and stop the freedom of movement of ordinary people too.


I doubt it is a co-incidence, particularly since it is the same Banana Monarchy and essentially government, in both countries, trying to restrict freedom of movement. 


The big tough protesters were getting uncomfortable having tried the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears & singing tra la-la in the hope no-one was really challenging them, and said the police would arrest me and I asked what for and they couldn’t say. Very Democracy Village, except there was no sanitised zone, excluding the public from seeing what was going on.




One police officer did try and move me back and asked to speak to me which I declined to do, instead asking if the police minded terribly if I stood alongside the other ‘minority’ onlookers so we were ‘segregated’ together, because it was very much a white privilege only protest taking place, This is despite the fact, the CBD is largely Chinese or an extension of Beijing these days, which is not surprising since Australia is really in Asia.


I vocally checked with the police if it was okay for me to do my spontaneous counter-protest, when I decided to continue, because I had after all been quietly minding my own business on a clean green tram the protesters had chosen to target, so the police could not find a reason to refuse.



...the old cordon-blue...


When the moaning minnie White Privilege protesters asked me to be Shhh… and silent !! (& I didn’t have a loudspeaker so I had to speak through cupped hands) I vocally questioned the difference between them and the White Privilege of Pell & Co who stole the identities !! of we ‘forgotten’ children who were abused while government departments looked the other way and everyone told us to be silent then too etc etc etc, while white male privilege now had the nerve to claim they had a right to tell me, when I could and could not use a tram for goodness sakes.



... white privilege... (Pell also claimed Jewish people were 'intellectually' inferior')


Somewhere along the way, Mr Media ’strangely’ didn’t like me questioning the protest which he said he was covering ? I just said he is not going to be telling the truth (which the media hate the public saying) because apart from the fact he is the same White Male Privilege, he is missing the connection between politicians and people posing as protesters in two countries trying to stop freedom of movement.


One all white female protester who had a go at me told me she was Jewish, (I am not sure what her point about that was) so I just reminded her that Pell & Co for goodness sakes, wanted to hide the identities of we ‘forgotten’ children who had… Jewish converso ancestry, which I had. And that she had made her informed choice to stand with the Cardinal Pell & Co White Privilege (which was her choice and her business) while I was mixed race and never even had the choice to have my true identity or choose my religion. I said I would call out White Privilege and what they did when necessary because they changed my identity and oppressed me because I am 'mixed' race.




Freedom of Movement:



... eerily deserted 'transport'...


One white male privilege then told me he would help me find another tram !! so I had my freedom of movement that I was complaining the protesters were stopping. I pointedly observed I was not a child who 'needed' white male privilege patronising me and stopping me making my own decisions about my freedom of movement.  I explained I had made my own decision to take a clean green tram into town that I had paid to do, that he had stopped me using, which was my own choice I was entitled to make in terms of freedom of movement. Who did White Male Privilege think he was stopping my freedom of movement and what right did he have to do that ? People agreed I did have a point.


It wasn't the case that it was a large protest that had spilled over into the road/tram-tracks)



(I explained I spent seven years as a peacenik in Parliament Square Central London so I was not going to be lectured by the Extinction Rebellion, because I would have said the same thing to them there, because we were an effective protest challenging the government, and not using the public as pawns, so we never blocked any roads, because we did real free speech to try and stop terror, all of which was very difficult to do)


I said I simply did not accept white male privilege Muppet, deciding when I could and could not travel on a clean green tram I had paid to travel on, without being bullied by white male privilege, which was what was happening. 


When I also said they really should start their own clean renewable energy companies which they are absolutely free to do, they bizarrely turned that around into asking me why didn’t I, (which really means... they have no idea why they aren't) to which I replied they were the ones protesting !! not me. 


I am rather fond of the clean green trams in Melbourne myself and I would be happy to pay tram drivers the same as the PM. 


I just now take the view ‘Extinction Rebellion’ are a (closely aligned with government) 'protest' who are all really rather more bothered about possible extinction of White Privilege. Johnson & Corbyn are models of white privilege and all that goes with that. 




... the shhh brigade... white privilege wanted tram passengers to exit their 'transports'... silently & without... complaint... 


The reality is the protesters have the opportunity to work with any number of Hollywood luvvies and recalcitrant royals who profess to be clean and green.


For the avoidance of doubt I would still not in any way support the so called protesters being arrested for blocking the trams, because it should be a simple & 'proportionate' matter to move the trouble-makers out of the way of the clean green trams. I remember the daily chore of having to move the drunken government ‘Democracy Village’ protesters off our patch in Parliament Square in Central London.


I remember speaking recently with a beautiful and savvy young woman from Reunion (we talked about being mixed race and that we both think autonomy is better than whatever independence is supposed to be etc) She correctly said she is the brown face of the future, and proud of that, and I said I would certainly vote for her if she ever wanted to be the French President in the Elysee.


Later today, I was talking to a public official in Melbourne following up my identity case, which is obviously very upsetting and distressing for me (but at least these days it is possible to talk about the core issues of Catalan etc & mixed race & having your identity changed) and I said I just don’t want to know about White Privilege, because I have just suffered and been through too much since I was a child because I am mixed race and White Privilege changed my identity, which has been so harrowing and caused me so much pain.


I said I just want my own true identity back, so I can have my own life.


It was much later in the day, I discovered the trams had actually called off their protest although in reality many were caught up in the White Privilege protest against extinction anyway.


Brian was the greatest peace campaigner the world has ever known.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!