Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Catalonia & Identity, Autonomy & Treaties (05.08.2019) 


The personal autonomy we are able to experience among the treaties imposed upon us, does influence our identity and ability to express our identity. 


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A degree of personal autonomy is preferable and compatible with the reform of current methods of administrative governance which decide policy, rather than whatever claims of independence might mean on any given day.


A Maori I spoke with said it didn't matter that he wasn’t living in New Zealand, because Maori owned the world which was Aotearoa, which was a very interesting viewpoint, when you think about it.


So some people think generally some Treaties are possible and valid, although it is arguable that if we really are all equal, then why do we need any Treaties, because what then is their real purpose. I don't see any reason to personally recognise the colonial Treaty of Utrecht, and in particular if the world “belongs” to everyone, then Treaties must be an anachronistic flawed methodology and certainly in the modern world, where they are proven to be subject to any whims of politicians anyway. 


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I do increasingly view Catalonia’s autonomy as an avante-garde everyone should aspire to, so Catalans have per se “arrived” where others would want to be, and need to catch up with, rather than (for example) Madrid’s desire for (including more) central government control, because most people primarily want to live within a functioning legal system.


So I see the governments in Catalonia and Madrid both being systemically flawed to different degrees, which is more often than not the situation with politics more generally, because politicians primary and indeed often only interest is votes, rather than voluntary unpaid public service.


The British referendum has highlighted some limits of politics and democracy that disingenuously and indeed dishonestly put votes before all else. There are no votes in British or EU politicians caring about 1 million British nationals outside the UK in the EU and so those people have been completely ignored and “forgotten” in any real sense, by all politicians and their apparatchiks. The politicians must have known that no politician in the UK would be able to claim a real majority from the referendum because what is a slim majority vote would be spread between political parties.  


The Bugat family who have historically lived in the (mountains and valleys of) always changing ‘border’ regions’ have more often than not been caught ‘between’ competing European, Arab and Asian ‘empires’.


In fact most people agree that many people are ‘mixed’ race in some way, because many people’s have mixed with "others" over the centuries.


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Since I was exiled from the UK in 2013, Spain have given a ‘Right of Return’ (which is confusing because the Kingdom of Spain included Italy at the time of some expulsions) and there was a Catalan Prime Minister in France who oversaw the creation of Occitanie in France on 24 June 2016, which did include the Agen and Toulouse from the time of Cathars.


The Catalan Bugats in the Pyrenees mostly live in Occitanie in France with no recognition of any rights along with essentially forced assimilation, while the Occitan Bugats mostly live in Catalonia with considerable autonomy including in Val D’Aran, so it’s a mixed bag. The country I have felt most comfortable living in within Europe is Italy because I am a ‘mixed’ race Catalan Italian, but the Vatican has never encouraged people with Jewish ancestry to live in Italy.


I am essentially Mediterranean in origin.


The majority rule prescription of democracy means there simply wouldn’t be a Jewish State, so humanity must support peaceful ways to have and protect smaller states, like Catalonia too. 


The use of Article 155 by Madrid actually relies on the central government being able to get a majority of votes in the Senate too, so it may well be time for Spain and Catalonia to re-think the Constitution together, which is the case elsewhere too.


The Australian government are currently making noises around the Australian Constitution involving Aboriginal people in some way, but in reality the whole Constitution needs a major overhaul.



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Constitutions should be living documents that are always justiciable.


A public debate over the U.S. Constitution very clearly needs to be re-opened in the United States in the wake of so many disturbing massacres involving guns in their own country.


I do personally respect what is now called Catalonia, in Europe, but the real question is could I really live there openly as a Jewish person ?


The most pressing question in Israeli politics is incredibly the same it was all those years ago in the real 1984 when people questioned conscription. You would think that conscription was not necessary in Israel either, because most people living in Israel would want to protect the country anyway. What has changed, is there is a broader spectrum of Jewish voices now being articulated, including outside Israel. 


The Bugat family have historically been Jewish and Catholic in Italy, Spain and Jerusalem.


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When I was discussing “the situation” in an ad-hoc meeting the other day, I said it is difficult because Catalans were not liberated in the aftermath of World War Two (which was during “Whites Only” Australia too) while European governments did not encourage or support Jewish people living in Palestine and didn’t want Jewish people in Catalonia (and arguably Italy) either. I lived the reality I did not understand as a child, of adults using casual racism in those days, because Italians were not considered “white”. I did see the adults conflicted when I asked them to explain their attitudes about Italians and aboriginal children.


It was clearly about the colonial Treaty of Utrecht which the British Establishment most profited from. 


I pointed out that in my own case, the intelligence services could not possibly have been serious about wanting to recruit me when I became an adult, because it could not possibly have ever been legal. It would obviously have been seriously perverse for me to join an organisation who (through illegal means too, which were widespread in those days) denied me my own identity for no valid reason !!


The fact the use of clean renewable energy will continue to grow does mean there will be a fundamental shift in politics globally, which means people will be able to have more choice in the communities we belong to.


It really is the public duty of everyone to responsibly participate in and contribute to peacefully making all our communities as welcoming and as safe as possible.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.