Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: ASIO ‘godfather’ Barnett (Whitlam-Iraq & Hawke Combe-Ivanov) shockingly refused to hand-back my identity, incl. Jewish ancestry when I went to Israel in Feb 1984, before 16 March 1984 murder of CIA station chief in Beirut at beginning of Iran-Contras etc during Iran-Iraq war) (16.07.2019)



I am a Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion woman (who has been forced to live as a real life ‘conversa’ in our times).



... it all started a little before captain cook...


The highest echelons of the British and Australian 'Fremantle' intelligence services who ('forgot' to declare their substantial 'conflict of interest' when they) posed as my parents and godparents shockingly completely changed my identity when I was a child, during the Franco era (in what was also ‘Whites only’ Australia at that time) solely to hide my Mediterranean... Jewish ancestry. 


It was a very serious abuse of an innocent and defenceless child that inevitably “put in place a sequence of events” that only caused me very serious harm. I lived from a very young age, in what was really an extremely hostile environment that had nothing to do with me.


However you look at it, I was really only ever a child prisoner of adults denying my Jewish ancestry, in echoes of the Egardo Mortara case, when the Vatican kidnapped an Italian Jewish child. I never worked for any intelligence services as an adult, primarily because the British and Australian intelligence services had only cynically tried to get me to sign on a dotted line, to a) try and cover up my true identity and b) what they had done. 


They never wanted me to find my way home.


Catalan Donna's have historically been known as 'Black Madonnas'.


The Bugat family have always lived in for example Catalonia, Italy and Jerusalem in the mountains and valleys of the ever changing ‘border’ regions around the Mediterranean (and through Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes) so we have been on all ’sides’ of European, Arab and Asian ‘empires’.


There has never been any 'freedom of religion'. 


Alpais de Bugat 1255 (for example) was a minor noble during Cathar times (Cathars tried to unite religions) whose family the Papacy (Avignon) and European royal families (Stewarts & Grimaldi et al) married into etc over the centuries.


ie: Lateran Council IV 1215 and the colonial Treaty of Utrecht


Aristo... Cats:



... aristo... cats... (16.01.2012)...



Some Italian Jews, who are from diverse backgrounds, are neither Sephardi or Ashkenazi because they are Jerusalemites.


The Jewish State is unusual because it is founded in self-defense that is not reliant on the Balfour Declaration, because no government anywhere did anything to protect Jewish people, despite the many centuries of persecution.  


The man, Barnett who posed as my godfather was the DG of ASIO who presented Labours Hawke with the Combe-Ivanov affair during the Iran Contras and the Iraq - Iran War (following Whitlam seeking election funding from Iraq) etc.


They were all arguing over artificially inflating the price of abiotic oil.



... the matriarch...



It is particularly shocking the intelligence services still refused to give me back my true identity even when I went to Israel in 1984, because they didn’t want me to live there, with the same being the case when I was in Italy later that year.


... pope's neice...


The DG of ASIO was way beyond grossly negligent in refusing to give me back my identity, and worse after he had publicly named himself, and the CIA station chief was murdered in Beirut.



... avignon papacy...


The Director General of ASIO was only very recklessly placing me in harms way by hiding my identity from me, while they did know their intelligence services had been compromised… since their inception.



... calais... knights garter and all that...



One of my military minders who recruited Barnett, had been trained by one of the British royals con-artist’s Anthony Blunt, so however you look at it, the colonial ‘Fremantle’ so called intelligence services in Australia had always been compromised. 


I was at the Acropolis in Athens at the beginning of the real 1984, when someone suggested we go to Israel and so we did. I remember our boat from Athens having to wait to enter Haifa in February 1984, because the American warships began their evacuation of Beirut.


My friend and myself were made to feel welcome and didn’t have any problems visiting Gaza in 1984 (before Hamas and the 'rabbit proof fence'). The problems we did encounter elsewhere, can be directly attributed to the intelligence services illegally hiding my identity and Jewish ancestry from me.


While the Cold War/Oil wars have been and are only about artificially inflating the price of abiotic oil, there are a growing number of viable alternatives with clean renewable energy that can help make everyone healthy and wealthy.


When I was in the UK, the intelligence services said in 2006 I would never be “allowed” to publicly campaign for free speech !! (although it was admitted I wasn’t doing anything wrong) which was of itself an admission (anti-competition legislation) ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed) was incompatible with the Human Rights Act (had no due process) 



... I did literally suffer a 'flashback' (to the real 1984) when (as the courts later found/admitted) the British government had kidnapped me on 4 Sept 2006...



I sought to repeal ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation for the benefit of everyone, while I was really only malevolently targeted by Labour in the UK, because of my Jewish ancestry. I did peacefully publicly do what I did for seven plus years that anyone could have done, but I did actually do.


The Tory (& Lib Dem) legislation against me in 2011 (following the repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005) relied solely on Blair, Corbyn and Livingstone et al being able to hide their 8 March 2007 emails from a High Court civil jury, which is why I was exiled in 2013 instead.


Of course, there is no statute of limitations over the use of life-threatening torture etc.


The legislation ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (that purported Corbyn and Livingstone and their cronies could have 'exemptions' along with ss 141-150 PRSR Act 2011 both proved what phoneys Livingstone and Corbyn really are. 


Some Jewish people have returned to (the ‘Spanish’ part of) Catalonia. (The Catalan thalassocracy that included Gibraltar and Genoans, emerged after the Phoenician thalassocracy)  I first went to Spain in 1981 before a gentleman from Genoa took me along the (french & Italian) Riviera to Monaco in 1984. The Bugats who live in Catalonia generally consider themselves Occitan and the Bugats who live in what was re-named Occitan on 24 June 2016 by the French government, mostly consider themselves Catalan so I guess it sort of muddles along. 




“... All synagogues and Jewish centers were closed between 1939 and 1949,” Valentin, a genealogy buff who has traced his family’s Crypto-Jewish past, said in the 700-year-old house’s slick renovated kitchen. “And after that, the country was run by a hyper-Catholic regime which, although outwardly open to Jews and Israel — Franco wanted to get close to the United States after World War II — drew its inspiration from Italian fascism. So Jews lacked a voice in public life.”


One of the group’s founders, a Mexican Jew of Syrian descent named Monica Buzali, also experienced a shock when she moved to Barcelona to study history. “Back in Mexico I had no problem stating publicly that I’m Jewish,” she said, “but in Barcelona I’ve found that people keep it to themselves.” “What we have in Barcelona is an identity issue,” Valentin said. “If you keep your identity private and hidden, it’s like it doesn’t exist..."


... it's very difficult for children who have had their Jewish ancestry taken/hidden from them by governments...



A Mediterranean 'world view' can -include- Jewish people.




The Spanish government’s very belated ‘right of return’ in 2015 inevitably ’sidesteps’ the Kingdom of Spain during the Inquisitions etc for example, included parts of Italy. The European and Arab politicians archaic divide and rule around the Mediterranean is still used to ban Jewish people living in most Muslim countries.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.