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Donna Black-Cat Bugat: Messrs, The Leader of the 'Opposition' Mr Corbyn & his quisling Livingstone hid 8 March 2007 emails from HQ12X03564 on 8 April 2013, so they wouldn't go to prison, which is why I was exiled instead (26.06.2019)


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Thank you for letter dated 19 June 2019.


I am a Catalan Italian, British Australian mixed race and religion woman called Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker/Paterson)


I have travel arrangements which were confirmed on 8 June 2019, prior to your letter, so I will not be available for the rendezvous.


I am able to provide copies of the travel arrangements upon request by email, so it is probably better to arrange a payment schedule by bank transfer etc


The original copy with the court stamp from the Queen’s Bench Division in the UK from HQ12X03564 dated 8 April 2012, which confirms I properly requested an urgent High Court jury, which was my legal right, in the UK, in my personal injury civil lawsuit is attached, which explains… why I was exiled from the UK.





The reason the British government failed to produce the basic necessary disclosure from for example 16 January 2012, was because the current Leader of the Opposition in the UK, Mr Corbyn had along with his quisling Livingstone, one of the former Mayors of London, illegally hidden their emails relating to myself and Brian Haw from 8 March 2007.


The emails from 8 March 2007 prove that Corbyn & Livingstone as politicians used improper influence on public officials like the former top cop for their own political and personal financial advantage with regard to their ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 anti-competition legislation (now repealed)


They horse-traded the evidence of those emails with all and sundry over the years, to put as many politicians et al between Brian and myself and themselves. This was because they would go to prison if the emails where produced in court, before a jury. Once Corbyn and Livingstone had illegally hid basic disclosure in lawsuits, then other politicians et al followed. There are numerous published ‘landmark’ malicious prosecutions in the UK, that are altered by the fact Corbyn & Livinsgtone et al had always illegally refused to disclose those emails which only emerged towards the end of 2010. 


The existence of the 8 March 2007 emails is the reason media tycoon Murdoch and then another former PM Cameron could blatantly publicly call for us to be illegally ‘removed’ without any caveat, on 19 July 2009, because they knew about the existence of the emails.


The 8 March 2007 emails led to the life-threatening attack by an unknown assailant on me on 17 August 2007, followed by the original attempt to exile me in April 2008, followed by Brian being crippled on 5 May 2008 on the day of the Mayoral switch between Labour and Tory, and the life-threatening use of torture on me on 4 September 2009, which the government do not deny etc etc.


The point is that once I was exiled from the UK, in the EU, I was not able to settle my lawsuits -or- have access to social security benefits or proper medical treatment. The UK does not have a social security agreement with Australia and France does not have a social security agreement with Australia either, although Australia has social security agreements with other EU Countries.


I am therefore travelling to Australia to try and peacefully resolve the legal impasse, by switching my ‘residency’ that was really in London, in the UK, to Melbourne in Australia, although my only home is in France. I obviously did not know I was going to be exiled. 


My primary reason for travelling to Australia is because I need medical treatment, because I have no access to medical treatment in France and I cannot return to the UK with no refoulement etc. I am then also applying for a ‘New Start’ Allowance in Australia (or depending on my health, I guess it would be a Disability Allowance which is the same amount as an Age pension) ‘in lieu’ of my lawsuits in the UK, which it has proved impossible to settle. 


The British politicians are not known for being honourable people. 


I now have a bank account so I would also like to agree to pay the smallest amount possible on a weekly or monthly basis in terms of local taxes in France, because I obviously love my modest cottage in my nature lovers paradise. My assets are my cottage which is worth £89,500 and my car which has a trade in value of £3,300. 


You can contact me by email to discuss and agree, and the local Mairie will be able to contact me by email if they need a spare key in an emergency.  


I have also attached a copy of a small hospital bill from July 2017 which I think has been sent to me in error ? because I have attached the EHIC card I had which was valid until February 2018. I was unable to afford the prescriptions which cost €150 euros per week, so it took me a long time to recover as much as possible. Unfortunately, I do have injuries from the UK which require medical treatment. 


I hope that my fresh approach will mean I can move on from what happened in the UK, and share my time between Melbourne in Australia and Breizh in France and make some good new memories. 


Kind Regards.


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker/Paterson)




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!