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Donna ‘Black-cat’ Bugat: Australian Ambassador in Paris, I remain willing to testify against Mr Corbyn (who is British Labour Opposition Leader only) because he always illegally with-held ‘Article 50’ 8 March 2007 emails from CO/11393/2007 etc etc (11.06.2019)


Dear Australian Ambassador in Paris,



... Mr Corbyn not only never supported or helped Brian, but illegally worked against us, because Corbyn didn't like real 'competition' from civilians because he didn't really want to stop terror and bring British troops home...



My name is Donna, and I am a ‘mixed’ race and religion Catalan Italian, British Australian (formerly known as Babs Tucker) while the Bugat family are historically both Jewish -and- Catholic and live in Catalonia, Italy -and- Jerusalem for example.


I am returning to Melbourne in Australia, to switch my ‘residency’ to Australia primarily for personal and family reasons, although my only home remains in Breizh, France in the EU, where I have legally been ‘resident’/lived (in exile) for the past six years.


This should help me share my time between Australia (British Commonwealth) and Breizh, France (EU) while also visiting Catalonia, Italy and Jerusalem. (I guess I should try and make the most of being a ‘multi-national’ by possibly dabbling in import/export trade/eco tourism in some way)


(The reality is the EU doesn’t thus far, have basic protections for exiles from within the EU, so there isn’t really any genuine ’freedom’ of movement for… civilians from… within the EU. Civilians are therefore still treated by governments as a ‘foreigner’ without any real, let alone… consistent basic rights… regardless of how long you have been legally ‘resident’  in one… or indeed in more than one country in the EU. The UK and Australia for example also don’t have any reciprocal ‘social security agreement’ despite both being part of the British Commonwealth, and neither do France or Australia, despite Australia having reciprocal ‘social security agreements’ with other EU countries, so the EU is ‘at best’ a ‘bureaucratic muddle’ because politicians didn’t bother… starting by establishing a basic framework with basic protections for… civilians)


I was a small child who was only five years old in 1967 which was the same year as the Six Day War in the Golan, when I was terrorised by a gunman in Australia, which formed my ‘world view’ during what was also the Franco era & Vietnam War. I was so traumatised by what happened, the first words of my own, I ever really spoke, when I was ten years old, were I want to go home (* to my own family).


I was not motivated by any politics or ideology of any kind, when I then stood as an adult woman in Parliament Square, Central London, to try and do whatever I could to try and stop terror, because I remembered what children felt like.


Most politicians in the UK however, only have something to say about anything, when there is either a vote or money in it for… themselves.


A ‘surprising’ number of politicians have not yet caught up or reconciled with the real world reality that while borders of all sorts are... socially constructed, many families are nevertheless, ‘multi-national’ which is actually quite natural and normal.


You may “raise as a formal complaint” the fact:


I remain willing to testify against Mr Corbyn (who is the British Labour Opposition Leader only) because he always illegally with-held ‘Article 50’ 8 March 2007 emails from basic disclosure in very serious legal proceedings in the UK. 


(It is of course well known that Mr Corbyn had never done anything to support or help Brian over the years)


In any legal sense, even the belated partial disclosure of ‘Article 50’ 8 March 2007 emails unravels pretty much everything done to Brian and myself in the UK, because they do reveal who did really know what and when.



The deliberate failure to properly disclose those 8 March 2007 emails in March 2007… including in our ‘summons’ case against the British government on 23 March 2007, led directly to & incl:


a) the life-threatening attack by their not so ‘unknown’ assailant on me on 17 August 2007 in the UK


b) the illegal attempt to originally exile me from the UK in April 2008 which led to my High Court Order against the British government on 16 April 2008


(the politicians effectively... ignored the High Court Order)


c) the life-threatening use of torture on me on 4 September 2009 in the UK



d) continually obstructed the administration of justice in numerous high profile ‘landmark’ published legal cases… against Brian and myself etc etc.


The ‘landmark’ published ‘Contempt of Court’ case against Brian and myself in 2007 that was always malicious, while ridiculously purporting in the High Court to change the infinitive ‘a’ in legislation, is very obviously ‘null and void’ too. This includes. because of the British government’s wilful refusal to disclose the emails from 8 March 2007, which do put rather a different ‘blush’ on what was really going on.


It is strange but true, that when you look at the timeline, the UK would never have been able to sign up to Article 50, British politicians proposed, if those 8 March 2007 emails had been disclosed.


So Corbyn did illegally hide the 8 March 2007 emails which politicians et al then ‘horse-traded’ over, to push through Article 50, just to do what he wanted (because of course most legislation is only ever about what one politician or another wants for… themselves)


The letter dated 8 December 2006 from the senior government lawyer to us, enquiring about… our High Court civil jury lawsuits against the government, when read alongside the 8 March 2007 emails actually shows politicians like Corbyn and the quisling Livingstone et al… hiding they are illegally dictating to police et al, entirely outside any ‘operational’ context of any kind.


The ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation (now repealed) was always ‘anti-competition’ legislation that sought to illegally exclude the public from peacefully participating in politics. This is partly why I advocate all local, national and international politics should (voluntarily) be voluntary unpaid public service. Millions of civilians all around the world do after all peacefully participate in voluntary unpaid public service like on… juries, every single day.


It would be self-evident to any reasonable, rational and responsible adult that politicians and their cronies in ‘unions’ like the Police Federation or National Union of ‘Journalists’ could not have (had) ‘superior’ rights/entitlements under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed) over and above civilians whether they are the BBC, Mr Assange, Mr Murdoch or the Daily Mail etc etc.


It is however a matter of fact, all the so-called supposed ‘journalists’ did (like the Police Federation) all fail to declare (incl. the conflict of interest) in their being made ‘exempt’ by politicians from that legislation used against Brian and myself.


The evidence is (HH Judge Rivlin at Southwark Crown Court) and the High Court Judiciary refused to award ‘costs’ against Brian and myself in numerous malicious ‘landmark’ prosecutions (incl. on 17 March 2011) because:


a) Brian and myself blew the whistle in the High Court on 21 June 2010 in another ‘landmark’ malicious prosecution against us


b) before I also pointed out on 17 March 2011, when the case from 21 June 2010 had gone to the Court of Appeal before illegally being referred back to the High Court for ‘Round Two’ !! the government was (among much) illegally trying to either ‘side-step’ -or- ’overtake’… our lawsuits like CO/11393/2007 etc (which of course left Brian’s supposed ‘own’ lawyers somewhat ‘professionally embarrassed’ while he was having medical treatment in Germany in 2011, after the police had… admitted they crippled him on 5 May 2008).


c) refer also my counter lawsuit in HQ11X00563 over 17 August 2007 etc on 17 August 2011.


(When Brian originally applied for the summons against the two Blairs on Friday 23 March 2007, the former PM Blair then did an earlier ‘switch’ than he had announced on 7 September 2006, after what they did on 4 September 2006, with the former PM Brown on 27 June 2007, before the summons against the fmr top cop Lord Blair was also finally issued on 27 June 2007 etc etc etc etc)


Corbyn et al were obviously never interested in either genuine job creation or energy security for everyone in the UK, because they have never even offered, let alone guaranteed their ‘own’ British soldiers employment in the clean renewable energy sector in the UK at the same or a better rate of pay if/when soldiers leave the military.


Mr Corbyn was never interested in stopping terror or bringing British troops home.


... 'our lady'... alpais de bugat 1255...


Instead the fmr PM Brown who was just another journalist turned politician too, cynically declared in September 2007 (after the life-threatening attack on me by their not so ‘unknown’ assailant) there should only be “British jobs for British people”… which was illegal when he suggested that relied upon targeting people from the EU (for example) as “migrants” (of course wealthy people are welcome everywhere). Their hypocrite Sadiq Khan who is Labour’s latest Mayor of London purported to complain about the treatment of Babar Ahmed… yet covered up Labour using life-threatening torture against moi in the UK in the EU, because I was a ‘mixed’ race and religion ‘dual national’ Australian… woman in the UK.


It should be possible for me to recover my… expenses from the past six years via… costs against Corbyn et al in CO/11393/2007 etc because it was obviously seriously illegal for them to ‘with-hold’ those emails etc etc. 


I am separately applying for a ‘personal injury pension’… in Australia ‘in-lieu’ of my outstanding civil jury lawsuits… in the UK.


(I do nevertheless obviously need the master copy of the British government’s ‘trophy footage’ of life-threatening torture used on me from 4 September 2009, for my medical treatment, along with written confirmation all other existing copies have been destroyed, which can all be arranged by the Australian embassy)


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)


(* The highest echelons of the British and Australian ‘Fremantle’ intelligence services, who posed as my parents and godparents etc completely changed my identity when I was a child. It is of course common-sense they did not ‘acquire’ a Catalan Italian child called Bugat by ‘happenstance’ during the  Franco era. It is sad they all still refused to tell me my true identity when I first travelled to Italy and Spain in 1981 and when I later went to Jerusalem and Italy again in the real 1984. It was obviously illegal for Tudor Harvey Barnett, who posed as my godfather, to leak his own identity, when he was the DG of ASIO, while… they all refused to give me back my… true identity, because I was not ever in any way a part of or connected to their world !! It was seriously illegal/‘improper influence’ for the intelligence services to even try and recruit me, which they did try and failed to do, when I was young, because they could not possibly have ‘reasonably believed’ it would be legal)







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!