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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Dear Australian Ambassador in Paris, I am a woman and Australian (dual) ‘citizen’ who remains willing to testify before any court, incl. criminal & civil juries, fmr British PM Gordon Brown used life-threatening torture on me in the UK within EU (03.06.2019)




... the unlimited potential of clean renewable energy to make everyone healthy and wealthy will eventually naturally change politics 'as we know it'...



I am a Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion woman (Bugats are both Jewish and Catholic along with Mediterranean and Latino) caught ‘between’ the ‘politics’ of the British Commonwealth, and European Arab and Asian ‘empires’.


This is to confirm I remain willing to testify in any court, the fmr British PM Gordon Brown (who is no longer the British PM) used life-threatening torture on me in the UK.


Therefore you can then raise this as a ‘formal complaint’ (that will not be contested by any British politicians et al)


The former British PM Gordon Brown is completely opposed to any kind of civilian… juries.


The British Commonwealth have never gone to any court in Europe/European Union to argue on behalf of/defend the rights of any civilian citizen.






The SS 132-138 SOCPA 2005 ’anti-competition’ legislation in the UK (now repealed, because it resulted in too many High Court civil… jury lawsuits etc etc) was incredibly discriminatory and intended if it was rolled out across the country which is what was proposed, to ultimately rig all local and national elections.


The issue of… juries in Europe (and elsewhere) was never properly/legally resolved after World War Two, which has stood in the way of genuine progress towards:


a) one functioning universal legal jurisdiction.


b) a universal health and social welfare program (ie: pan-British Commonwealth & European/Union ’social security agreement’)


The reality is, it is both fact and law I have a ‘transferable’ right to a criminal and civil jury, over torture which has no statute of limitations, having been used against me.


The unlimited potential of clean renewable energy to make everyone healthy and wealthy will naturally eventually transform politics ‘as we know it’ anyway.


The regressive legislation SS 132-138 SOCPA 2005 in the UK was an ‘Enabling Act’ creating a Nuremberg situation in Europe, because we proved it was politicians who did not want a criminal or civil jury over the legislation, because that did not suit them. This was because legislation falsely purported it could give ‘exemptions’ (ie: ’superior’ rights and ‘entitlements’ to politicians who are paid by the public and often global corporations too, along with their ’union’ cronies specifically in the Police Federation and National Union of ‘Journalists’. The legislation brought all politicians, the entire media and criminal justice system into serious disrepute as they violently sought to exclude civilians from politics. The top brass at New(s) Scotland Yard including Lord Paddick who stood for the London Mayoralty in 2008, were along with politicians all seen ‘vying’ to use the London Mayoralty, to be the ‘kingmaker’ in ‘politics’.


My name was illegally leaked to the so called ‘news’ media by the same politicians, police and media who all failed to at all times, mention the relevant fact, they had ‘exempted’ … themselves from the legislation !!


The politicians et al letter to me, about their meeting at 8 am on 8 December 2006 on the Feast of the(ir) Immaculate Concept(ion), highlights the issue was always about our having a High Court civil… jury (or criminal juries) which is not uniform across the European Union. The reason a Jewish State was created in self-defense (which was never contingent on Balfour) after WW2 was because no politicians protected Jewish people, and what became the UN agreed a state ’in lieu’ of a criminal… (or civil) jury at Nuremberg.




The basic facts/outline are:


The former British PM Gordon Brown was the British PM who was therefore legally responsible




a) along with the quisling Livingstone (a fmr Mayor of London) for the life-threatening attack on me by their not so ‘unknown’ assailant (undercover agent) on 17 August 2007 in the UK


b) the use if life-threatening torture etc on me by six members of the British Metropolitan (TSG) police on 4 September 2009 at Belgravia Police Station in Central London, in the UK.


The evidence is the two ‘incidents’ are… connected (including to the attack by the TSG on Brian on 12 January 2008 before he was crippled by police on 5 May 2008, which led to the “catastrophic breakdown in his immune system” because the injury was not properly treated)




(I am as you know returning soon to Australia to ‘switch’ my ‘residency’ to Australia to ‘visit’ my own home in Breizh, France in the EU. I guess an ideal would include following the solar cycle of summers)


Mr Brown was also the British PM when a Metropolitan Police officer called PC Corcoran who used physical torture on me on 8 September 2008, which caused permanent damage, was helped (according to British government records) to ‘emigrate’ to Australia by British and Australian Labour politicians, and the unions and AFP (Australian Federal Police) because they could not produce him in court.




Mr Brown was also the British PM when I legally named an agent provocateur on 13 January 2010 in legal proceedings in the UK.


So Mr Brown knew as PM, on 13 January 2007, those legal proceedings were going to lead directly back to him and the use of an undercover agent/s on 17 August 2007 (that continued after 17 August 2007 and included the agent provocateur I named on 13 January 2010 who was also involved in the cover-up over… 17 August 2007. (It is of course common-sense that all so called ‘legal proceedings’ against Brian and myself, after 17 August 2007 would lead back to 17 August 2007) 


No-one made Mr Brown do what he did and he could have resigned at any time, but refused to do so.


The reason Mr Brown refused to resign as British Prime Minister on and over 17 August 2007, was because he was always only in ‘politics’ for his own… personal financial reasons.


The former British PM Mr Brown will not even now or ever be contributing to or paying for my ‘personal injury pension’ politicians can call whatever they like, ‘in lieu’ of my civil jury lawsuits in the UK. (In fact the politicians et al did not have any insurance cover to use the legislation)


He was always trying to… exploit, rather than peacefully reconcile ’differences’ between people.


Indeed when Mr Brown did not resign on or over 17 August 2007, he then presided over the signing of the Article 50 ‘referendum’ in the Lisbon Treaty on 13 December 2007 (which also happened to be when I “won” three consecutive legal victories in court, so he had to for example then disband Charing Cross Police Station from the top down in January 2008) and the financial crisis.


It is well known I am not connected to and have never supported another Australian ‘citizen’ Assange (I did always very publicly oppose SS 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation purporting it could give ‘superior’ rights and entitlements to for example ‘journalists’ who include… the BBC state broadcaster -or- Mr Murdoch for example) My complaints about torture in the UK within the EU, obviously came long... before Assange & the UN’s more recent complaint about psychological torture in (for example) the UK.


I can testify in any court to the use of torture by the fmr PM Gordon Brown in the UK, within the EU.




I have always done my best to speak out about the use of torture on me in the UK, because I have always been trying to stop the use of torture and protect everyone from torture, so I would not want to see… anyone else tortured.


I personally advocate (it should be voluntary, rather than mandatory) all local, national and international politics should be voluntary unpaid public service, because politicians do not have ‘superior’ rights/ entitlements because they are paid by the public and or global corporations.  Millions of civilians all around the world do voluntary unpaid public service every single day all around the world, that includes ... jury service.


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!