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Donna Black-cat: My reply to email received from Australian Consulate in Paris on 24 April 2019 (26.04.2019) 



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Dear Australian Consulate in Paris,


My reply to your email received on 24 April 2019.


In the UK, Brian and myself proved civilians could peacefully challenge global corporations buying politicians and legislation.


The British Establishment then relied on the Australian politicians/government doing nothing in the UK, when the British government repeatedly used torture etc on me.  


(The British and Australian governments admitted in 2011 that the people who had posed as my parents and god parents when I was a child, really worked for the intelligence services, so I can at least re-claim my real identity that was stolen from me too !)


I was exiled from the UK because it was impossible for me to sustain safely living in the UK without a) legal representation, which would include b) lawful settlement of my lawsuits, in particular over torture etc. 


The failure of the British government to give me legal representation or settle my lawsuits simply because they didn’t want a jury, and had no recognised defence in law, obviously means/t I remained vulnerable to being ‘exploited’ against my will, by politicians et al. The British government stole everything I owned in the UK, because I had no legal representation ! 


The court records show the British Establishment wanted to dictate their terms of any legal settlement rather than enter into any responsible negotiated civil procedures. 


There was a lot that the Australian embassy in London could have done, (such as attend court as observers and make representations) that they didn’t do, to stop torture repeatedly being used (that the British government do have a long history of using).


The torture the government in the UK used, escalated from being non-life threatening to becoming life threatening etc. 


I would like to arrange an appointment with staff from the Australian embassy in Paris (but do not want to be discriminated against because I do not happen to live in and am unable to travel to Paris) The embassy in Paris should be able to/is not beyond the ability of the embassy to cater for Australian citizens who do not live in Paris and are unable to travel to Paris.


(If I was in the UK, I would not even go to the Australian embassy alone because it is now solely staffed by a succession of Australian politicians like Downer and Brandeis who just appointed themselves Ambassadors to maintain their own diplomatic and legal cover at the taxpayers expense)


I would also appreciate the Paris Consulate sending me out the necessary paperwork by email and post (which I have to say is not very reliable) so that I can begin the process of claiming a pension on medical grounds (regardless of whether I have to be inconvenienced by having to travel to Australia to initially collect it, because anyone can live anywhere they like with a pension and I already have my home I lover very much where I am now. The legal documents I have show the Australian government did recognise an address in Australia that could be used for me). In any event I  would like embassy staff from Paris to help me fill out the necessary forms etc.


There can’t possibly be any legal argument that I am entitled to a pension on medical grounds, that I could then use to 'self-insure' as I wished.


If the Australian government/Paris embassy need any kind of medical confirmation about anything they will obviously need to provide me with access to medical services where I am now, that would need to include a medical specialist who deals with victims of repeated state torture etc (that isn't denied by the British government) and to advise on whether or not I should travel etc etc because there are a number of medical issues.


(In the unlikely event the British Establishment ever wish to settle my outstanding lawsuits over torture, which remain 'in abeyance' and their failure to do, is what forced me out of the UK, then the UK should only be able to contact me via the Australian Consulate in Paris)




Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!