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Donna Black-cat: A legal precedent in Jerusalem & the EU with universal health and welfare package in global conversion to clean and renewable energy helps build stable economies and global peace deal (10.04.2019)




Re: Letter dated 27 March 2019 received 8 April 2019 ref: 3020894574033


I am a Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion pipsqueak peacenik ‘converso’ exile who at 57 years young and 5 ft 5 and a half inches tall and 7 and a half stone (45kgs) is an authentic civilian voice for peace and international law.


My 8 April 2019 reply to a letter sent to me on 2 April 2019, refers to my claim on policy AN3991XX.


Donna: Messrs, policy AN3991XX dated 12 July 2013 means British Commonwealth, EU and US should unite with improved governance incl. freedom of movement for people & trade in conversion to clean renewable energy to begin repeal of Treaty of Utrecht on 11 April 2019 (08.04.2019)


The British and Australian Fremantle intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents grabbed me as a child and completely changed/hijacked my identity, including my nationality solely because governments have inevitably always sought to avoid any legal challenges to the ‘switch’ of Gibraltar etc etc in the Treaty of Utrecht. So I have always been completely ‘disenfranchised’ in every conceivable way, since I was a child.


The current democratic deficit in the EU which is directly attributable to the inherent and compounded failures of the Treaty of Utrecht can probably only be remedied by the EU having an EU President elected by the public and a pan-EU referendum for the public to build and agree a Constitution.


This would necessarily involve politicians actually agreeing the fundamental benchmark of a basic pan-EU health and welfare package across the European Union, which politicians have cynically avoided doing for a very many years now despite numerous reports and so on.


It makes legal and economic sense (for example) for the British Commonwealth and European Union and United States to agree a union that gives freedom of movement to people and trade across their geographical areas which would suit all ‘sides’ arguments really while remaining competitive with China and India et al.


I should personally have had my 'first choice' and my first choice would obviously have been to live in Jerusalem which is my favourite city for many reasons.


The proper balance in many ways would and should have been a residential address in Jerusalem, along with the residential address of my nature lovers paradise in the countryside in the EU, so there is a balance that also sets a legal precedent that benefits everyone.


In all the circumstances, it is in any event a legal impossibility for governments to (for example) claim taxes from an exile !! who has no income and is not in receipt of any benefits or pension etc (so I am actually due a refund on local taxes I did pay, where I live now, outside the UK in the EU, because the EU do not have any safeguards whatsoever for exiles from within the EU).


It is self explanatory the UK (& Australia) always intended to ‘at best’ force me into exile me because their intention to ‘side-step’ my lawsuits, also meant they would have to avoid paying me benefits etc, despite my having paid taxes.


I would choose to set a legal precedent in Jerusalem (& EU) for stable economies with a universal health and welfare package in the global conversion to clean renewable energy.


There is no legal reason:


a) the Australian government cannot pay me either a ’New Start’ allowance/pension both where I am now and or in Jerusalem (I paid taxes in both Australia and the UK)


b) my lawsuits from the UK where there were never any legal grounds to ‘sidestep’ civil juries, can’t be peacefully settled through my claim on my policy AN3991XX


The reality is the global conversion to clean renewable energy will help to make everyone healthy and wealthy which will eventually lead to peace and open borders.


Everyone will then have greater autonomy to make their own choices on where they would like to live and work according to all manner of political, religious, cultural and familial variables.


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!