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Donna: Ambassadors, This is to notify the UN, I would like to be Secretary-General (in lieu of my civil lawsuits in UK and/ a ‘New Start allowance’ in EU, from Australian govt) to oversee moving autonomous UN Headquarters to Jerusalem (with a UN aid campus in the Golan) in universal peace and aid program (01.04.2019)




Western Wall and an authentic voice for international peace and law.


I am a Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion ’converso’ pipsqueak peacenik who at fifty-seven years young, 5 foot five and a half inches tall and 7 and a half stone (45 kgs) is an authentic civilian voice for peace and international law.


This is to notify the UN, I would like to be the next UN Secretary-General (in lieu/instead of my civil lawsuits in the UK and/a ’New Start allowance’ in the EU, from Australian govt) so I can oversee a genuine universal peace and aid program, in wide consultation, with civilian populations.


(I have lived outside the UK in exile in the EU, since 13 April 2013, in a modest cottage I own, which I think of as a nature lovers paradise.There are of course no systems of any kind in place for exiles from within the EU in the EU)


My family story is the Western Wall in Jerusalem. My own father’s uncommon surname is found in the mountains and valleys around the Mediterranean through to exile communities in the Central Asian steppes in a ‘western wall’ of always changing ’borders’ on both/all ‘sides’ of numerous European, Arabic and Asian ‘empires’. 


The foundation of my peace plan involves simply moving the autonomous UN Headquarters to Jerusalem, which would contribute to help make the city truly universal, and genuinely find a sustainable peace plan that protects a Jewish State and peace in the surrounding region.


This will help the UN undergo a process of renewal itself that could include the UN Security Council being enhanced by an enlarged membership of permanent members. A country from each of the Mediterranean, Arabic, African and Latin American regions, being included as permanent members of the UN Security Council, would better reflect the real world today.


The fact there has never been a female UN Secretary General is indicative of the need for renewal of the United Nations, in many respects. 


The UN headquarters in Jerusalem will also help the Mediterranean become the central focus it is, in diversifying into the use of clean renewable energy to help make everyone healthy and wealthy. 


I spent seven plus years myself in the British ‘Mandate’/‘disputed’ Golan of Parliament Square, Central London, where the British government when forced to repeal anti-competition legislation, then used the same legislation against me (in particular in 2012) that they had used against Jewish people at the Western Wall during the British ‘Mandate’, so many years ago.


Even the ‘Good Friday’ agreement was cynically used by politicians as an opportunity to transfer legislation from Northern Ireland, to the mainland UK, while UK politicians hid behind their new ‘Human Rights Act’ to try and maintain a ‘margin of appreciation’ to continue ignoring the rule of law, for as long as possible. The politicians ‘Human Rights Act’ was only introduced in the UK, so civilians could no longer appeal directly to the ECHR etc.


Brian Haw and myself were subjected to the longest political trial in English history that included numerous ’landmark’ malicious prosecutions against us, solely because politicians and global corporations wanted to ‘side-step’ our High Court civil lawsuits with a jury that were too ‘inconvenient’ for them.


UN - Jerusalem - Golan


The re-location of the UN Headquarters to Jerusalem would really help to put peace at the top of the world agenda in practice in a central and important historic location by the Mediterranean. UN members would also find it so much easier to better consult with and be informed by civilian populations affected by so many UN decisions too.


Geneva & renewal report


I would initially use an office in the UN complex in Geneva in the European Union to liaise with the current UN Secretary-General in New York, along with other people in Jerusalem, and elsewhere, because so much planning would be involved to successfully arrange new autonomous UN Headquarters in Jerusalem.


The public always need authentic civilian voices for peace, and in particular at the UN, because too many so called ‘human rights’ organisations which are used by governments for government reports are merely talking heads for governments, who do not reflect the authentic voice or experience of civilians.


(Amnesty International for example used Brian’s name to ghost-write and publish an article in the UK in December 2007, to try and hide the British PM and Mayor of London orchestrated a violent attack by their ‘unknown’ assailant against me on 17 August 2007 because elections etc were too ‘inconvenient’ for politicians, such was their haste to sign up Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on 13 December 2007.


Brian complained to Amnesty International they were also censoring the reality of a violent attack on me by Metropolitan Police on Easter Sunday 16 April 2006, by their referring to police as ‘yellow-jackets’, all of which was before I got my High Court Order on 16 April 2008, against those involved in what became the central issue of 17 August 2007)


I remember Ali Shaito with his mother near Tyre in Lebanon during the Lebanon War in 2006 (which was the first time I was tortured by the British government in the UK). Nasrallah admitted he had been in the wrong, but civilians paid the price, therefore so much work for peace remains to be done. (My little sister and myself had never been to Southern Lebanon simply because of lines drawn in the sand that suited the financial interests of colonial powers).


The most difficult work often involves finding peace.


Palestinian politicians must accept historical responsibility along with Arab league members for what was their own failure to establish a Palestinian State that was offered to them too, by the UN, at a time, Catalans (for example) who have never been offered an independent state were still living under the military dictatorship of Franco, who started World War Two against Catalans on 19 July 1936. There wasn’t even any pretence of any ‘liberation’ of Catalans after World War Two. Catalans born and living outside Catalonia during the Franco era, to this day, do not even have the same, albeit tenuous rights Catalans living in Catalonia do. Nevertheless Catalans who do have the ability to live in Catalonia have managed to achieve much, despite their limited autonomy from Madrid et al.


The EU obviously need to consult widely with the public to develop their own Constitution and other UN Member states need to amend their Constitutions, which should always involve a process of renewal.


Most people will always vote for peace, because that benefits everyone.


The legal reality is the declaration of a Jewish State by Jewish people was not contingent on and did not rely on the Balfour Declaration etc, because Jewish people lived in the area, and indeed have always lived all around the Mediterranean, while no politicians anywhere had tried to stop the Holocaust. No politician in Europe could say they did not notice Hitlers Gestapo with their Night of the Long Knives on 30 June 1934. Everyone did obviously know there had been centuries of persecution of Jewish people including the Spanish Inquisition etc. Of course no-one anywhere should ever be anyone else’s ‘dhimmi’ of any kind.


The British government along with too many Arab leaders and others did cynically spend all their time arguing if and how many Jewish people should be “allowed” to evacuate to Palestine, and so on and so forth, rather than even considering what was really happening to Jewish people. In France, a transport still left Drancy on 17 August 1944, with 700 Jewish people who were sent to Auschwitz, only a week before the so called ‘liberation’ of France took place.


It seems sensible to have a safe-haven of a larger UN aid campus based in the Golan region that operated as a field office for numerous aid programs (with the Golan situated between the four countries of Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan) that continued at that location regardless of which country controls the land/any future peace agreement.


The primary focus of my UN aid programs would involve developing the unlimited potential in the clean renewable energy cycle for civilian use, to make as many of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world, healthy and wealthy.


The UN should also actively encourage all countries to invest 2% of their GDP in clean renewable energy, to offer responsible alternatives to and diversify from oil and nuclear energy. 


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!