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Donna: Ambassador, the ‘New Start’ UNiversal Eco Village builds a ‘roadside veggie cafe’ franchise, based on International Law (27.03.2019)


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I am a UNiversal Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion pipsqueak peacenik ‘converso’ who at 57 years young, 5 ft 5 and a half inches tall and 7 and a half stone (45 kgs) can nevertheless make international law.


There have to be safe spaces for peace.


The PM Blair and Brown did their switch on 27 June 2007, to try and ’sidestep’ reparations from a ‘Versailles’ civil jury over their original malicious White Prosecution against me on 22 February 2006, which is the same date the Nazis executed the students in Munich on 22 February 1943.


The PM Brown and Livingstone then brazened it out over the violent attack against me by their ‘unknown’ assailant on 17 August 2007, because they didn’t want the ‘inconvenience’ of elections etc to stop their signing Article 50 on 13 December 2007 etc (although Brown was advised it was illegal for him to sign Article 50 because of his overwhelming ‘conflict of interest’)


(It is strange but true, I walked out of the London High Court in the UK on 8 April 2013, after filing papers proving I had won my lawsuits, to discover the Iron Maiden from the 80’s was human after all, on what also happened to be Holocaust Memorial Day)


It is agreed I was exiled from the UK into the EU on 13 April 2013, because I had proved I had won all my lawsuits.



The legal reality is I have an unusual immunity arising from the central issue of 17 August 2007 etc.


Therefore the most sensible course of action/legal peace settlement is my a) formally having diplomatic immunity given to me by the Australian government (who as the ‘country of origin’ are legally liable too because they had the ability to ensure I had legal representation etc and did nothing because I am not 100% ‘pure’ white) so that b) I can then give immunity in the sense of settling all the lawsuits in the UK (c) except for the one involving Brown and Livingstone on 17 August 2007 which will be kept ‘sine die’ to ensure they don’t stand for politics again etc, because it is a legal impossibility to connect what they did, to any ‘legislation’ because I wasn’t even in the ‘disputed’ Golan of Parliament Square, Central London or campaigning when it happened, d) by my receiving the ’New Start’ and/pension from the Australian government, while I am in the EU, because I shouldn’t be ‘inconvenienced’ etc.



(It would btw be very helpful if the embassy could send me out a voting form, with a stamped envelope)


I would use ’New Start’ payments (that should be backdated, and incl. a pension where the private space of my modest, mortgage free cottage I own, in what I personally think of as a nature lovers paradise, is exempt from being a taxable asset) to build a UNiversal eco village from a ‘roadside veggie cafe’ franchise.


The Ambassador should confirm an appointment with me, so I can sign the necessary paperwork.


The central part of my health and welfare package is that I will then be able to first and foremost a) choose and buy my own comprehensive health and insurance cover and b) have genuine freedom of movement to (for example) travel wherever I want to choose whatever medical treatment I want, whenever I want etc etc. 


I have always thought I am very fortunate to be the proud mum of two very beautiful adult sons, one of whom was born in the UK and one of whom was born in New Zealand. (The fact I was married in New Zealand and happily divorced in the UK is a secondary matter of little relevance) 


I was never likely to forget I was only 4 years old in 1966 when I became the original ‘scarface’ (literally) and only 5 years old when I was terrorised in Australia in the same year as the Six Day War in the Golan in 1967.


So I know how young children feel, and did what I could as an adult in the ‘disputed’ Golan of Parliament Square, Central London, to try and stop terror.


(I had my first ‘brush’ with the law, so to speak, when I was still a tiddler in Australia. My brother and I were exploring a new subdivision being built when he suggested I could help by doing some painting, which seemed like a good idea at the time. We couldn’t find any paintbrushes to use with the paint so I just used my hands to do an aboriginal painting instead. John the Baptist asked when we returned to Hotel California, why I had paint on my hands and I explained it didn’t wash off when I finished painting and he said that was because it was a different sort of paint. So he used turps to remove the paint, while using what was the casual racism of most adults in those days, to say I shouldn’t copy Aborigines, before he phoned the ‘Old Bill’. The ‘Old Bill’ who seemed about 100 foot tall said I should ask ‘permission’ from an adult before helping with something like painting. I explained there hadn’t been any adult supervising us, to ask, so it was generally agreed I hadn’t caused any harm, because I had only started the painters work early really. I was then taught to paint fences etc. By the time a new subdivision was being built my brother and I had moved on to racing home-built go-karts with other children which included going down one side of a cul-de-sac to see how far you could go up the other side, which was duly marked out with chalk and provided endless hours of interest because there were so many variables involved)


I remember I paid £6 per week peppercorn rent to live in a Georgian mansion on Park Road, opposite Regents Park, by Baker Street, when I was still a teenager, and I first lived in Central London, in the early 1980’s. I was happy travelling and waitressing because I worked with and met people from all around the world, although sadly too many were exiles. This included an older Polish woman who was part of Solidarity, but mostly young people from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, Iran, Libya, Egypt, China, Kuwait and so on.


We always had a free meal wherever we worked, including when I was head-waitress at Pizza Hut’s ‘flagship’ restaurant in Duke Street, between Selfridges and the U.S embassy, before I was asked to be head-waitress at their new ‘flagship’ restaurant that then opened at Oxford Circus.


It was a lovely multi-cultural community of young people and sometimes we would put all our tips together for a night out - one of our favourites was a bar in a public square nearby where they invented all sorts of summer cocktails, including non-alcoholic.


I would absolutely love to create a ‘global eco village’ from a ‘roadside veggie cafe’ franchise.


This would put into practice incorporating the Plato x 4 principles, along with providing comprehensive medical and insurance cover (I remember when I was a teenager in Australia working with animals and we would be paid time and a half to work Saturdays and double time on Sundays and treble time for a whole day on Christmas Day although we only worked several hours) along with developing best eco practises, in as many countries as possible, while still respecting cultural norms.


The concept involves a lot of careful planning because the franchise would involve creating new public work and meeting spaces that will have a special emphasis on connecting cottage industries and global communication in all sorts of ways.


The food across the franchise would not be uniform, because one of the challenges is to share different products and experiences from as many countries as possible.


The Central Asian steppes would be an important part of the supply chain. Of course, the roadside veggie cafes could have farm-shops which are very popular all over the world, along with all sorts of complementary cottage industries.


I would prefer to have my registered business address in the Golan, and to have ‘flagship’ roadside veggie cafes in Catalonia, Jerusalem and Sicily for example. The roadside veggie cafes would be promoting clean renewable energy and cottage industries wherever they were, while also contributing to voluntary work and paying taxes in as many countries as possible too.


Most people will always vote for peace and the reality there is unlimited potential to use clean renewable energy to help make everyone healthy and wealthy.


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!