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Donna: UNiversal Golan health and welfare package is peace dividend that makes international law (& creates meaningful jobs, increases wages and fair trade for cottage industries competing with global corporations) 25.03.2019


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I am a UNiversal Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion pipsqueak peacenik who while 57 years young and 5 ft 5 and a half inches tall and 7 and a half stone (45 kgs) can nevertheless make ‘international law’. 


                                                                                       ‘Country of Origin’


It is agreed the (successive) Australian government(s) are legally liable for my landmark ‘water-board’ case in the EU, which involves the ‘international custody dispute’ (refer my High Court Order dated 16 April 2008) so the only legal peace settlement is a universal health and welfare package.


In the UK, I lived in the ‘disputed’ Golan of Parliament Square, Central London.


(Politicians used the Good Friday Agreement to transfer legislation from Northern Ireland to the mainland, using their ‘Human Rights Act’ as a ‘margin of appreciation’ to continue ignoring the rule of law for as long as possible. The UN had also discredited themselves by imposing illegal sanctions on Iraqi people that amounted to collective punishment) 


In practise, British politicians in the UK used military style ‘tribunals’ against us on the mainland that lacked the most basic safeguards, like accurate contemporaneous court records etc, because politicians always knew they were trying to avoid the ‘inconvenience’ of a) High Court civil lawsuits against them b) with juries.


The reason the British PM and Mayor of London did not resign over the central issue of the violent attack by an ‘unknown’ assailant against me on 17 August 2007, was because politicians et al did not want an election etc at that time, to stop Article 50 being signed (which is all about politicians et al ’leveraging’ legislation too) on 13 December 2007.


(Westminster could not have held a referendum on Article 50 in 2008. An obvious purpose of Article 50 was, Murdoch for example, using it to leverage his BskyB deal, while politicians et al also sought to divide united public opposition from all walks of the life to the Iraq War. The politicians must now have a legal duty to go back to the public to explain and conduct a vote over the 585 !! page agreement they have recently made between themselves (which is still far, far less than the number of pages they generated with ‘witness statements’ etc in their 7 plus years of a political trial of Brian and myself) compared to what politicians campaigned over in the ‘news’ media. I personally think there does need to be an EU Constitution following widespread public consultation and a pan-EU referendum held at the same time as perhaps EU elections. The UK, Australia, Spain and the EU all need to build or amend Constitutions to be more inclusive. Australian politicians who most rely on U.S military bases in the Pacific, still only have ‘whites only’/Northern European/Teutonic ‘politics’ because the Constitution is so archaic. Most Australian politicians are caricatures of Joh Bjelke- Peterson. Australia is similar in some respects to America in the sense the U.S. will soon have a majority of the population who have no connection to Europe)


It is agreed Australia is for legal purposes considered the ‘country of origin’ and I was at all times living legally in the UK as a dual national.


It is agreed I was exiled from the UK on 13 April 2013 because I had filed papers in the High Court in London in the UK on 8 April 2013, proving I had won all my civil lawsuits.


N.B Numerous records confirm I was given a new passport in London in February 2013, I used to leave and re-enter the UK in March 2013, along with my ‘right of abode’ (I was on ‘bail’ at the time before I won yet another malicious prosecution that had been brought against me, that was withdrawn in May 2013, with my civil lawsuit over that obviously incl. April 2013)


It is agreed and numerous records prove, I have been legally living outside the UK in the EU since 13 April 2013.


I live alone in and own my very modest cottage (which is mortgage-free) which I personally think of as a nature lovers paradise.


I consider myself to be very fortunate to be the proud mum of two very beautiful adult sons, who do not live with me. (The fact I legally lived in New Zealand too, where I was married, before I was happily divorced in the UK, is a secondary matter of little relevance)


I am therefore in a legal sense ‘settled’ where I am, so there is no good legal reason why I should have to ‘move’ again !! (or travel back and forth to and from for example) Australia to access a health and welfare package, incl. because it is the ‘country or origin’. It could later be a choice to spend six months here, there or anywhere.


It would be more than ‘disproportionate’ for me to travel to Australia to access a health and welfare package that the Australian government could just as easily give to me here, which however you think about it, is a ‘win-win’ for everyone really.


It is agreed the ‘highest echelons’ of the British and Australian intelligence services who ‘raised’ me, while posing as my parents and god-parents etc (whom I never worked for) caused me huge distress and difficulties etc by completely changing my identity and nationality and so on, when I was a child.



The biggest possible difference I could make that reconciles so much is to make international law, that includes safeguarding genuine freedom of movement.




The central part of my health and welfare package would involve my having the ability to buy comprehensive medical and insurance cover so I would really have real freedom of movement to come and go from the private space of my  small cottage and have whatever medical treatment I wanted, whenever and wherever I wanted/chose.


Anything else is negotiable/I am more flexible over.


(The whole health and welfare package should be backdated to 13 April 2013 or 57 years !!)


My health and welfare package would consist of:


a) a ‘new start’-up to for example build a cottage industry etc with approximately


€616.31 per month (which is slightly less than the Australian ‘New Start’) or


€9,395.72 per annum so it would be non taxable because it would be under €10k


(The details of how long the health and welfare package that was a ‘new start’- up, rather than/ not a pension would continue once a threshold of generating €700 per month income was reached/passed would be negotiable, because the package is meant to encourage stability so it would need to take into account the possibility of/consideration of fluctuations within a financial year)




b) a basic pension of €616.31 per month plus

                                   €205.44 per month plus

                                   €123.26 per month


making that €945.01 per month or €11,340.12 per annum


is intended to make it international law for governments to have a health and welfare package that also a) creates meaningful jobs b) increases wages, c) fair trade for d) cottage industries competing with global corporations.


This would all fit in with numerous governments efforts regarding tax etc.


(My own priority is to try and practise the Plato x 4 principle wherever possible, regardless of whether  or not trade deals etc include the EU or WTO.


I aspire to develop a roadside veggie cafe/farm shop etc (farm shops all around the world are always popular with the public) incorporating best practise in clean renewable energy which would actually take a lot of planning to achieve.




The purpose of the health and welfare package is to encourage all governments to ring-fence the best services for the public first, before they ‘subsidise’ the whims of global corporations.




In addition to a global health and welfare package that is accessible for everyone, governments should diversify by investing at least 2% of GDP in clean renewable energy before and in addition to 2% of GDP being spent on the NATO et al oil and nuclear industry.




The UN Security Council should possibly consider including a country from 1) the Mediterranean 2) Arab/Middle East 3) Africa 4) Latin America bringing the number of permanent members to 9 to help better reflect the real world today.




The legal reality is Jewish people had the right to declare a Jewish State (that was not contingent on any politics or the Balfour Declaration) because a) politicians et al everywhere had not protected people from the Holocaust (or the Spanish Inquisition etc) b) there was already a Jewish community in the area c) no-one should be anyone else’s ‘dhimmi’.


(I don’t know why Palestinian politicians did not declare an independent state that was offered to them at the same time by the UN too, that no-one has ever offered Catalans who were still living under the brutal military dictatorship of Franco at that time, during politicians fantasy of a ‘liberated’ Europe. A Jewish and Palestinian state are both viable. The Israeli government was forced to take control of the Golan in the six day war in 1967, because the Syrian government attacked the civilian population from there, while Jews were once again being expelled from ‘Arab’ states. I personally consider countries around the Mediterranean to have a Mediterranean identity and culture too, rather than just being considered European or Arabic/Middle Eastern. I am certainly an example of a ‘mixed-race’ Mediterranean.


The colonial powers who drew ‘lines in the sand’ when Arab leaders agreed they did not want an Ottoman Empire because of the oil age didn’t consider regional or anyone’s ‘security’.


It is therefore possible Israel may eventually declare the Golan an autonomous region in the sense of Jewish people wanting a Jewish state, but some Jewish people preferring a secular government too, so the Golan could provide that choice.


I would use my health and welfare package in the Golan if I had the opportunity because I would like to establish a publicly registered address there too, because Catalan and Jewish people should be able to enjoy living in both the EU and Golan/Israel without it being an ‘either, or’ situation, so that there are real/ both choices which complement and support one another, while working together.


I am only surprised there is no international golf course in the Golan.


Jewish people are obviously legally entitled to designate Jerusalem as their capital.This obviously doesn’t preclude many religions being united in Jerusalem too. Most people respect Muslim Mecca, Medina and Najaf etc)


The real question everywhere is what responsible governance should like if all things being equal, which they should and can be, everyone is healthy and wealthy.


Most people will always vote for peace because it is a ‘win-win’ for everyone.


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)


P.S I have included a recent date stamped photo from 21 March 2019 in the email, for your paperwork.














27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!