Donna: Murdoch et al ’disputed territory’ propaganda spun ’groundhog day’ over violent attack in UK by ‘unknown’ assailant on 17 August 2007 to try and 'leverage' Article 50 on 13 December 2007, in BskyB 'takeover' etc (20.03.2019)


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The politicians and global corporations endlessly spun the ‘disputed territory’ propaganda in Parliament Square, Central London, because they obviously wanted to ‘leverage’ legislation for their own personal financial profit.


I guess it has been the same old corporate tune down the centuries, whether it is Catalonia, Jerusalem, the Golan, a ‘border’ in Northern Ireland or Parliament Square in Central London.


The legal reality was the UN were legally obliged to give Jewish people (putting all politics aside) a state in 1949 following the Holocaust because there wasn’t a politician anywhere who did anything to protect Jewish people.


No-one could say they didn’t know the Holocaust was going to happen, because they knew that Jewish people had been targeted for centuries, since the Spanish Inquisition and all the Edicts of Expulsion etc etc.


It is impossible to know why Palestinian people refused an independent state that was offered to them at the same time, as Israel, and which is something that has for example never been offered to Catalonian people, who at that time, still lived under the brutal dictatorship of Franco in the Western European’s fantasy of a ‘liberated’ Europe.


Indeed the EU et al are only keen to offer independent states to many others, who are not Catalan, including over the former Yugoslavia.


I guess if you look around the Mediterranean, Europe is traditionally mostly Catholic or Protestant and the Arab world mostly Sunni or Shia Islam, so in that context it is hardly a big deal to have an independent Jewish state,


Most Arab leaders had chosen to work with the British Empire et al and their lines in the sand, rather than the Ottoman Empire.


The only reason the British Establishment really made Germany pay substantial reparations was because the UK was typically still expanding it’s empire and could not afford to run (for example) Iraq, while all the empires also sought to re-brand themselves with the ‘nation states’ or ‘Commonwealth’ propaganda.


In the UK, the politicians and global corporations would not have tried to ‘leverage’ legislation in 2006, if myself and other people had comprehensive medical and insurance cover, because (for example) the legal reality was, politicians et al did not have any insurance cover for their pre-planned operations against us.


The reason there has been a ‘groundhog day’ over the violent attack against me on 17 August 2007, by politicians ‘unknown’ assailant (which took place when I was not campaigning or in Parliament Square) was because politicians and global corporations like Murdoch didn’t want an election at that time, because they wanted to get Article 50 signed, to use as leverage, which in the case of Murdoch was about profiting from BskyB.


There is no explanation, legal or otherwise why the former PM (Brown) and Mayor of London (Livingstone) did not resign on 25 October 2007, over 17 August 2007, other than they did not want an election, because they wanted to push through Article 50 for Murdoch in particular, by 13 December 2007.


Of course politicians in the UK and EU should have put the public first long ago, incl. with:


a) the best possible pan-European health and welfare package for everyone (which cannot be dismissed as s ‘cultural’ aspiration)


b) contributing 2% of the annual GDP to invest in clean renewable energy (before and in addition to the 2% of GDP that goes to the NATO oil industry etc)


The UK and EU should be focused on the public in the EU and achieving a peace deal between Israel and Palestine, because Israel and Palestine are both viable states people would like to invest in.


I would personally like the opportunity to have a small eco cottage industry that operated in (for example) the UK and EU, that first and foremost included the best possible health and welfare package, regardless of politicians et al. In a sense that would give me an independent ‘right of abode’ in Catalonia too.


No-one anywhere, really wants to be a ‘dhimmi’ for the likes of Mr Murdoch et al.


This statement is true,


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)