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A  Golan Girl and the peace dividend of a sustainable peace commune/eco city (12.09.2018)




the family: the sisters and the brothers, and the daughters and the sons and the mothers and fathers



Messrs & Madames,



Thank you for your letter (attached) dated 30 August requesting a reply within 15 days.


I am a woman who did what no politician, general or CEO of any ‘global corporation’ (which have always existed in many shapes and forms) has ever done.





I have the High Court Order April 2008 that proves the a) UK Mayoral election in 2008, the b) UK General election in 2010 and the c) UK referendum in 2016 are all ‘technically’ invalid (see notes below)


I am the one who (for example) saved the banner on 23 May 2006 (which was stolen on 31st August 2011) which is about DUM, the ‘monetization’ of nuclear ‘waste’ the public and soldiers everywhere complain about, which the City of London obviously don’t want to store in their own 'square mile'.


see The Apple & Potato story (below).


The City of London 'Black Watch' Murdoch ‘clan’ got Brown and Cameron et al to front using the ‘financial crisis’ to say they would put “soldiers on the street” in the UK, which they had done and did do, on for example 17 August 2007, but “not in the way we know it”.


The ‘Corfu yachting club’ in 2008 and the story of John, who was not a Baptist, Okinawa, the military tribunal, another Wagner story and a different Elizabeth and all that.


The British and Australian ‘governments’ obviously have motive and have proved they want to illegally deny me food, water, electricity and in particular medical treatment.


To treat me like a ‘Prisoner of War’.




1. I have properly ’notified’ of my choice in claiming EU citizenship etc putting a lien on UK ‘rebate’ and I have 5 years of receipts from living outside the UK in the EU, which is not contested




It is true that I have suffered very serious hardship during the past few years, because of the failure of the UK to lawfully settle my civil jury lawsuits.


2. You will note it is not contested the British ‘Establishment’ who legislated for their own ‘autonomous’ City of London owe me 37 million euros that is overdue.


So is is true, the EU are therefore legally obliged to make the payment of 37 million euros to me within fifteen days, that the UK owe me, which the EU can deduct from the current UK contribution/‘rebate’ and should be paid by cheque made out to me and sent to my postal address.


I will then only make any payments by cheque with the co-signature of a family member.


I am sure I will have done everyone in the EU a favour, which may result in the British ‘Establishment’ deciding to have yet another election.


‘Mum’s the word’


Maybe people will choose a British PM who will guarantee to hold another referendum on their referendum and abolish student ‘fees’ including retrospectively. 


British ‘politicians’ et al only interest is collecting lucrative ‘directorships’ from their own ’autonomous’ City of London, through legislative ‘algorithms’ while they are in ‘public office’ or when they retire.


3. I am sure we can make a lucrative “power sharing arrangement” with your client’s companies where I am now, and in the Golan Heights if you/they choose.


(The ECJ obviously do have legal jurisdiction in the Golan Heights, through numerous treaties and trade agreements/power sharing agreements just like France and Spain do with Catalonia and Llivia and then there is Ceuta and so on and so forth)




4. The undisputed facts are the British Establishment legislated their own ‘autonomous’ City of London and then ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed 31 March 2012) that illegally sought to engage in the ‘unfair trade practise’ of trying to stop competition to global corporations from ordinary people.


(It is self evident any ‘global corporation’ could easily be replaced by a more socially responsible company. See ‘The Apple and Potato Story’ below)


It was obviously illegal for ‘Lord’ Blair the top cop to ‘leak’ my name (I am not a ‘public figure’) to the British ‘Establishment’s BBC state broadcaster on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006, to spin their own trial by ‘news’ media, instead of and when they knew I had a civil jury lawsuit against the top cop himself, which is why no-one could ever produce a witness statement from an Inspector Lyons who I made my formal complaint to on 26 March 2006.



i) I spent seven plus years in Parliament Square, Central London on a real front line when the entire British ‘Establishment’ closed ranks against me over my Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 civil jury lawsuit/s that are a real ‘tax’ on global corporations. 



(ii) There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London, before god sent me into ‘the wilderness’ because he knows I am rather fond of peace.


(iii) I was safer walking into Gaza in the real 1984 when I was on the Yad Mordechai kibbutz, near Ashkelon in Israel, after the Americans pulled out of Beirut, than I ever was in Parliament Square, Central London.


(iv) I am the one who first stood my ground over what became our ‘iconic’ tents in Parliament Square, Central London, making it safe for Brian to have a tent too, showing we were serious about what we do (so the con-‘artist’ Mark Wallinger’s ‘State Britain’ rip-off was out of date, before it even opened in January 2007)


(v) I am the one David Davis slithered up to at Channel Four on 7 February 2007, to make the unsolicited snide remark that if Parliament cared, they would have to shut down, which is obviously not a ‘campaign slogan’ politicians and media barons publicly use.


(vi) I am the one who won the Battle of Trafalgar Square before it had even begun, and so the government ordered me back to Parliament Square on 8 March 2007, with HH Judge Wadsworth at Southwark Crown Court reading from Blair & Co’s script to declare it was my “home”, (and he “saw me there as he passed by each day”) before the Supreme Court later relocated in 2009, changing all the street names to try and spin Parliament Square as their address too and so on and so forth.


(In fact I have numerous court orders confirming I can file by email in legal proceedings)


(vii) I am the one who proved the entire British ‘Establishment’ would and did use an undercover operation to conduct a violent attack on me, that they would and did cover up (i.e: 17 August 2007) when I was not even in Parliament Square, and had no banner and was not protesting and looked no different from any other member of the public. A member of the public tried to trip up the ‘unknown’ assailant who fled into the arms of the waiting Palace of Westminster Police etc. 


I proved the ‘unknown’ assailant was no different to any British police officer, politician, media baron or City of London ’global corporation’.


(viii) I am the one who took reasonable steps in putting my tent back on the ‘forbidden grass’ on 18 November 2009, because as I explained to Brian and he agreed, however you looked at it, the pavement really was not safe.


I am the one who made both Livingstone and Johnson et al remove their fences.


My High Court Order (April 2008) proves the link between them with their Vitol switch with Labour using the malicious Tory complaint so they could both stand, because if what they had done together had come out during the Mayoral elections neither could have stood.


** The Mayoral election in 2008 was invalid.



(ix) I am the one who has the ’smoking email’ 17 January 2012 proving TM, the PM (who was Home Secretary at the time) and Johnson (who was boss of another top cop Hooligan-Howe) and Corbyn (the Police Federation ‘union’) and Starmer (Director of Public Persecutions) were working together against me on 16 January 2012, long before their referendum spin.


The City of London Police were also present acting outside their supposed ‘jurisdiction’ in the City of Westminster so it was the ‘Establishment’ job lot.


The ‘Leader’ of Westminster Council Colin Barrow was forced to resign and decamp to Switzerland because it is a legal impossibility to deny he was working with for example Chief Supt. Dean Ingledew from 19 May 2006 and Johnson’s Malthouse at the MPA and Vitol et al. Johnson’s Metropolitan Police Authority re-branded itself MOPAC at midnight on 16 January 2012, before he spun out political commissars across the country to work with Corbyn’s Police Federation ‘union’.


It is a legal impossibility for Johnson to claim he wasn’t working with Westminster Council and vice-versa, because of course the records all prove they both used the same ‘Peace Strike’/’Democracy Village’ undercover operation, with the same people just re-branding themselves as ‘Peace Strike’/‘Democracy Village’ depending on what ‘the case’ happened to be, which of course the records show the politicians did know.


** The referendum could never have happened if it had come out/ there had been my civil jury lawsuits over what TM, the PM, Johnson, Corbyn, and Starmer and the media had really done together on (for example)16 January 2012.



The British ‘Establishment’ could not get a ‘prosecution’ against me off the ground in even the Magistrates Court with either ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (repealed on 31st March 2012) or their Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 that they illegally claimed could ’adjourn’ my civil jury lawsuit/s.


It is strange but true the Iranian government’s Press TV also witnessed Supt ‘Tea leaf’ with Murdoch’s Sun ‘journalist’ being recorded on 16 January 2012 caught centre-stage sarcastically saying I would have to ask the New Scotland Yard ‘media’ department for the legal grounds of what they were doing to me.


It is self evident, the British ‘Establishment’ couldn’t even publish their ‘news’ spin until they found something to unlawfully arrest me over, which they spent four hours trying to do before having to go away to continue plotting, to try and stop me getting an injunction against everyone when the High Court opened in the morning. 


The British ‘Establishment’ then sent different police along at 3am in the morning before the High Court opened, and those police threatened me and then unlawfully arrested me for the unknown ‘offence’ of moving away from them !! and then tried to break my nose by pushing up underneath it. Nothing ever came of that unlawful ‘arrest’ which was very obviously to stop me getting to the High Court to get an injunction against everyone including their undercover operation, over 16 January 2012 too. I was not impressed the British ‘Establishment’ used that unlawful arrest to spin their own one-sided lies across the front page of the London Evening Standard etc ‘news’ again.   


The British ‘Establishment’ are then recorded dishonestly claiming I would have to pay £3k to have either basic disclosure in a Magistrates Court or for the top cop’s brief to produce the same in pre-action protocol !! in my civil jury action in the High Court over 16 January 2012, both of which are obviously ’novel’ procedural ‘abuses’ of any and all due process.


A reasonable person would know, there have never been any legal grounds for Weightman’s Mr Forshaw et al to refuse to hand over to me the disclosures of (for example) the government/media operation against me on 16 January 2012 (which used the same ‘Democracy Village’ undercover operation).


(It was another bigger overtly state version of their ‘State Opening’ on 25 May 2010, when the British ‘Establishment’ and then some, used their own ‘Democracy Village’ that started on 1 May 2010 because they had to unlawfully arrest me to publish their spin and to try and stop me getting an injunction against them in the High Court, because I was literally standing there holding ‘Acting’ Inspector Cole’s (who was involved on 17 August 2007 etc too) perjured witness statement from 18 November 2009, which the evidence also proves Bindmans, Birnberg Pierce, Garden Court Chambers, Doughty et al, all knew about and covered up.


Because they all knew I have the High Court Order from April 2008 against everyone.




13 October 2006 and 13 October 2008


I was threatened by the police on 13 October 2006 (which was when a family member in Australia first complained to the Australian government about what was going on in the UK) and which was after I had won the case ‘Lord Blair’ the top cop was ‘void ab initio’ on 14 September 2006.


There was obviously less than a ‘level playing field’.


It is a legal impossibility for Bindmans Solicitors to explain:


a) why they didn’t go to the High Court with my original Mother’s Day High Court civil jury lawsuit from 26 March 2006, on 27 March 2006 or b) immediately after 14 September 2006, let alone what on earth they were doing threatening Brian on 13 October 2008, over his civil claims if he could not ‘persuade’ me to drop mine !!


Bindmans Solicitors letter (attached) dated 13 October 2008 proves they were working with ‘Acting’ Inspector Cole on 17 August 2007 and 25 May 2010 etc too, because they both know it is my High Court Order April 2008 they are both trying to hide. ‘Acting’ Inspector Cole’s perjured witness statement dated 18 November 2009 is trying to ‘confuse’ me with Brian and my High Court Order from April 2008, I already had. 


Treaty of Utrecht & Balfour Declaration etc:


(The likes of the Rothschilds and Bindmans Solicitors are Ashkenazis who know the Balfour Declaration was an extension of the Treaty of Utrecht continuing the centuries of ‘persecution’ against Catalan Sephardi the British ‘Establishment’ benefited from financially most of all, so there are all sorts of ‘socially constructed class’ and ‘caste’ systems)


Catalan conversos in particular are considered ‘outcasts’ by some Jewish and Catholic ‘political’ and ‘religious’ leaders because of the Treaty of Utrecht etc.


It was the British and Australian ‘intelligence services’ who changed my identity as a child to hide my cultural heritage from me because I am ‘mixed race’ Catalan. The ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Catalans had been going on for centuries and it was the days of the ‘White Australia policy’.


The sealed court records etc which don’t withstand any legal scrutiny whatsoever, show I was a prisoner as a child really (and I obviously never worked for any ‘intelligence services’) because the ‘highest echelons’ of the ‘intelligence services’ were always only trying to stop me going back to my real family. I remember when I won a swimming competition being the fastest swimmer in my school. Afterwards, my teacher who was a really nice person took me aside and asked me some ‘awkward questions’ about my ‘military minders’ who were strangers to me really.  Later when I mentioned to one of the ‘military minders’ I had won a swimming competition the ‘military minder’ just said I shouldn’t ‘boast’. The school had spoken to them, asking them ‘awkward questions’ and so I had to give up competitive swimming, but at least they couldn’t move me to another school for several years. By contrast my real mum encouraged and supported my youngest sister who became a state champion ice skater etc)


The Avignon Papacy was hardly the ‘immaculate conception’ because the Popes were indeed descended from a Catalan woman.


Even when Bindmans Solicitors were fired by Brian in 2009, they just ‘represented’ the British Establishment’s own undercover operation against us, which was a very serious ‘conflict of interest’ because they were only interested in covering up what they had done, for their own personal financial interest too !!



(I don’t personally understand why people pay forty euros extra to sit in an auditorium listening to any number of talking heads spinning all sorts of theory about what other people should do when people can obviously put their own ideas into practise in public spaces, like Brian and myself did in Parliament Square.


A march is one good way to articulate an idea, but the question is always how to lawfully put an idea into practice sensibly within the framework of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law)


In 2010, the British Establishment’s ‘populist’ general election rallied 36% support for Cameron (which equates approximately to the public sector) so the state broadcaster and media barons ‘influence’ because they act as the ‘interface’ between politicians and global corporations, with the public was continuing to wane. Cameron didn’t win the election outright, despite Brown and global corporations ripping off the public for 1 trillion with his manufactured ‘economic crisis’ and it’s accompanying ‘austerity’, because the public know there is no difference.


** The British ‘general election’ in 2010 was invalid because it involved the same people working together covering up 17 August 2007, April 2008 and 4 September 2009 etc etc etc.


The public in the UK and Iraq are punished for opposing the Iraq War, which people from all walks of life did, unlike for example Murdoch’s 100+ outlets of nothing but propaganda.


The receipt of unemployment benefit which accounts for 4% of ‘social spending’ in the ‘zero hour contracts’ UK where so called ‘Job Centres’ can ‘sanction’ anyone just by lying to get bonuses, had plummeted to around 30% in 2005 from 80% in 1995, with just as large a decline in receipt under Labour as Thatcher. There is a general decline across OECD countries with only Germany increasing unemployment receipt to 80%, but the decline is most marked and largest in the UK.


Murdoch lied to the Leveson ‘Inquiry’ on 19 July 2011 about his involvement in 19 July 2009 when Cameron illegally stated on Sky ’News’ for ‘the public record’ he would ‘remove’ us without any caveats on how that was done, which had been preceded by my being illegally kidnapped from court by police during live legal proceedings !! I subsequently won, to stop me giving evidence of the involvement of Blair, Murdoch and Speclal Branch et al on 31 January 2007.


(The records show a Steven Dunn from Special Branch was also involved at 8.40am on 23 May 2006 despite it being inconceivable in any legal sense, Special Branch could be used to try and stop my Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 civil jury lawsuit)


On 17 August 2007 I protected a woman who was (for example) a witness on 31 January 2007, when I didn’t have any banner and wasn’t protesting then either, when I was attacked by police while leaving Parliament Square. The heavily edited CCTV from 31 January 2007, I only saw once briefly, before I was kidnapped from court on 19 July 2007 (that the woman I protected on 17 August 2007 also witnessed on 19 July 2007) shows a police,’news’ media and Special Branch swarm that came from no-where.


We had also both been unlawfully arrested during the Blair-Brown switch on 27 June 2007, when they used a ‘rent-a-mob’ to hide what the police were doing to avoid ‘embarrassment’ to Corbyn et al across the road and all the ‘news’ media grandstanding in Downing Street. 


(The Charing Cross police strangely claimed on 27 June 2007 they were going to invade Iran so given the date, that meant Livingstone and Corbyn would be involved in that too.


It was in October 2007 that Livingstone and Johnson paid Gilligan and the London Evening Standard to try and spin the ‘Establishments’ own ‘news’ media cover up over the attack by the ‘unknown’ assailant on me on 17 August 2007)


On 17 August 2011 I had won further decisive legal victories in the High Court which were confirmed when the High Court said on 7 October 2011 that my lawsuits would go ahead, and there was no reason video-link could not have been used even when I was exiled, (regardless of whether or not the government’s malicious prosecutions had to be dropped which they were). 


(Brian and myself never did the idolatry of statues ourselves, because we always lawfully tried to put our ideas into practice.


A reasonable person would know, for anyone to even suggest that Brian or myself would ever agree, let alone support the British ‘Establishment’ stashing anything in the City of London ‘Museum of London’ so anyone else could yet again !! ‘re-write’ with their own lies what Brian and I did together would obviously be offensive to both Brian and myself, so there are several items I would like returned


For the avoidance of doubt it is already established Tate Britain et al do not have my permission to publicly display their ’State Britain’ rip-off that so many other people personally financially profited from in so many ways, anywhere)


Maybe Brian would have become the British PM, given what happened, but I think we would have decided to go to the Golan Heights, so I know while I also want to keep where I am now, because I have been happy here in a private space where I can do anything I like, that Brian would also support me 100% (like I supported him 100%) in going to the Golan Heights to build a peace commune/eco city there too.


I would also be able to visit Jerusalem which is a very beautiful city, from time to time too, so that I could further understand religion which is an important part of cultural heritage.


I have no idea about the ‘conversion’ rate between the Euro and shekel etc, but I do know the Mediterranean can be united in peace.


There is no reason Jerusalem and Damascus could not make a “power sharing arrangement” with me, so I could build an autonomous sustainable peace commune in the Golan Heights.


While I was designing and building my peace commune/eco city in the Golan Heights, it would also be wonderful to spend time travelling to places of cultural interest to Catalans in the here and now around the Mediterranean with my family, which I could briefly write about in a small book.


I would love to quietly sit in the public gallery of the Catalan Parliament just to take in the atmosphere and go WOW !! because the fact there is a Catalan Parliament of any kind is incredible. I would also love to travel through the Pyrenees with my family (I don’t really see a ‘border’ per se) I would also love to visit the Prado again which really is the best art gallery. And of course I would want to visit Italy with my own Super Mario Bros because our cultural heritage is very important. 





The Apple I Phone which relied on tax-payer funded science and technology developments from for example the French and German governments is anecdotal evidence of the ‘economic’ arguments surrounding ‘tax’ etc.


If there were two people in a Town Square selling the same product at the same price (so all things being equal) and one company was called Apple and the other company was called Potato (I mention the word potato because the actual potato from the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes and Chile has a very interesting history) most of the public would choose to buy the product made by the Potato Company because it was more socially responsible:


a) the Potato company operated a ‘Plato employee scheme’ so that the highest wage earner in the company did not earn four times more than the lowest wage earner, thereby helping to lessen the inequality gap and help create more jobs and so on


b) the Potato company invested in providing free infrastructure for the public to use (the list of possibilities are endless including for example running a free bus service, running the Central Line underground in Central London, building social housing they donated to communities and did not claim landlord ‘subsidies’ etc over, building schools and hospitals along with paying the accompanying staff and so on, that communities or governments ran for free).


Any government would welcome donations of infrastructure that was free for the public to use.


Infrastructure is a key lever in lessening inequality and all the more so if it is free for the public to use, which would also reduce ‘argument’ over ‘taxes’ and so on.


(TTIP was about Europeans who went to America to ‘discover’ their biggest business ‘opportunity’ is their military in the EU, because of course conscription is not popular among people in Europe who suffered Two devastating World Wars on the continent. Governments who care about any civilian populations would at least join the ICC.


The same British Establishment’s own ’autonomous’ City of London ‘global corporations’ legislative ‘algorithms’ collect the cheque regardless of whether or not people use the U.S. or Russian military or ‘subsidiaries’)


The point is the world is huge with an abundance of space and resources for everyone to use, so our time is better devoted to finding socially responsible ways to develop infrastructure beyond all sorts of ‘taxes’ etc which are too often recklessly passed straight onto global corporations anyway.




This statement is true.


Donna (aka Babs Tucker)




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!