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Bindmans ‘ex-communication’ letter to Brian on 13 October 2008 saying they won’t represent his civil claims if he cannot ‘persuade’ me to halt my lawsuits (Mother’s Day 2006, 17 August 2007 including High Court Order April 2008 etc)





...the evidence cole et al were lying on 18 november 2009 and 25 may 2010, because cole tried to pretend it was brian in the high court, not me...



The evidence is Bindmans were always working with the police et al. to try and cover up Mothers Day 2006 and the missing signed and dated witness statement from an Inspector Lyons I made the formal complaint to, that the list of senior police named on 19 May 2006 like Asst Cmmr Allison, Ch Supt Dean Ingledew and Supt Terry & Ch. Inspector Robinson, who worked with Special Branch, were trying to cover up.


It was on 7 July 2006 that Supt Terry and Ch Inspector Robinson started trying to concoct the whole 'void ab initio' case, the top cop lost on 14 September 2006.


It is a legal impossibility for Bindmans who in 2006 misrepresented to Brian and myself, they were dealing with our civil jury lawsuits, (before the TonyMurphy/Chez Cotton switch) to explain why they didn’t file the Mothers Day civil jury lawsuit immediately after ‘Lord’ Blair, the top cop was found to be “void ab initio” on 14 September 2006.


Bindmans were involved in the cover up over the violent attack on 17 August 2007 that involved ‘Acting’ Inspector Cole who was caught out with his perjured witness statement on 25 May 2010, when he is definitely working with Bindmans (which Bindmans letter 13 October 2008 proves)


Bindmans letter dated 13 October 2008 is a repeat of police threats made to me on 13 October 2006 (which a family member in Australia complained to the Australian govt about) which was all after I had proved ‘Lord’ Blair the top cop was void ab initio on 14 September 2006.


In 2008, AFTER I HAD THE HIGH COURT ORDER: the government started searches to try and find another pretext to harass us etc to try and cover up the Mother's Day civil jury lawsuit. It was obvious they needed a court order, they could not have repeatedly got in any event.


It was a legal impossibility to get a High Court Order against me to try and cover up Mother's Day.


On 25 May 2010, the video shows myself and Brian questioning Cole with my standing there with his perjured witness statement, because as Bindmans letter confirms it is me being in the High Court they are all trying to cover up, that Cole lied about in his witness statement.


In reality, I had the High Court Order from April 2008, against everyone, before I was back in the High Court later in 2008 over the searches, that started after I had the High Court Order in April 2008.



13 october: the knights templar (who were the popes original bankers) allied with catalans when the pope et al were attacking catalans regardless of their religion



The evidence is King Boris went running to the High Court on 26 May 2010 to illegally try and cover up my High Court Order from April 2008 (so he was working with Bindmans and Cole et al all along)


The sum total of King Boris malicious prosecutions in 2010-2011 was confirmation that both Brian and myself were illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 and in April 2011, which Justice Collins had already said tears earlier on 18 June 2007.


(We proved Johnson’s injunction was legally meaningless, when I cut through his fences, so he had to take down his fences, because he would have to give us legal representation to use his injunction in the High Court. He even illegally tried to prosecute us in the Magistrates Court !! over his High Court injunction)


Westminster only do the ‘politics’ of global corporations.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!