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Donna.IT: Pope and European and Arab royals et al continue to perpetuate Lateran Council IV 14 December 1215 ‘canon law 69’ & UK ‘Succession’ Act 2015 myths, meaning there has never been a Mediterranean female Sephardi PM anywhere in the world (05.06.2018)



I don’t really know why people like for example Uri Avnery don’t understand that for example some Catalan conversos would naturally consider themselves... Mediterranean.



... the witness...



It is after all well understood European and Arab ‘nationalism’ is socially constructed divide and rule around that same area.


The Albigensian Crusade which was the Pope et al against errr... Christian lands !! is without any doubt the origin of the Holocaust.


The Lateran Council IV 14 December 1215 ‘canon law 69’ against Sephardi in essence persists to this day in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and indeed around the world including in the UK and far from Commonwealth.


The mumbo jumbo of the UK ’Succession’ Act in 2015 is really all about the royals attaching… themselves to anyone else.


If you look back through 'history' to the genocidal Albigensian crusade, the Pope and royals married into and stole land from the descendants of the… matriarch of a family, to claim their ‘legitimacy’ because of course in the Cathar Languedoc… women were nobles and landholders too.


The retrospective Lateran Council IV 1215 etc was the original "tort(ure) of conversion" (against peaceful people, their property and land).


The Cathars who sought to liberate women by reforming the Catholic church in Rome were popular with Catholics and Sephardi.


My own ancestors include Cathars, Sephardi and Catholics.


The Pope kept his lists of Catalan families they stole land from in the Languedoc including in his Fournier files in the Vatican because of course that is how the Papacy built it’s empire with its royal disciples in both Europe and the Middle East.  


When people talk about Palestine they forget that there were Sephardi who lived in the Middle East who were called Palestinians too before the British and their Jordanian puppet did their whole divide and rule gig with the Zionist Federation.


There is no reason the Israeli and Palestinian political leadership do not make peace because everyone knows they serve the same master. 


There is a token Jewish MP in the Iranian Parliament who nevertheless still perpetuate the essence of the Lateran Council IV 14 December 1215 myth really because there could never be a Sephardi PM in Iran either, let alone who is female. 


When people talk about the Holocaust or the Middle East they forget what happened in the Languedoc over so many centuries of persecution etc that included the War of the Sicilian Vespers in Messina in Italy.


There isn’t really religious freedom anywhere when a person cannot be in the highest public office because of their gender and religion they practise because of course there is never going to be a female Pope either.


The real peace 'prize' would be to make the Golan Heights (which no government has ever gone to court over in 50 years) a neutral multi-cultural state within the jurisdiction of the European Union legal system because it is the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that needs to be strengthened for defenceless civilians everywhere. 


The natural Catalan thalassocracy of federal states all around the Mediterranean were the precursor of the EU. The fact there is only 'officially' now the 'Spanish' Catalonia with the enclave (Llivia) in 'France' in Catalan country doesn't really change that most Catalans can generally live at least as Catalans, within what is now called both France and Spain.   


There is absolutely no reason whatsoever the Israeli and Palestinian political leadership cannot do a peace deal in the 'Middle East' because what is most important is peace around the Mediterranean. All people should be working for the freedom of movement/not... expulsions of people, with a similar model of administrative governance to the EU that is still very much a work in progress. 


The only purpose of the British 'referendum' is to undermine the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law because royals and politicians are brazenly selling the legal woo an arbitrary 'will of the people' in any 'political' vote (that can so easily be manipulated) has supremacy over all law. 


Most people know the problem has always been those religious, royal and political 'leaders' who falsely claim immunity from all law for... themselves.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!