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British referendum ‘deal’ absolutely unlawful because every single politician wants ‘carte blanche’ to bullytorture and exile etc… any defenceless civilian, which is what they were actually doing... before referendum (01.06.2018)



First all the politicians and media barons in Westminster did come for... two peaceniks.



...it's not the case that public officials did not know what they were doing in the UK using torture...



So then all the politicians and media barons who had never been opposed to harming any defenceless civilians anywhere pretended the politicians and media barons were “revolutionary” calling a referendum to say they could legislate to do anything they wanted, which is all they have ever been doing anyway.


Did the politicians and media barons really have nothing better to do than call a 'referendum' to continue to falsely claim they can do whatever they want ?


There is no longer any pretence there is democracy in the UK because politicians are openly saying all that matters is mob rule, which is very easily manipulated by (for example) there being no other "choice" on offer, other than what the majority of... politicians and media barons want. 


In real terms Brian was exiled when he was refused medical treatment in the UK.



... the commissioner of the met police was caught out publicly lying on the bbc over our unlawful arrests on 26 march 2006, but rather than simply admit he had lied he started the most extraordinary... dirty war... that continues to this day...



The British government don't even care about using torture etc on peaceniks in the UK, but they are terribly precious about fronting up before any civil jury in a lawsuit in the High Court to explain. 


The so called 'referendum' is typically trying to... retrospectively cover up what was already happening in the UK.





Donna.IT (HQ12X02745) Formal complaint to Australian Ambassador over failure to fulfil legal obligation to provide legal representation to remedy British government EU data breaches and lawfully settle lawsuit (01.06.2018)


Donna.IT: HQ12X02745 (Torture lawsuit): FAO Australian Ambassador and Head of ICO re email illegally sent via High Court email address by an unidentified person (01.06.2018)


There are unidentified people who have a very strange concept of the very serious legal realities surrounding a civil jury lawsuit over torture etc. 



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!