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Donna.IT: Commissioner MET Police paid Chief Supt Dean Ingledew who was involved 26 March 2006 cover up on 19 May 2006 to go and work at Westminster Council to run massive operation against me from there too that involved incredible abuses of all due process incl. to then try and stop my counter-lawsuit in HQ11X00563 against WCC malicious prosecution 2011 (29.05.2018)




The attempts to cover up 26 March 2006 spread far and wide within Westminster in many government department, spanning many years.




... ingledew, vitol oil et al... the most incredible cowards think nothing of bullying defenceless civilians to try and avoid fronting up before a civil jury themselves... 




Brian and I had been returning to Parliament Square one day when we ran into a man who Brian introduced to me as Dean Ingledew. I remember when Brian asked him what he was doing he claimed he had left the MET Police and was working at Westminster Council.


When Brian asked him what he was doing at Westminster Council he was very, very evasive, because of course it turned out later he was running operations there against us too, which all related back to 26 March 2006.


When Westminster Council brought a malicious High Court prosecution against us in 2011 too they ended up with a counter-lawsuit against them that the High Court said on 7 October 2011 would remain even if they had to withdraw their malicious prosecution against me, which they did have to do.


Westminster Council’s very serious abuse of process involved them (with others) inventing legislation to try and stop my counter-lawsuit (because they knew they were going to lose the malicious High Court prosecution they illegally brought using undercover agents too)


The evidence is they illegally put a hold on my counter-lawsuit to illegally use their legislation.


They all also publicly lied on 16 January 2012, as indeed did the media once again, saying they had an injunction protecting their undercover agents from their legislation. When I went to the High Court they confirmed no such injunction existed so everyone… then made one up.


Then they put a hold on my counter-lawsuit !! while I had no shelter in the middle of winter while everyone lied.


That was an incredibly serious abuse of process.    


I know Westminster Council were paying bribes to people to cover up what was going on because a person from the council told me their whole legal department budget was being used to try and illegally stop me campaigning.


It is well documented that Dean Ingledew carried out a massive campaign of victimisation and bullying throughout 2012 to try and cover up… 26 March 2006.


The campaign of harassment and persecution has continued for years because of course there is no such thing as free speech.


There is lot of “great white males” who made themselves very, very rich bullying and torturing me etc in the UK.




Donna.IT: Blair Iraq War Bush Letters 1 April 2006: “Iraq pulls us down”, 22 May 2006 “get the job done” & 20 Dec 2006 “take militias on” chronicle year of his own undoing over unlawful 'arrests' of… peaceniks in UK which forced him to resign (29.05.2018)


Donna.IT: Two Blairs tried to stop Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 civil jury lawsuit to keep… 30,000 violent ‘police’ thugs attacking us incl. malicious ‘Contempt of Court’ prosecution against Brian and myself 26 March 2007 which led to ‘historic’ High Court ‘jurisdiction’ ruling, before I proved 21 June 2010 that legislation was “void ab initio” too !! in Court of Appeal victory (29.05.2018)




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!