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Donna.IT: Two Blairs tried to stop Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 civil jury lawsuit to keep… 30,000 violent ‘police’ thugs attacking us incl. malicious ‘Contempt of Court’ prosecution against Brian and myself 26 March 2007 which led to ‘historic’ High Court ‘jurisdiction’ ruling, before I proved 21 June 2010 that legislation was “void ab initio” too !! in Court of Appeal victory (29.05.2018)



The (former) Commissioner of the MET Police ‘Lord’ Blair ran what is probably the biggest attempt at entrapment ever undertaken in the UK to try and distract from the civil jury lawsuit he has always illegally been trying to avoid. 




... an incredible crock of baloney professing to be a 'jurisdiction' argument in pass the hot potato...




I was originally fined £50 on 29 March 2007 (because I hadn't actually said or done anything on 26 March 2007 when I was ill and unable to speak) while Brian was fined £300 by District Judge Daphne Wickham, simply because he sensibly gave evidence her grandstanding over 26 March 2006 was "pure theatre". 


Brian and I then made legal ’history’ with what is curiously known in British legal circles as the ‘definitive’ High Court ruling on the Contempt of Court Act 1981.


In fact it was a very ‘peculiar’ ruling to any sentient human being while moi was typically without any legal representation because I was already by then, the torture etc victim they were hiding.


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)


The background to the case the politicians and judiciary were making their very best efforts to keep out of the High Court was what the two Blairs had done to moi to try and stop my civil jury lawsuit over my unlawful arrest on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006.


Donna.IT: Blair Iraq War Bush Letters 1 April 2006: “Iraq pulls us down”, 22 May 2006 “get the job done” & 20 Dec 2006 “take militias on” chronicle year of his own undoing over unlawful 'arrests' of… peaceniks in UK which forced him to resign (29.05.2018)


The reason the unlawful arrest on 26 March 2006 was particularly unusual was because the incontrovertible evidence is the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police personally ordered and was legally responsible for my unlawful arrest himself on that day.


This caused “problems” for the Commissioner et al because he wanted to stop my civil jury lawsuit because that would stop him and his errr…. 30,000 !! violent thugs attacking moi.


The Commissioner and the BBC both knew they were lying with the article the BBC published trying to smear me, because the only complaint was against the Commissioner.


The Magistrates court found his attempt to belatedly maliciously prosecute me (while continuing to make all sorts of other unlawful arrests too) was void ab initio on 14 September 2006 which was confirmed in Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007.


There has never been such an extensive abuse of all due process against one defenceless civilian in the UK.


Brian was unlawfully arrested on 26 March 2006 because he stood up for me, just like Steve was unlawfully arrested on 5 August 2006 because he stood up for me too etc etc.


It was after Brian and I had gone to Horse-ferry Magistrates Court on Friday 23 March 2007 to get summons against both Blairs they maliciously issued summons against Steve and myself (because I was the target) that meant whatever happened, I was going to be unlawfully arrested.


The PM Blair had known after my winning in court on 8 March 2007 too that he had no choice but to resign, which was really confirmed when we went to court on 23 March 2007.


When we had been at the court on Friday 23 March 2007 a staff member must have told the Judges what we were doing because District Judge Purdy asked to speak with us, so we did briefly speak to him and he instructed staff they had to co-operate with us. There can be little doubt he was straight on the batphone because we had walked into court asking for summons against both Blairs. 


Steve was the only one of us to get their summons against us in response, so I was only by happenstance at the court with Steve because he was illegally denied legal representation for about a year by then for the obvious reason he was a witness to 26 March 2006. When we arrived at court on 26 March 2007 we noticed that I was also listed but hadn’t got any summons so when I phoned Brian he phoned lawyers and he came to the court too.


I was very ill at the the time so all I managed to say when District Judge Nicholas Evans started haranguing me, trying to get me to enter a plea (lawyers had telephoned to say to just ask for an adjournment) was that I wished to make a complaint about what was going on, because what was going on was very wrong.


Brian told the Judge to stop bullying me and the Judge who did have a long history of bullying me (and didn’t want a civil jury lawsuit overturning him too) just left the court without comment. The MET Police were there because the Commissioner used to get PCCX 674 “Smith” to shadow me in courts because he was very obviously recording/relaying in real time whatever was said.


When we were waiting around trying to find out when the next supposed ‘hearing’ was supposed to take place (over seriously dodgy summons against us that wouldn’t stand any legal scrutiny) private security who were not contracted to enter Court 7 and had no legal authority whatsoever to arrest Brian and myself came into the court and suddenly unlawfully arrested both of us for an alleged unknown ’Contempt of Court’.


It was truly horrific what I witnessed private security doing to Brian underneath the court in the corridor to the cells and I remember one of the private security staff turned around and looked at me when I told them to stop. 


He was the same private security person who after Brian died, then very violently attacked me too in court cells, which only stopped when other staff members pulled him off me. He was openly opposed to our campaign.


The Magistrates court proceeded with a malicious Contempt of Court case in 2007 against us despite having to immediately place the ‘defective’ summons ’sine die’ before they maliciously brought the separate Contempt of Court.


The subsequent ‘jurisdiction’ hearing in the High Court in 2007 changed long established case law and the infinitive ‘a’ in legislation to give the public perception just our case could not have a re-hearing in the High Court because it would have been impossible for them to keep what both Blairs had done off the High Court record.


By that time so many people were involved in the still growing cover up over 26 March 2006 it is not an exaggeration to say it would be easier to list who in Westminster was not involved.


‘Lord’ Blair did not have any “legal cover” from “both houses and black rod” for 26 March 2006 and therefore, thereafter, because that was the true starting point involving… him directly.


The time-line of who did what and when shows everyone very clearly all making up everything to try and cover up 26 March 2006.


On 23 May 2006 they already knew they could not arrest me -before- I was unlawfully arrested and they could not charge me with anything, while I was lawfully trying to stop 78 MET police stealing property in that Kristallnacht.


I knew my world had changed forever when I was talking to Brian in the early hours of that morning and I saw with horror columns of yellow appearing out of the darkness coming towards us from all directions.


These were people who publicly labelled me “Satan Jew” and forced me into exile because they repeatedly tortured and then attempted to murder me to improve their own personal bank balances.


The Commissioner was using 30,000 jackboots to try and cover up what he had done.


On 19 July 2007, the Commissioner did actually commit a very serious Contempt of Court when he had me kidnapped from inside Southwestern Magistrates Court during live proceedings !! to stop me giving evidence because the case was very directly linked to 26 March 2006.


I did subsequently win that malicious prosecution too because the CPS were forced to concede, the police (and Special Branch & Murdoch were involved too) had “put in place in a sequence of events that only put my life at risk”.


There is no doubt whatsoever I was persecuted by the government in the UK because they very obviously did know I am from a Catalan Cathar and Sephardi converso heritage.


My identity was sadly changed when I was an infant because governments wanted to hide my true cultural heritage because I am a little too Mediterranean for their liking, with all their European and Arabic “nationalist” divide and rule. 


On 21 June 2010 I did actually prove their Contempt of Court Act 1981 is ‘void ab initio” too, when I won the original malicious prosecution Johnson et al brought against Brian and myself in the Court of Appeal because I had lawfully named undercover agents in the High Court causing us serious harm.


The High Court Judge had illegally threatened me with a Contempt of Court to try and stop me giving evidence on 21 June 2010, and when I was unmoved he left the packed court because he could not make it a Contempt of Court for me to give evidence in my own defence about undercover agents being illegally used against us. He later just closed the court to the press (who were involved anyway) and the public and stopped me from taking the witness stand again. In the Court of Appeal they had to lose their undercover agents to illegally bring a second malicious prosecution against Brian and myself.


And so on.


Then ‘Lord’ Blair who had quite a serious conflict of interest by 2011 was involved in legislating against me to keep trying to cover up what he and others had done.


It is unlikely that anyone has ever had such a lengthy abuse of all due process orchestrated against them.


The British Parliament incredibly legislated a cover-up over 26 March 2006 in 2011 which is very, very serious indeed !!


‘Lord’ Blair was plotting with (former Chief Supt) Dean Ingledew who was working for him in Westminster Council.


In 2012 they were just bullying me all the time.


The Attorney General who at that time was Dominic Grieve had the nerve to very oddly threaten me for Contempt of Court for reasons unknown that he never explained. It was a matter of fact contemporaneous records of court hearings had lawfully been made and lawfully published proving for example judicial corruption. District Judge Michael Snow was lawfully recorded unlawfully threatening to imprison people without legal representation or trial, which he did have a proven history of illegally doing in my Habeas Corpus case. He had always illegally refused to comply with a High Court Order explaining how I came to be illegally imprisoned in April 2008 which was legally speaking a legal impossibility.


In reality there cannot really be any Contempt of Court cases because if a Judge refuses to let people make and publish a contemporaneous record of proceedings for free (and in particular when the court doesn’t keep a free contemporaneous record, while trying to dispute simple facts of who said what) then the judge is biased and should recuse themselves. If the Judge allows a contemporaneous record of a Contempt of Court case to be kept then there cannot be any Contempt of Court.


The reason there is a very real problem with routine judicial corruption in the UK is because accurate court records which need court ‘permission’ to obtain for free are either not made or kept and have been known to be tampered with by the official transcribers trying to make some words “unclear”.


The government would never have prosecuted us if the cases in the Magistrates courts had to a) be recorded because it really did beggar belief what really took place in the terror courts b) were heard before a jury because there isn’t an independent judiciary in the UK.


The UK government are absolute hypocrites not acknowledging their politically motivated judicial harassment of Brian and myself.


There is lot of “great white males” who made themselves very, very rich bullying and torturing me etc in the UK.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!