Donna. IT: Murdoch demand 19 July 2009 female peacenik 'removed' without caveats that led to torture, attempted murder and exile, means High Court Order incl. he is banned from owning/operating SKY in EU is reasonable self-defence (12.05.2018) 



There is no such thing as 'free' speech for defenceless civilians in the UK.




Murdoch owned Blair and it was Murdoch's  words coming out of Cameron's mouth on Sky on 19 July 2009 because Murdoch was involved in the case I won on 19 July 2007 over 31 January 2007 (related to the Mothers Day 2006 civil jury lawsuit and the subsequent 48 unlawful 'arrests' etc).


On 19 July 2007, I was literally kidnapped from inside a court during live proceedings to stop me giving evidence, which was the most serious witness intimidation there could possibly be inside any court !! 


Several weeks earlier in a related case I won on 9 July 2007 over being tortured on 5 August 2006, I was unlawfully 'arrested' and tortured all over again when I walked out of court after winning. 


On 17 August 2007 it was widely witnessed I was very violently punched in the head by an assailant, while trying to protect another person from their attack. The quisling Livingstone disappeared the assailant who was part of his undercover operation etc etc. 


After Murdoch et al publicly made the 'remove' threat on 19 July 2009 it was acted on when the Labour government tortured and attempted to murder me on 4 September 2009 while Tory Johnson was in charge of the MET Police. 


HQ12X02745 is a very, very serious civil jury lawsuit that highlights how very serious indeed the dynamics of the mob mentality of politicians et al bullying etc defenceless civilians really is that inevitably led to my exile.


The video of the unlawful arrests on Mother's Day 26 March 2006 do highlight that all the government departments wanted to avoid the civil jury lawsuit, because a civil jury lawsuit would also have very swiftly overturned a very obviously corrupt judgement from the Judiciary less than a month earlier on 22 February 2006 that was in breach of Article 11 Freedom of Assembly. The Judiciary didn't want to be humiliated by a civil jury lawsuit either. 







The incontrovertible evidence is we only ever had a succession of completely corrupt 'human rights' lawyers (incl. Bindmans, Doughty, Garden Court, Birnberg Peirce, Tooks etc) all taking bribes from the government to try and drag out malicious prosecutions against us because of our being a 24/7 campaign, while completely ignoring the extraordinary and growing catalogue of civil jury lawsuits as we won case after case, after case. 


Everyone's focus was on stopping the Mother's Day civil jury lawsuit because that also unravelled 22 February 2006 and would have stopped everything afterwards including 23 May 2006, which only highlights very obvious corruption.


The civil jury lawsuit would have stopped 23 May 2006 ever happening too and repealed the legislation way back then, before they repealed it in late 2011 because they did have a civil jury lawsuit in my counterclaim in HQ11X00563 too, so they needed new legislation then. 


When I had won the decisive legal victory in Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007 that was decisive because it opened the door to the massive civil jury lawsuit over all the unlawful arrests that went before that all connected to the cover up over Mother's Day 2006. Charing Cross Police Station had to be disbanded from the top down although in practice they just spread out to continue.  


It was the mob mentality that financially profited from doing anything they could to stop that Mother's Day civil jury lawsuit. 


My High Court Order stating Murdoch is banned from owning and operating SKY in the EU is in all the true circumstances reasonable self defence.


HQ12X02745: The audio and video of unlawful arrest of Brian and Babs (aka Donna) Mother's Day 26 March 2006 that led to 48 unlawful arrests, torture and attempted murder & exile of female peacenik in politicians and media's cover up of multi-billion dollar (no) 'free' speech money making racket (11.05.2018)


It is the most responsible thing I can do to try and protect defenceless civilians. 


The real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is always preferable.




The Reconquista (HQ12X02745): Murdoch global media empire can be stopped suborning European governments to steal defenceless civilians freedoms by him being forced to sell SKY (07.05.2018)