Murdoch's Haspel CIA station chief in London during torture and attempted murder of female peacenik in 2009, now applying to congress to run CIA (while EU civil lawsuit HQ12X02745 outstanding) is the criminal still trying to cover up the crime (11.05.2018)




Gina Haspel applying to run the CIA is nothing more than the criminal applying to cover up their own crime because there is still the outstanding civil lawsuit in the EU.




... 'the tip' of a very large iceberg... 



The reality is Murdoch has built his global 'media' empire (which is really just a front for his real business) owning politicians and 'leveraging' intelligence services ever since the Whitlam 'controversy' and EU referendum in 1975. 


In the UK Murdoch profited from multi-billion dollar 'free' speech legislation that specifically targeted peaceniks (I forced the repeal of) because it had no due process because it was nothing more than a money making racket for politicians et al. The legislation that had no due process inevitably led to civil lawsuits over unlawful arrests because the unlawful arrests were actually the state engaging in witness intimidation etc etc.


What is very serious is that Murdoch et al oppose a) 'free' speech for defenceless civilians and b) civil jury lawsuits over their opposition because they do not want their official narrative they personally financially profit from challenged by defenceless civilians.