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HQ12X002745: The British 'government' and their 'judiciary' only conduct Inquisitions into civilians 'free' speech in the UK, which is why civil jury lawsuits over 'politicians' and 'media' barons multi-billion dollar 'free' speech racket are so important (10.05.2018)



It is very serious there is no such thing as 'free' speech for civilians simply because it is opposed by corporate interests.



... the witness...



It is not exaggerating to say the British government and their judiciary only conduct Inquisitions towards civilian peaceniks 'free' speech in the UK.


The legal reality is civilians do not have to jump through endless 'obstacles' put in place to generate corporate profits for those who oppose 'free' speech for civilians.


The libellous multi-billion dollar legislation we forced the repeal of because it had no due process of any kind was seriously, seriously illegal, inevitably resulting in a massive number of civil jury lawsuits. There is a recording of me saying to police on 9 March 2006 that they were legally obliged to follow due process which they just absolutely refused without lawful excuse to do. This was because the legislation was a corporate racket, with massive bribes being paid out all over the place to try and cover up what was going on, in what is the most disgraceful example there has ever been of very real 'censorship' in the UK. 




... politicians have been running a multi-billion dollar 'free' speech racket...



... it is obviously well outside any scope of 'free' speech for 'politicians' and global 'media' barons to publicly demand peaceniks be 'removed' without any caveats...


...it's not a big office etc that did not have the ability to respond within a day which it would have had to do, if I was standing there...





HQ12X02745: Rupert Murdoch common denominator 'dynamics' of 'mob mentality' Blair & Cameron 4 Sept 2006 & 4 Sept 2009; involved in witness tampering & intimidation 19 July 2007 & public threat 19 July 2009 to 'remove' exiled female peacenik (06.05.2018) 


The Torture Tapestry (HQ12X02745): Claimant who is female survivor of state torture in UK, quite certain civil 'practice 5B' covers putting court stamp on Claimant's High Court Order in €36 million lawsuit (09.05.2018) 


Blair's ‘Dirty War’: I was 44 years old when they 'delayed' Mother's Day 26 March 2006 civil jury lawsuit (that unravels 22 Feb 2006 & would have stopped 23 May 2006) & I was blacklisted, lost my job, was unlawfully arrested 48 times, tortured (4 Sep 2006 & 4 Sept 2009) and forced into exile (27.04.2018) 


The true story of a mum unlawfully arrested 48 times and exiled (HQ12X02745); politicians tried to hide original Mother's Day arrest 26 March 2006 (released without charge) was a civil jury lawsuit (25.04.2018)








27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!